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  1. cool thread for some cool people also about elections and stuff (keep russia and anti-russia stuff to the trump thread because we probably don't care)
  2. we freely admit we want biden to drop out because he sucks, though. there's no veneer of political strategy there.
  3. clinton herself fought to the bitter end in 2008 with basically zero repercussions in the general. it's not "fighting to the end" that caused dissatisfaction among sanders' supporters, it was that there was greater ideological distance between sanders and clinton than there was between clinton and obama. you're not going to avoid that ideological gap by asking sanders to play nice and drop out at the earliest sign of trouble. we're living in a battle for the future of the democratic party. the left isn't going to just fall in line anymore. we're going to win.
  4. meanwhile, my personal hatred of buttigieg and klobuchar is soaring. i hate them so much.
  5. not if the movement comes at the cost of support for biden and warren. the point is, you don't know. we won't know until it comes time to vote, and far stranger things have happened. the idea that sanders should stop running on the basis of iowa polling in october is simply ridiculous. it's indicative of your personal dislike of sanders and his supporters, nothing more.
  6. it's october, dude. chill.
  7. here's a cool quote i found from some old 2011 article about iowa:
  8. because he supports better policies. and he's not a "capitalist to the bone".
  9. it's very easy to imagine early state polling not capturing the state of the race accurately. iowa polling was off by 6% in 2008 and 4% in 2016 for democrats. the republican races were off by 8% in 2012 and 5% in 2016. sanders has the broadest funding support and the most devoted grassroots, so i'm not worried.
  10. there hasn't been a single vote in a single primary yet. slow your roll, my dude. sander will stay in because he is a better candidate than warren. acting like any outcome is guaranteed four months before iowa is extremely silly and akin to trolling.
  11. lol sanders isn't going anywhere.
  12. @lostone i did a thing new graphics card, new ultrawide monitor, and finally decided to go to with monitor arms over stands, letting me add the one above.
  13. this dude is absolute garbage.
  14. here's a thought i can really get behind
  15. this really should put the conversation about evangelicals here last week in another light.
  16. uga losing gives me a small glimmer of sports satisfaction in this garbage football season
  17. there's enough of us here to warrant a place for this discussion show off your collection show us your wants and needs let us talk you into sleeping on the couch for a while.
  18. i don't. i never asked any to. i'm not running for anything.
  19. i mean the issue there is i don't think warren did anything wrong. it's not different for me than if she had mocked someone for supporting a ban on interracial marriage. religion has been used to justify all sorts of discriminatory policies, and i have zero interest in entertaining any of them. if you think warren's comment was derisive of all christians, i'd strongly disagree. i've seen a whole lot of them separate their beliefs from any discriminatory baggage. in fact, liz warren is one of them! that there are those that cannot is not my burden, and their feelings are not my concern. in my opinion, the people that should be doing the work to learn to respect others are the evangelicals, not the victims of their preferred political policies.
  20. man, if that's the extent of the offenses, just wait until you find out about the policies evangelicals support that have harmed gay people for decades. this is why this conversation is so frustrating. how can anyone seriously pretend to equally weigh sneering derision with concrete policies that directly affect people's lives and well-being? i guess i'm just not that concerned about anyone's hurt feelings after seeing what the "traditional christian view" of marriage did to the kids i grew up with.
  21. he might be a better authority on the motivations of a black voter than you are
  22. evangelicals are the republican party's most ardent supporters. for nearly ever single policy issue, they represent the greatest supporters of nearly every detestable and abominable thing the republican party has advanced in the past several decades. they've been doing that a lot longer than any recent culture war nonsense - how do you think white evangelicals responded to the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s? i'm not looking around for a reason why evangelicals despise me, but i certainly don't agree with you that it has anything to do with a lack of respect. i'm also not running any campaigns. i'm just another dude on the internet with bad opinions. the point is, i don't care if evangelicals find a conscience or a heart and stop voting for other people's material suffering. i'm not looking to convert anyone. they've been an opposing force to nearly everything i've ever fought for - and for the sake of all the damage they've caused, they just need to be defeated. so while you may take issue with my high horse, i have to point out that coming in here to lecture us about something that which is not in evidence (that lack of respect is a cause rather than an effect) while undermining your own advice by categorizing a group of voters you have contempt for as a "lunatic fringe" is some serious glass houses stuff man.
  23. real talk @JDaveG, i would point out that if you find pg's explanations of what evangelicals support an unfair assumption, it's probably fair for bdog to take issue with your explanation of why black people vote for democrats.
  24. i'll have you know there is no better partner for grab *** on these here forums than bdog.