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  1. I wouldnt be surprised to see foles go to arizona. Didnt he play college ball down there?
  2. his 6.7 ypa also suggests hes the KING OF CHECKDOWNS
  3. We get it LostinRonMexico you Miss Vick,, but just bc taylor played for VT does not mean hes capable of anything close lol
  4. Sark didn’t want the pressure of preparing for thr nfccg so he kept teco sidelined. Easily win that game if they let him carry the ball 20 times
  5. We would still play the patriots every playoffs and theyve been unstoppable the better part of 2 decades lol
  6. Look dude, tge whole team **** the bed.. offense gave up the ball to start the come back on our 35... then they blew a chance at a fg.. ill settle with you.. coaching lost us the game
  7. To be fair... int td return and a 3 sack game by grady... we had an offense that wasnt clutch
  8. Call it karma
  9. Philly celebration weak as fk
  10. Lmfaoooooo we are terrible
  11. Good night NE!
  12. Ryan would probably trip lol lets be honest
  13. LoL eagles will show us how its done
  14. Cool did we win that game? That was like the last 2 minutes of the game. Lets be honest with ourselves julio drops way to many contested balls.. mainly balls like the last play in philly