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  1. Only ones I would change would be put Cops #1 and #3 would be short people and 4 would be fat people.
  2. you guys already played the Obama in highschool game, now its in Mtts court... Deal with it. peckerwoods
  3. okay we get it Failcon lad, us Cowboy fans aint on your Christmas card list. Its okay, we still have 5 Lombardis. Your team... not so much. Sleep tight, miss priss.
  4. and, BTW, in his eagerness to try out a big word, the original writer used the word " solipsistic" in a wrong manner.
  5. Very true.. He was murder in an open field, but fairly standard at the start of a run. Actually, no. Its one of the few legit complaints about Barry's game. Some people also accuse Smith of being a straight ahead runner, but the guy was more slippery than people remember. He had a spin move that would break ankles.
  6. Also, Emmit wasn't a F'ing quitter who quit his team in training camp either. So that's a plus.
  7. while I have not heard anyone here call him elite in any serious post, your argument is ********. " how can you call player A elite and not call player B elite when player B has a lot less numbers?"
  8. No indeed. Many are fighting because they are frustrated jocks who joined up to get their showers on past their HS career and many joined for the money because they were stupid enough to think the armed services would pay them more than a standard frycook job... I would never accuse those guys of being bright. I don't need or want anyone fighting for me, so Namble on now.
  9. They deleted EVERY post he had as Snake. Other gems: He claimed we had airliners in the 1800's He claimed Iceland was one huge block of ice He claimed redwood trees were not native to the US and were an environmental evil. I know there are more that I have forgotten lol
  10. yea, i like the fact Romo has54 more TD's, and 6,600 more yards in only 15 more starts but they act like Romo has been playing for 10 more years than ol Stain. Falcologica
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