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  1. and that's not even really getting into the fact that one half of our political apparatus has spent decades engineering a narrative that gives these people enemy after enemy to focus on while they strip-mine society of its wealth and make government as dysfunctional as possible both for its propaganda value and because it ensures they'll get away with it.
  2. it's also why these conspiracies are married to reactionary politics - they're trying to create simple answers to complex problems, but in their minds the problems only exist because of the people talking about them. if nobody talked about police brutality, it would no longer be a complex problem that they would be forced to rationalize - so the solution is that black lives matter is a terrorist organization sponsored by mega nazi george soros and if they weren't running around starting anything everything would be hunky dory.
  3. i think it comes down to this - people are invested in a world that produces these outcomes because it reinforces their own (false) conception of our social systems as true and just, so they become increasingly engaged in defending a status quo that benefits them psychologically, if not materially.
  4. yeah, the transformation from the first book being this very tolkien-esque adventure story into this colossal epic of the world's ending is something i still haven't really seen done in any other series. you watch characters go from being completely naive and innocent to genuine leaders at the precipice of the apocalypse with all the stresses and personal tribulations that ensues. how the tone shifts from the earlier books to the later books is crazy. i came to the series after a song of ice and fire and i was skeptical when my buddy told me he liked it better than asoiaf. i definitely sa
  5. stormlight archives book 4 is coming out in november, that's a good series. if you want to read something that's finished, i cannot recommend wheel of time enough. it's my favorite fantasy setting/world by far.
  6. no see what they fail to understand is that we blew the superbowl after trump's inauguration back when we weren't in h*ll world was the last time we were worldbeaters.
  7. covid made it go from a "i should wait until i get a new job and place" thing to "free trump bucks? lets buy guns!" thing.
  8. i mean, covid pushed me over the edge, but i had signed up for sra months prior to covid actually being a thing, so it was just a matter of time in my opinion.
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