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  1. I am on a little island in the Gulf of Thailand right now...but I found an open air gym used by Mui Thai fighters. Rusted weights, the stench of sweat that wont leave, 90 degrees in the shade....its BA. That and I'm diving twice a day...which isn't that strenuous, but its better than sitting at a desk. And I walk about a mile to and from the shop twice a day at least. AND I have had some crazy kind of dysentary for a few days...I'm losing weight out here like crazy.
  2. about to head out of the country for 3 months...for an island with no gym...looks like i'll be losing weight
  3. Thanks for the help with my previous post. I do incline barbells regularly, but I guess there is no real way around not having a spotter when you want to go heavy. Also, I never take my serratus pullovers over about 55lbs, it starts to mess with my form at the moment and I feel it in areas other than chest and the serratus group. Regarding the leg thing, I heard years ago that doing leg workouts will actually increase the testosterone levels in your body more so than other muscle group work outs. If that were true it may explain why leg workouts are so much more helpful at gaining weight. If not, then I really don't care, just curious. I love a good leg workout, sore calves strangely make me happy. There is the theory that since legs constitute such large muscle groups, when your body is forced to repair them, you end up modulating more testosterone to be well as increase growth hormone and cortisol release(via ACTH acting on the adrenals) in the anterior pituitary.
  4. Doing legs will add 10-15 pounds quickly...and leg size tends to stick even if you semi-neglect them for months. Your strength in power lifts will drop like a rock, but the size hangs out for a minute.
  5. Serratus anterior pullovers are good exercises, just dont go heavy. As soon as you go too heavy, you end up recruiting muscles you dont want and risk shoulder injury. If you want to see some size gains, take out any cable work. Machines are not the domain you want to be in if you want a stronger chest. Dips and incline dumbbell are probably the best 2 exercises....this being my opinion of course.
  6. Dont weigh yourself every'll fluctuate depending on the time of day, how much water you are retaining, and when you ate last. Try it twice a month...its a better indication...then again, weight watching probably isnt the best to begin with, especially if you are doing weight training.
  7. Sweet man...just dont go overboard ja know...also, when you do start back into the weights again at the gym, stay away from military press barbell and dumbell, and stay away from any kind of bench press, chest flies, or dips. With chest, stick with light dumbbell presses, and machines...for now at least until things are close to 100%.
  8. I told myself I was going to change my body appearance more so than take time working off. Instead of worrying about bench and clean...I started to focus on lower back, hams, pullups, and a few other things. More varied cardio instead of just sprinting around(although it is still my favorite). Good luck hitting it back up bud.
  9. First off, dont worry about increasing bench press max. Yes to increasing chest strength, but dont worry about a max out number or anything. Basically all I am saying is dont use that as the only indicator of your improving upper body strength.
  10. Sucks man, i hate being sick, I musta lost 5-6 pounds from my sick run on monday I'm sorry right back at ya. Its ironic for me to get sick right now, seeing as I have been studying for an Immunology exam I have tomorrow....
  11. I lost about ten And I had a great ab workout. Both of these wonderful things come from, thats right, the flu.
  12. Great....just dont be aggressive in stretching. The old school mentality of hyper stretching muscles is no good, seriously. It triggers mechanoreceptors in the muscle, which make the muscle contract to protect itself. This is the opposite of what you want. Mild stretching is a very good thing.
  13. I feel ya, i had a sinus headache with a fever, and chills. I could barley move for like 2 days. PLUS I'm still trying to rest the shoulder, i found some excercises for the rotator cuff and I've been doing em every night. Seems to be hurting alot today thou:( Hurting or sore? Hurting = bad....sore = OK. Doing new exercises works little used muscles like supraspinatus, and infraspinatus.
  14. Got back into the gym after fighting off a staph infection for 2 weeks...did arms and chest in a very pathetic/weak manner.
  15. Errr....came down with an infection in an arm wound...gotta stay out of the gym until it clears up. I gotta prevent an MRSA infection. So I'll do some trail running in the mean time.