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  1. I wouldn’t be looking for a quarterback but if there is someone they really believe is a franchise quarterback it would be hard to pass. Matt should still be the QB this year either way.
  2. Actually I’d be more in favor of something like the NBAs old Bird clause where you got favorable treatment for keeping your own players. That way if you drafted s guy they’d always count less against the cap.
  3. This whole thing makes me mad. This is a nothing story being blown out of proportion. If there was trafficking, bring charges against the traffickers. Of course they lefy these women “in slavery” for months while they were setting up more customers who were probably mostly respectable taxpayers some of them who may lose their jobs over this. The bottom line is that sex trafficking is a rebranding of the case against prostitution. It was unfair that women were being prosecuted but some wanted to keep it illegal so now decent men are villainized. I don’t like the Patriots but Bob Kraft sou
  4. I’ve been a member for a long time but don’t post that often. my profile says I joined in 1979 but that’s obviously not correct. I think it may have been about 2003. I also remember talking about the Falcons on the long closed AJC boards.
  5. Even if you think this is a good idea (and I don’t) the dead cap makes it not an option for at least 3 more years. Personally I think in 2 or 3 more years we start looking for a QB we can develop. Matt has a 5 yeadeal and I think he’ll finish that deal in Atlanta. At that point he probably will be near the end of his career.
  6. I just wish they’d treat running quarterbacks differently. These rules work for traditional quarterbacks not scramblers. You need to go after Cam aggressively and Kazee only had a split second to peel off. It would have been different with Ryan because unless it was a huge situation and he needed to make the first down he would just get down automatically. Comparing Ryan to Cam is apples to oranges.
  7. The thing with Cam is it’s different when you have a QB who can break tackles and it’s less obvious they’re going to slide. Having to peel off at the last minute when you’re worried he’s going to try to break a tackle is different than the same situation with a guy like Matt Ryan who normally is going to take the space given to him and get down. Rules are meant to protect traditional pocket quarterbacks. I think Kazee was probably trying to make a play and got caught over commuted. He wasn’t head hunting.
  8. Ideally we’d draft a guard who might be able to move over at some point. As to the near future, I’m not worried about it.
  9. The problem is they’re trying to make football not football with too many rules and points of emphasis. The referees are asked to be over involved which means more bad calls.
  10. I wish him the best. It’s probably best that he walk away rather than having the stress of facing the Inquisition at his age. The older generations still deserve our respect for what they’ve done rather than being torn down by young activists who don’t appreciate what they’ve achieved and are eager to turn everything upside down.
  11. I sold my tickets early to recover some PSL cost although this was the only game I sold. I got standing room tickets though for myself and some friends though. I actually liked watching from the concourse as much as my seats although my seats are nose bleeds. I like standing and then pacing around during breaks although I’ll probably still mostly stay in my seats. I can assure you though I was watching the game.
  12. The talent is there but we have some issues. I don’t think we’re really in bad shape at 500 and we were right there in every game but the Patriots. I’m still hoping things will click. Sloppy mistakes have cost us a lot and there is a lot of parity in the NFL.
  13. I’m not a troll. It was consistent with the way a misdemeanor was handled at the time which was the way it was charged. I just feel that not everything needs to be a statement. NFL disciline should be mainly for things that affect on field play. Law enforcement should handle crimes. If owners don’t want someone on their team they should cut them.
  14. Jones is right to be mad about Elliot. The sad thing is that one of the only times Goodell has been reasonable was his initial handling of Ray Rice. Since then he’s completely out of control. If Roger suspended one of our guys when they hadn’t been charged I’d go through the roof. He’s a petty tyrant.
  15. I love Arthur but I’m with Jerry Jones on this. Emperor Goodell needs to go. Discipline needs to go back to the way it was under Tagliabue and the over officiating needs to stop.
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