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  1. my god...
  2. I agree that Freeman has a special set of talents that mesh perfectly with colemans talents.. I hope we do sign him but only at the right price. Majority of my gripe is with his agent and her husband. Free has always grinded bc it's all he's ever known. Dude looks quick out there
  3. I thought he got cut?
  4. I can probably make something happen not sure as to what but yes there will be some sort of prize
  5. Hey man, it's fun dominating newbs w your team
  6. If you havent joined, this is your weekly reminder that we have a Message board group going Last year we had over 70 members. Everyone is welcome to join. The official thread is pinned at the top of the Board. Those of you who were not in last year but want to play here is the link You have been invited to join josh's Private Group in Yahoo Sports Pro Football Pick'em. In order to join the group, just go to Pro Football Pick'em, and click the "Join Group" button. From there, enter the following information... Group ID#: 1089 Password: Jones11 Thanks Everyone and Enjoy!
  7. so during preseason were not gonna give brian hill a good look? obviously he will have to prove his worth on ST.. but do you really think were gonna give coleman and freeman more than 15 carries a piece during preseason? NO.
  8. Can't help but think brian hill is gonna see a **** ton of carries during pre season and if he can hold on the ball and catch... watch out Falcon fans.. things gonna be crazy
  9. I really feel the same way.. yes free has great vision and some burst and once out ran a saints linebacker but Coleman is just on a different level of burst and his ypc is higher than most receivers. I get it he doesn't cut as smooth as free but he also bangs inside a lot more than Freeman. I love free.. but I can't help but be excited more when I see Coleman in the game.
  10. That defensive backfield... my god what a site to see..
  11. About **** time, Falcons gonna wreck madden this year
  12. The Chiefs did this to him, hes a DT so who cares.. Eddie the cheeseburger Lacy is who you should have a gripe with about weight clauses
  13. Actually this will mark a very rare instance where a Falcon cast off has gone to another team and actually started..
  14. Yea I'm pretty sure his focus is to land a big payday, a big part of why he came here was bc Quinn told him he could rush the passer if he dropped weight.. and we all know that sacks = payday
  15. I'm sure the staff made a workout regiment detailed around that idea.. Poe was always explosive but the Chiefs wanted him to be a immovable blob as well