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  1. Anyone that needs to learn about WWII should watch the movie 1941. It explains everything.
  2. Man, if you create a thread each week before the game that is either a reminder or even better has your youtube video embedded, that would be awesome and something I would look forward to each week. I'm all in on the food. You've got my support, too.
  3. Douglas version seems to gibe with the coach's, quarterback's and team president's version. But you know what? I'm 1000 times more interested in the camp tweets than talking about TO. Ed Reed is in camp! We aren't going to change each other's minds so I'm done. Looking forward to your football analysis posts once the season starts. Peace.
  4. Yes, that Hugh Douglas. Are you saying that the incident didn't happen or just throwing out a strawman? Reid suspended TO afterwards. Douglas didn't get punished. Here is what team president Joe Banner said after the incident. "Andy will basically figure out where we go from here," Banner said during an impromptu news conference on the Eagles' sideline before kickoff. "He indicated to T.O. that he'd talk to him later this week and give him a more definitive status report." Banner wouldn't answer questions about how long the suspension would last, whether he expected Owens to play for Philadelphia again or what the specific reason was for the punishment. But Banner did say the suspension is without pay. Owens is scheduled to make $3.5 million in base salary this season, so the suspension would cost him more than $200,000 per game. "There's an accumulation of events culminating with a series of things last week, including the very public interview that he did," Banner said. "I think there's a long list of things, some of which you know about and some of which aren't public."
  5. Hugh Douglas is on 92.9 in the mornings now and has talked about the incident below. A team source told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that Douglas, whose post with the Eagles he re-titled "bad-***-ador," entered the team's training room Wednesday and announced "I know there are people in here faking injuries." The comment apparently led to the scrum between Owens and Douglas. One source told the Trenton Times the fight "was like WWE Smackdown." Another source told the paper both Douglas and Owens threw at least two punches before Owens challenged McNabb and then everyone else in the room, saying "You want some? Anyone else want some?" link
  6. Our celebrations do kinda suck. DQ said we are improving ALL aspects of our team.
  7. I know Cam Jordan and Jimmy Graham (no longer with saints of course) don't like anything about the Falcons. Crump used to hate the saints.
  8. The younger Falcon fans that never saw prime time playing live just don't even know. There's a reason that when people talk about him being the best there is never any debate.
  9. I just saw the highlights and some videos here on the board. They looked like they were making plays to me. Should have someone less biased reporting on the Falcons. It was almost like having Heath Evans on site.
  10. Why did NFL Network have Steve Smith there at the Benz? Dude hates him some Falcons. He was dogging them most of the time, said they were sloppy.
  11. IMHO, I don't think it is going to happen now. Players have to report for TC in 11 days and I think rookies have to report a little before that.
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