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  1. Throw it away from inside the pocket? Interesting concept
  2. Interesting i expect better protection put of 5 1st round linemen and a 1st rd RB
  3. Ryan had to make it to his 4th read because everyone was so atrocious at getting open yesterday. “Muh happy feet” lol ok hop in there bud and get sacked and hit over a dozen times and see what kind of feet you have regardless of talent and skill. this is the same team that held HOF brady to 3 pts. I dont wanna hear **** about MR needing to go down the road, Dirk Koetter has single handedly destroyed every good aspect of this offense. Sark was 10x the play caller DK Is. At least he occasionally threw it to our ***** RBs
  4. Watching Matt/Julio. Some people are in for a rude awakening when they hang it up. Im also thankful for all the Humility this team has rammed down my throat.. its the stuffing to the thanksgiving turkey which may as well be our new logo
  5. He low key knew he was done too so he demanded he get paid in 16’ before his body gave out
  6. Awesome but time doesn’t start till he crosses that laser next to the lady lol
  7. Gonna be alot of hurt feelings on this stat
  8. Funny part is if foye didnt get hurt vs dallas we dont f up that onside kick. He woulda grabbed that ball
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