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  1. Steve, This thread contains multiple instances of your posting of copyrighted images, which as you are aware of, is against the Atlanta Falcons message board Code of Conduct. I include in this post a link to the COC for your perusal and I ask that you remove these images,articles and videos or your refusal to remove these materials will result in a report to the moderators of this board.. This post and many others by you also fits the COC definition of spamming the board. The COC says, I quote:· Any communication that contains spam (multiple copies in one area or the same communication in multiple areas). Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
  2. That was an awesome comeback.
  3. Thank yourself while you're at it, over half the replies are yours obamagirl. bTW, in case anyone may not know, check the date on his first post in this thread and you will see that the original title of this train wreck was " bump til Obama is defeated in 2008". Seriously. Fail on display. If fail were a museum, this thread would be the Smithsonian. And Steve is proud of all that fail.
  4. You've always had some classy and intelligent comments. If you aren't a lawyer you should be because you seem to recognize things a lot of us miss with your short comments a lot of times. Keep up the great post dude!

  5. Probably not the first time you have thanked a #### for a " bump" Bump
  6. Hey everybody look! Stevie #### in his pants again! Bump
  7. Pointing and laughing at someone who **** on themselves is attention, too, so enjoy your attention. glad to bump.
  8. The best thing about this thread is it was originally titled " Bump til Obama is defeated in November" meaning November 2008. It's like retro fail.Vintage fail. A walk down fail lane. Were it a movie, it would be Citizen Fail. Good times.
  9. well, paranoid people usually don't have a sense of humor, so I guess I'm trying to say thank you.
  10. president of your fan club you mean.
  11. But only when your guys are voted in regardless, right? Why do you hate America, Steve?
  12. The popular vote does NOT equal the will of the people, except when it does. FDang, that is easy!
  13. Darn straight!! Will you use your influence to help us get Public TV, that bastion if literacy stripped of their funding? I truly believe it's the will of the people. otherwise I would not ask.
  14. It's the will of the people that Steve just got busted.