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  1. that’s a good shirt
  2. you know it’s really rude for the lying liberal media to invent this story about an actual wall.
  3. or, check this out universal health care.
  4. this isn’t broken
  5. and why are we allowed to criticize liberal voters' apparent behavior of condescension but can't talk about rural white voters' propensity for jumping in with racism?
  6. is trump the result of liberal condescension or not? if he is, then why is 'liberal condescension' an important elective factor, but trump's own antagonism free from this kind of backfire? if he isn't, then why are you using trump as an example at all?
  7. if you're going to seriously argue that trump is president because 'mean liberals look down on conservatives', you're going to have to explain to us why the reciprocal doesn't appear to apply.
  8. so maybe rural white people aren't voting for racists because of mean liberal op-eds.
  9. see? apparently it's only the democrats that need civility to win.
  10. i guess i don't see why you're painting it as an electoral issue. insulting the other side was a winning formula for the current president, and he did it to a much greater degree and with far more antagonism than obama or clinton.
  11. rural white people were voting for racists long before the first nyt op-ed was published.
  12. this weird belief that rural white people have to be coddled into not voting for racists is strange coming from someone who has repeatedly disparaged what they see as 'political-correctness'.