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  1. my dog sure does love running into the lake and then promptly jumping on my bed when i'm not looking after we head back inside
  2. yeah nba stars are definitely way more marketable
  3. i think your reaction on where nba/mlb are is being shaded by an oversaturation of reactions from our peer group. is nba over mlb among millennials and younger? sure. overall? not yet, i don't think.
  4. oh yeah i mean football is clearly the most popular sport
  5. honestly i think sports in this country will continue to be pretty multipolar, each major sports league will have no problem maintaining a certain level of popularity that leagues elsewhere could only dream of having. will be interesting to see what happens to the mls in the wake of us hosting the world cup again in a few years.
  6. and in 2019 the mlb had a total attendance of 68 million seats. the next closest league is japan's professional baseball league, with ~25 million. the nfl is ~17 million. like i said, it's not even close.
  7. covid kinda ****** the numbers up for last season, but in 2019 the mlb had total revenue upwards of 9 billion dollars. the mls was around 800 million.
  8. a mixture of its popularity and the fact they play 162 games a year.
  9. it is russia tried a completely different national anthem for a bit after the soviet union dissolved, but putin brought back the old music with some new words in the early 2000s, iirc.
  10. idk man the mlb is the most attended sports league in the world annually and it's not even close
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