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    I work in the oil fields in north dakota. I work Nights, Im on the boards 24/7... I crave falcon football.

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  1. A 3.5ypc beast
  2. Eddie George was the first player i really followed before the Falcons came into my life
  3. Yo mommas so fat j....
  4. Thanks Antonio Brown. Now we know who the mentally weak players are
  5. O wow... im crushed. anything football related? Or..... no, didnt think so
  6. Why are we crying about finally benefiting from a potential no call? Especially after watching Julio get mauled every single game and not get a single PI called in his favor. were crying about this? good lord
  7. I really like the guy off sanus right shoulder giving his best face palm.
  8. Taco charlton and Ramsey both want out of their current situations hilarious thanks Antonio Brown for making this nfl season a whole new level of dramatic
  9. Dear jesus please lay your healing hands on Matt Bosher groin.
  10. I had the same thing happen snowmobiling this past winter, my knee popped, i crashed and i laid their in pain. After a few minutes i hopped back on and rode the rest of the day. I was positive i had blown my knee out only to end up fine
  11. 6’7 320lbs and re-entered the game. Hes good. d-led looks like a clown, this kid is pure heart
  12. Welcome to Translanta
  13. Wentz is my ND boy! Straight outta Bismark and NDSU second fav qb behind Matty Ice
  14. Dallas didn’t need ornaments? Im calling BS on you. They still have to pay their wr and qb after paying their backfield ornament. They also traded a first for that WR who they might not be able to afford
  15. LoL kirk cousins is who we thought he was.. what a joke we lost to them