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  1. I doubt that. lol Are you talking about personal messages?
  2. Figured Id go ahead and pop my head in since its been a while. Ill be in Athens to watch our victory on Saturday.
  3. Aaron Murray may as well get use to getting hit by him in fall camp. Gonna be happening a lot for a while.
  4. Thank guys. Tanner has already made himself a legend around these parts. Dont want to overlook this championship yet, but we have a great chance at a 3 Peat!
  5. For those wondering why we played today a crazy storm came through Columbia last night. A transformer blew and knocked the power out of the stadium. Heres one video of the storm.
  6. I said something very similar. Theyre getting paid 20k + per year to play football and go to school. I dont know exactly how the scholarships work but if they had academic schollys and other types of grant they could potentially get overage money back as well. Take away that 20k and pay them then theyll realize they are essentially "getting paid".
  7. All of that and his suspensions were all pretty minor from what some people get away with.
  8. I was being sarcastic, but he should atleast be 4th team. Sac we arent there yet...lol
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