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  1. You're kidding right? He's been called offsides the most times this season. Even his team mates were holding his jersey trying to help pull him BACK. Go look back at the replay.
  2. This. I understand those guys are once in a very few, but somebody has to give them their first shot.
  3. lmao Has nothing to do with you and your topic creations, although I haven't seen a new mock draft thread lately. Was talking about the rest of his take on things. Btw, my join date has dashes just like yours does. Probably been here longer than you. I just don't have to post my every thought to a message board.
  4. Wish more were like you. Tell Keenan Lewis we said "Hi"
  5. This. I will reserve judgement until after they come out with the pricing model around next April/May. If they change their tune on first right refusal of other events going on inside the new stadium and are somewhat reasonably priced, I still may remain a STH. I'm sure they are doing their market research on what people are and aren't willing to pay. Probably going to be a surprise to them at what they learn and hopefully adjust accordingly.
  6. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/526417637098946561/photo/1
  7. Both lose today. Aints beat Panties on Thursday. We lose to the Bye week and we're still right there in it!
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