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  1. man i missed all the good **** today
  2. chill out my brother
  3. will my firearm purchases ship before the world ends? it is a mystery
  4. in the end, i really just think you stop inventing, guessing, surmising, etc other people's arguments for them. it really does come across as a d*ck move. ask questions, don't make assumptions!
  5. again, i think there are a lot of us here that fundamentally disagree with you about the falsity of pg's twitter links and your summation of the conversations about them. how many times now have you brought up "pete in iowa" like everyone in here was pushing some qanon-level conspiracy rather than just critically examining the relationship between pete's campaign, the lanyards, the dnc, and politically-connected start-ups? seriously, it was an entire month of this: in which you completely abandon the pretension of good faith and just start replacing everyone's actual words at the time with this mount everest of a strawman that reduces everyone's nuance and discussion with your preferred fantasy of events because it happens to be easier to swat down. when you do sh*t like that, or like when you duck an argument with some terrible, concern-trolling red herring about how "wait i thought the nyt wasn't trust-worthy??" all you're doing is setting fire to your own credibility. you can't play these kinds of games with other posters and expect to be treated like the arbiter for truth and fiction. turning other people's serious arguments into sarcastic jokes only really works when we're all making fun of wfw or gazoo because their is no expectation of mutual respect for either. doing it to poster's you just happen to have genuine disagreements with just lights fire to those relationships and comes across as eminently dislikeable.
  6. like i'm ready to substitute good faith debate with outright mockery within five minutes of realizing someone might be a moron, but my smug mountain brother will fight the good fight until the very end.
  7. i think trout is just repeatedly knocking down left-twitter strawman because the isolation of quarantine is driving him insane.
  8. i have only ever seen pg debate and discuss issues in good faith and with tremendous patience - far more of which than most of us here are capable of. the idea that he's some "sh*ttalker" or a bad poster is ridiculous.
  9. left-leaning nihilists on twitter aren't forcing biden to blast medicare-for-all in the middle of a global pandemic.
  10. this **** is completely insufferable dude
  11. I’ll see you at daytona next year brother
  12. this isn't actually accelerating, we're just testing more people for exponential graph exposure
  13. i remember baloo making big show of calling abraham lincoln a tyrant and suggesting nathan bedford forrest's legacy had been unfairly impinged upon
  14. i remember making a thread as a young conservative calling out the board liberals with something to the effect of "why do liberals make threads only to complain??" and the board's then like "main" liberal poster whose name was like "flight" or something, just posted "isn't this thread also just complaining?" and i felt so ashamed.