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    I work in the oil fields in north dakota. I work Nights, Im on the boards 24/7... I crave falcon football.

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  1. I was joke.. it was sarcasm lol
  2. Cnn lol
  3. If he was still in the league he could talk trash. Homie you gonna be in the poor house while julio is smashing records
  4. Getting double whammied by oil prices.. my wife was set to start her job as a cna but were holding off since we have 5 kids at home. Ive survived layoffs in the bakken so far thankfully. Maintenance is still essential to keep oil flowing. My company hedged 75% of production at 58$/bbl thank god. hope all is well gents stay safe
  5. Whiniest board on earth. Sounds like yalls cycles sync’d up
  6. No
  7. Chuck smith All Pro TE in the 90s
  8. You also thought james stone was a HOF center.. does your opinion really hold much weight bro?
  9. Going w houston based on the oil logo lol
  10. Reading this has been therapeutic
  11. 34-27 chiefs
  12. The chiefs can score 3-4 tds in less than 5-6 minutes.. they’ve done it two straight games.. i think its going to be one of the better sbs in awhile. Finally some fresh blood in the big game.
  13. Is he planning on taking his OC with him?
  14. LoL hes washed, and cant play in a timing/system offense
  15. Seen this before