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  1. 'bend the knee or biden himself will help our aipac-picked challenger primary you'
  2. tell you what all biden has to do is wipe out my student loan debt and i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt rather than just assuming he’s cynically using manchin and sinema as a convenient scapegoat
  3. warnock makes the senate seem more like a legitimate legislative body and walker would help expose it for the clown-car circus that it really is
  4. apparently the entire country's supply of co2 comes from the byproduct of some production facilities that require natural gas or something and they're just shutting them all down because natural gas is too expensive lol
  5. it turns out no one cares who you think is or isn’t decent
  6. republicans are going to eliminate the filibuster as soon as they get a governing majority and it gets in the way of a republican president's agenda.
  7. like i see with my own eyes what's happening to the labour party in the united kingdom where anything to do with jeremy corbyn is being taken out back and shot. this idea that handing the party completely over to the elites and then they'd happily start passing all these wonderful things remains insanely short-sighted.
  8. or the entire party would just be bought and paid for by capital interests and there'd be literally nothing anyone could do about it.
  9. can't wait until democrats fail to get even this bill through reconciliation and then ask for our votes again in 2022 lol
  10. i think what drives me nuts is that 9/11 is being turned into another chapter of the mythological american exceptionalism when it’s the result of and followed by decades of american failures.
  11. idk about 1/6 but watching the country just collectively not give a **** about covid for almost two years definitely makes all the 9/11 stuff feel extremely performative and fake. even beyond that, what exactly are we remembering here? what did we actually do in the following 20 years but decline? it’s like 9/11 was a fork in the road and we’ve done nothing but make the wrong choice in every possible situation since.
  12. lmao the amount of lunatics on my facebook feed is growing daily this country is so stupid demon cracker nation
  13. i’m beyond tired of trying to convince anyone of anything. bring on the mandates and fines.
  14. it's less laughing at the people for dying and more laughing at the broken society in which we live for allowing this to happen
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