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  1. Just saying.. freeney was here a year ago.. how much insight will he Really give you on a team he hasn’t been around for 9 months? It’s not like carrol and Quinn aren’t familiar with one another lol.. Marquand Manuel was on Seattle’s staff with Quinn... they have bigger issues than DE. They need secondary help badly
  2. Yea.. Mobile qbs will do that to you... we limited the “big play” where they scramble then toss a 50 yard bomb TD on a scramble drill... we have 5 weeks of less Mobile qbs and this team is ready to eat
  3. Tough to have any insight with 2 new coordinators lol
  4. why do people gotta be so fkd up?
  5. It wasn’t just a mistake... it was twice in the nfl and multiple times in college... time to grow the fk up
  6. Freeney will sell out to anyone who will pay him so whatever.. it was cute for one year and helped us but the dude is desperate after losing his life savings due to letting shady ppl handle his money
  7. Bosher had a hamstring and ankle sprain to deal with.. he was obviously badly affected.. hopefully he heals up bc we can not afford short kickoffs and punts the final 6 games
  8. I was just mocking that thread but he looked great, he has not disappointed one bit when called upon
  9. I kept typing mini turner!! In all caps every time he touched the ball lol
  10. Yea those are so common in the draft these days
  11. LoL No
  12. In a surprising move, the Seahawks have waived defensive end Dwight Freeney, the team announced Tuesday. Freeney had three sacks in his first four games with the team. No corresponding roster move was announced. let the freak out begin afmb
  13. Afmb freak out in t minus 5 seconds
  14. Congrats to DQ and TD for doing what was necessary and cutting a wasted talent.. dude made his choices and let the entire team and staff down. No sympathy for cheaters