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  1. Let’s parse Arthur Blank’s statement, shall we? “I understand our fans’ disappointment and frustration,” he’s quoted as saying in one of those enlightening Falcons releases. Got that? Uncle Arthur understands your angst. He’s just not prepared to do anything about it. Also: “I have long believed that continuity in leadership is important in all businesses.” Because, you know, businesses never change underperforming executives, do they? The Falcons haven’t had a winning season since 2017; the calendar is about to turn to 2020. Over five seasons under this admi
  2. Schultz: Arthur Blank should realize Falcons’ problems go deeper than Dan Quinn By Jeff Schultz 1h ago 19 Julio Jones wore a T-shirt with the words, “That’s all Folks!” in Looney Tunes script. Whether he intentionally was sending a message about the state of things can’t be certain, but certainly any suggestions that this Falcons’ season has morphed into some pathetic cartoon would be accurate. Dan Quinn’s employment as coach was extended “a couple of weeks” when owner Arthur Blank said after Sunday’s 27-20 loss to
  3. I am curious why would you purchase a ticket, take the time to drive to the stadium, put up with traffic and opt to watch the game on a TV screen at the stadium. Seems you would have a better experience at home...You can pause the feed to go tp the bathroom, have your favorite food ,drinks, sit back on your recliner and enjoy the game...
  4. Completely untrue. Most of the crowd, about 80% plus are caucasian milenials...I am a season ticket holder. There are 4 latinos in my section...
  5. https://player.radio.com/listen/station/929-the-game
  6. They will be offering low priced food and beverages as well...
  7. Actually Falcons season tickets for the same lower section are around 4K per tickets which is less. (Not counting PSL charge of course) I understand ALTUD plays 17 games vs 10 Falcons games.
  8. Atlanta United season tickets for the lower mid level field are over 5K each, sans the PSL charge. Not so inexpensive....
  9. Atlanta United fans proved that Atlanta fans can be loyal and supportive. They have created the best atmosphere in ATL sports, bar none! I guess ATL is a soccer city now....The other sports have taken a backseat....
  10. It was the same last year when we had a wining season. Fans go to the stadium and prefer to watch the game on the TV screens while enjoying the $ 2 food and drinks...SMH...It has to be demoralizing for the players to play in front of so many empty seats...
  11. https://ibb.co/bJ4bWL Do you call this a packed house?
  12. Aaron Rodgers 3 TD's, 0 Int, 286 yards, QB rating 130.7. One of the greatest come backs in NFL history, injured....
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick 4 TD's, 0 Int's, 417 yards, QB rating 156.2 Matt Ryan 0 TD's, 1 Int, 251 yards, QB rating 57.4
  14. #Eagles rushing success yesterday versus the #Falcons: Before Keanu Neal's injury: 8 for 16, 2.0 YPC and a 25% success rate After Keanu Neal's injury: 19 for 100, 2 TDs and a 2PC, 5.3 YPC and a 53% success rate #ATLvsPHI
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