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    I work in the oil fields in north dakota. I work Nights, Im on the boards 24/7... I crave falcon football.

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  1. LoL Wut?
  2. Someone check the burn ward for willies ashes
  3. You sound so dumb when you talk.. 60 yr old trying to sound hip.. lmfao “splain dat” “bush it” stop get some help
  4. He was on the roster for less than a full calendar year
  5. D Abraham Jarrett Babs Beasley Campbell Jones Spoon (helathy) Asante Grimes Alford (slot) Decoud Neal not gonna lie i cant think of any stand out lbs to replace campbell so whatever
  6. Matthews Blalock Mack Dahl Clabo Turner Freeman Ovie Jones White Sanu (slot) Gonzo Hooper
  7. Or jones the practice squad DE that was in a heated competition with that dude who ended up on greenbay J’terious Jones i think? He should make the roster this year
  8. Discovered the board in 02... spent way too much time here lol
  9. To be fair its been proven sanu cannot take it to the house.. HOWEVER.. he can take it to about the 20 yard line in the playoffs
  10. Im going to the saints game week 3 for my first game ever... brining my son for the trip. Gonna be awesome.
  11. And leave the guy you just signed for 150 mil get blindsided? Ok, lets eee how that plays out
  12. TecFreeTo
  13. Thank you lol a 5th maybe.. but a 7th is an absolute reach
  14. Patrick chung makes 3.9/yr.. lets go with that. Sendejo makes 4/yr.. I wouldn’t consider rico better than either of them