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  1. it's incredibly revealing, lol.
  2. gen x, barely
  3. pg is pointing out that your argument is horrendous because it's obvious that anti-racism didn't "spawn" anything, and doing a "back in my day!!" about this topic is tremendously dumb, given what day it was yesterday.
  4. "now let me tell you about these sjws!!"
  5. sjws arent an actual thing they've never been an actual thing it's just what terrible people use to refer to 'non-********'
  6. i guess i tried to envision a post-trump republican party for the sake of a quick jab it's hard to imagine in reality
  7. yeah good point
  8. how many years before trout starts voting republican
  9. it wasn't a very good one
  10. lmao comparing universal health care to demanding a steak dinner every night is hilariously conservative of you
  11. good things aren't possible please vote for us -democrats, 2020
  12. if the democratic candidate for president runs on tax credits and spooky russia messaging, they're going to lose.
  13. more of the same centrist garbage that thinks opposing trump is somehow a substitute for a policy platform that can actually inspire people
  14. like isn't the first concern, idk, actually winning the election? who cares about hickenlooper's experience, that dude isn't going to inspire a coalition capable of beating trump. he sucks.