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  1. Good god can you all stop fantasizing about this already.
  2. Patrick throw ball long way, many yards, big cheers
  3. Mike nolans first yr was incredibly fun, that defense pick’d brees off 5 times in one game. I expect peas to be here 2 yrs while developing an understudy to take over then.
  4. O im sorry “elusive” the hot word for the message board
  5. This fan base has 0 football intelligence. They just watched 2 qbs get knocked unconscious over the weekend and still think scramblers are going to hold up for 10-15 yrs?
  6. Finally some common sense. Since when do qbs tell management who they should and should not interview for gm
  7. Scrambling qbs just dont last as long, both lamar and patrick got knocked out in their games, watson has been destroyed behind the houston line. How long will their bodies last? Yall take ryans durability for granted in the worst ways
  8. Pass over whatever yall be smoking. Do you want this team to be comprised of the cast from “the replacements” ? Watson will never be the QB here, also think he over stepped the actual role he plays on the team by throwing a fit bc his GM candidates didnt get hired? I dont see any other qbs in the league making those decisions for their front office. Yall are wild
  9. Yea and guess who took that spot and looked all pro? Ty the guy Sambraillo
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