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  1. I am on a little island in the Gulf of Thailand right now...but I found an open air gym used by Mui Thai fighters. Rusted weights, the stench of sweat that wont leave, 90 degrees in the shade....its BA. That and I'm diving twice a day...which isn't that strenuous, but its better than sitting at a desk. And I walk about a mile to and from the shop twice a day at least. AND I have had some crazy kind of dysentary for a few days...I'm losing weight out here like crazy.
  2. How soon people forget...or how conveniant people forget is more like it.
  3. There isn't a significant difference in training methods from NFL team to NFL team.
  4. Justin Griffith....oh thats right, 'football minds' didn't want him here.
  5. Read up on Chernobyl. The guys running that plant did everything wrong, including not being qualified to start with. And the meltdown of the reactor at Chernobyl isn't what caused the radioactive fallout. Not to mention Chernobyl used a graphite cooled reactor, which was considered outdated even at the time. Not saying non-graphite reactors don't have issues, or can't, but they are much less likely. Its like the difference between driving a Pinto and a Volvo.
  6. He also brought in Rod Coleman, Abraham, Milloy, and Koenan....so not all bad. No one can blame him for the Michael Jenkins pick, or the Jimmy Williams pick. Both of those players graded out to be solid players... I mean, yes, technically he drafted him...but everyone agreed with the picks on this board, maybe not where we picked them, but certainly with the picks overall. Even Hurtwell I can't hate on too much...everyone on this board was nutting over him. Although I thought Draft was a fine player, I thought Hartwell would at worst be an average starter. Not addressing the OL, not keeping Ju
  7. about to head out of the country for 3 months...for an island with no gym...looks like i'll be losing weight
  8. Its opinions like this that are very disturbing...
  9. These moves mean nothing...and these 3 guys all stand very slim chances of making the roster or practice squad. Thats just the name of the game...is it fair that someone with relatively equal ability gets drafted in the 5th or 6th round and these guys don't? No...but thats the shake.
  10. I'll be there...in the ASU section...probably be in a couple fights.
  11. I look at it that I am glad he isn't spending more on cars that aren't worth it...and I'm not even a fan of the 300C.
  12. They may have been out of town...or in a mental hospital on suicide watch for getting beat like a drum in Glendale.
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