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  1. Ours is oddly terrible despite the talent we have
  2. Im surprised he wasnt traded
  3. To bad you cant bring this energy to a falcons game.. let the butthurt flow boys. Page 10 must have really cut deep.
  4. enjoy the parade
  5. Hes been laying in the dirt all year thanks to an incompetent RT.. amazing hes managed to stand this long. Blocking matters
  6. Barco will replace almiron and martinez has no desire to leave.. we have a very decent pipeline of youth including carlton and that other 16 yr old kid who played a few games this year. Atlanta will continue stockpiling talent and continue winning as long as we have a coach who can control the team and can make adjustments
  7. O you mean after the first saints game
  8. Yea lets take that 30m worth of dead money. Brilliant
  9. But... “muh football, muh south” is all ive heard. Well done Atlanta, enjoy that parade!
  10. Coaching matters.. look at the falcons. Usmnt gets a new coach with fresh eyes for talent
  11. lol that could have been the game winner had julio hustled and we not fumbled. LOLZ
  12. Muh Matt Ryans fault
  13. We were better when julio wasnt scoring tds