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  1. cool thread for some cool people also about elections and stuff (keep russia and anti-russia stuff to the trump thread because we probably don't care)
  2. like this stuff is just so transparent. a couple months or so ago everyone was mad at corbyn for not bringing a vote of no confidence. when he did last month it literally didn’t matter at all. it lost, as everyone predicted. it’s just dumb anti-corbyn posturing.
  3. may and the conversative party is never going to allow a “people’s vote” and even if she did, she’d never allow remain on the ballot. what corbyn backs or doesn’t back literally doesn’t matter at all.
  4. my point is that the media fairness rules around elections make random polls outside the context of an upcoming election a lot less Illuminating. i’m not really concerned about a random poll from december 2018 if we aren’t looking at another general election any time soon. what do you think happens if no-deal brexit happens and the tories are caught holding the bag? i’m guessing the polls will look a bit different.
  5. anyways i came here to drop this not jump back into brexit talk
  6. like what exactly is the contingency plan there if leave wins again? may’s plan? no deal? ignore the results of both referendums and stay anyways? corbyn has been forced to walk a very fine line in a country where brexit support cut across partisan lines. it’s really weird to watch you defend may’s mess as a “soft brexit” and buy into the dumb smears for the left’s best chance at fighting neoliberalism in years.
  7. the people’s vote is nothing but pure cowardice from politicians and remainers that believe another referendum will save them. nothing will save them. this is hellworld.
  8. yeah and the initial polls before the 2017 snap election had labour like 25 points behind the tories. consider me fairly skeptical!
  9. us and british politics are the only two i keep up with daily and honestly the british labour party is probably one of the most hopeful political movements of the last couple of years, regardless of it's infighting. the dynamic is different from the democratic party - the leadership was directly elected by a large influx of young left-wing members - and have been struggling against center and center-left members of parliament within their own party, which are overrepresented relative to their membership and the labour electorate.
  10. obama's divisiveness, obviously
  11. i mentioned it in this thread bro
  12. i had never seen one of these guys until i graduated from southern and came back to atlanta it was like they invaded while i was gone and replaced all other insects
  13. this page is now the uk politics page
  14. they aren't offering to subject themselves to by-elections and plan to run in marginal constituencies in the next general election but this has nothing to do with embracing right-wing economic policies, nope. helping tories is merely a coincidence.
  15. besides, a customs union actually is a real alternative to may's mess and probably has a better chance of passing the house of commons than a second referendum, which merely punts the issue to the public once more in hopes they'll bail out parliament from having to make an actual decision.
  16. the independent group are using 'brexit' and 'antisemiticism' as a way to pretend this isn't fundamentally an ideological disagreement.
  17. brexit can be bad and these people can also be absolute idiots also, a heads up - one of the seven is a cool dude who threatened to resign from miliband's front bench because labour leadership wanted to whip the vote for marriage equality a few years ago
  18. lol genuinely believing that the 'independent group' are acting in good faith
  19. the corporate press in the united kingdom is nakedly partisan in a way that would shock most americans, and corbyn remains their favorite target even as the tory government rushes britain right off the cliff.
  20. right, that's the correct question the left aren't the ones with the weird mueller fantasies
  21. but yeah any sort of "using the 25th amendment is unconstitutional" take is just as dumb