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  1. False did we already forget Williams getting stuffed on 4th/1 in the jets game or does that not count now?
  2. What “obvious” lack of depth is there? Lb depth is our biggest question but even with that foye and celestine are looking like players already.
  3. The same could be said about freeman and coleman as rookies
  4. Hopefully it translates to the season, hard seeingit not at this point
  5. Gage gonna be the next Grady 5th round steal out of nowhere
  6. Sauberrt made a key block on Colemans first 15 yard run and made a nice catch and run that almost went the distance. Dude is gonna be a major surprise to all his naysayers
  7. We have our joker te, he also made a good enough block to spring coleman on his first 15 yard run on a lineman coming downhill
  8. Keep in mind that play was vs 2nd/3rd stringers at that point.. our back ups got alot of good work in vs the 1st string chiefs and even produced a turnover
  9. He gained yards behind the starters.. if hes playing behind the 3rd string line this yr our season was already lost
  10. That was the backups to the back ups... even more hilarious
  11. He wasnt released he just wasnt retained
  12. Please log off and end your internet service
  13. Where was that strip sack last yr against philly when we NEEDED IT? Were talking about the same guy who couldn’t find a sack the last few games season to secure an escelator in his contract... he was literally crying on the sideline bc it.. some of you hold on to players the way i imagine you hold on to ex gfs.. just stop, last year everyone was pissed at the guy bc he literally went ghost after the cowboys game.
  14. I think the question on everyones mind at this point is.. can this thread beat the jake matthews thread.. LETS SEE HOW THIS PLAYS OUT Keep that energy boys
  15. Were up to 22, lets go peeps! We need 100