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    I work in the oil fields in north dakota. I work Nights, Im on the boards 24/7... I crave falcon football.

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  1. Healthy? The dude blew a hammy, lets he real here. He was not injury free this year and thats a liability
  2. CHECK THAT **** OUT DAN QUINN! Up by 10!
  3. Wheres that Gurlie to Atlantie guy? Did he pull a brent grimes?
  4. Please dont become saint fans and be a salt mine Atlanta
  5. Great us and the saints.. saltiest fan bases on earth.. weve lived to become what we hate the most
  6. I guess the only positive is that we’re alive to watch the greatest dynasty in sports ever
  7. Game over. Please Atlanta fans dont get salty like New Orleans and be a bunch of cry babies about this
  8. Other lesson.. stack your oline and dline
  9. Me shell for mvp
  10. Remember that time cooks was standing in the endzone and goff threw it 7 hours late for what was a for sure TD lol
  11. Karma i guess
  12. Rams finally made it past the techmo bowl play sheet LOL I KNEW A INT WSS COMING! I was typing it!
  13. great defensive play
  14. Rams oline looks like 3 ryan schreaders and 2 wes sweitzers
  15. ME SHELL