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pencilpusher. just because

Pure Football
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  1. You've always had some classy and intelligent comments. If you aren't a lawyer you should be because you seem to recognize things a lot of us miss with your short comments a lot of times. Keep up the great post dude!

  2. The handsome and intelligent comment is classic PP

  3. dang dude, just had to click to see your reputation. people are hard on ya, man.

  4. So I'm watching one of my DVD's of season 2 of The Wild Wild West last night and guess who's a guest star? None other than Sammy Davis Jr. On your birthday too, how ironic.

  5. wow. You got impugned!

    Hope! Change!

  6. **** you are handsome and intelligent, PP.

  7. Ate a dozen Krispy Kreme Jelly donuts and washed it down with a 12 pack of Jolt cola. walked 10 foot to the couch and napped.
  8. gazoo is making tons of threads in TATF, must i be the only one to bring up Honduras constantly??

  9. I just ate a huge hamburger. Gave my last bite to the dog. Minus those calories I gave the dog..I win.
  10. PP, I've been posting my training logs in another forum, but I had to come in here and congratulate you on this. Good work. I second what the other poster said about going back in a few months. A regular soda will gag you. Stick it out. I kicked off regular sodas (I do drink occasional diet sodas) and french fries and lost about 15 pounds. FWIW, I dropped the other 25 or so doing martial arts. It's taken me about 4 years total to get down to where I am now (about 175), but I feel a thousand percent better. Mentally and physically. Hang in there, and let me know if you need any advice or encouragement. PM is probably better, or I think you have my e-mail. Congratulations! Thanks Dave! Still haven't drank another Soda and the cravings are dying down. I mostly crave them when I get tired or sleepy, which is complete BS because instead of waking me caffiene has alway put me to sleep. that's how addicted I was to it..a stimulant actually calmed me. Thanks for the support and encouragement..it means a lot! I accidentally sipped a friends DR Pepper the other day and it tasted HORRIBLE. And Dr Pepper is one of the milder sodas.
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