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    I work in the oil fields in north dakota. I work Nights, Im on the boards 24/7... I crave falcon football.

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  1. “But my mock” please Shut up and be happy we got someone in the trenches
  2. Run games are fixed with offensive lines and competent coaching
  3. LoL now all yall clowns upset we trade back? Truly nobody happy in this fanbase
  4. O yes, because everyone saw the cap dropping 8% this year due to a pandemic while they were handing out contracts the last 3-4 yrs...
  5. Good god can you all stop fantasizing about this already.
  6. Patrick throw ball long way, many yards, big cheers
  7. Mike nolans first yr was incredibly fun, that defense pick’d brees off 5 times in one game. I expect peas to be here 2 yrs while developing an understudy to take over then.
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