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  1. Yea the amount of holding i saw by their tackles without a single flag was astonishing
  2. Because some guy named julian had like a -12000 rep lol im not. Probably got abused
  3. He literally drafted duke riley to be part of the hair gel cycling club didnt you know.
  4. The craptastic quality of your threads puts you in an elite and select category. Congrats. And yea Hide yo Wife Hide yo kids cuz im outside your window
  5. At least someone knows falcon history. God that was terrible. He hit like 1 kick and everyone went ape**** and we thought itd be a viable option to keep doing
  6. Threads like this is why i enjoyed the down vote button.. you knew the second you saw the name what kind of thread it would be. I vote we bring it back
  7. Either is that offensive lines blocking
  8. “Cut Ito Smith, dude is a bum! We need Crawford”
  9. We started 3-0 barely and fell to 4-4 going 1-4 over the next 5 games.. win the next 2 and we just did the same thing in reverse
  10. You literally wanted to let Matt Ryan walk and sign Tyrod Taylor.. or are we pretending that didn’t happen now?
  11. Alot of people on the board i used to be one of them
  12. Im sorry but i find it insane that anyone can defend his complete lack of development.. he looks worse than he did his rookie year.. he really hasnt been the same since his hamstring injury last yr.
  13. But.. but muh matt ryans deep ball...
  14. Schrader is so washed its not even funny. Guy whiffs way to often. Im really disappointed in our run blockiing