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  1. you don't actually know this. you're inventing a counterfactual that exists literally in only your mind to try and make a very very dumb point. i'm sure we've read the same articles expressing some doubt that sanders would be able to deschedule marijuana through executive order, but your projecting a level of confidence into it that absolutely did not exist. the article i read on the subject was not very convincing, and your incredulity doesn't come close to substituting for actual evidence, so uh, lol. we do not live in a universe where bernard sanders is president, so this is not knowab
  2. it’s called a fasciotomy but don’t google it unless you wanna look at the inside of people’s limbs
  3. they cut open his leg because his muscles were swelling so much they were probably cutting blood circulation
  4. “you think biden sucks? oh yeah?? well your guy would have only written a day-one executive order to deschedule marijuana and eliminate all federal student loan debt. how about them apples??”
  5. it’s genuinely hilarious that you keep reminding us of how much better of a president we could have had and you somehow think it’s an own
  6. funny, i’ve noticed a ton of overlap in the content put out by liberals and people that suck ***!!
  7. there is nothing more left than constant infighting unfortunately there are dumb people and drama queens in every organized and unorganized group of human beings regardless of ideological tenet
  8. yes that is a very dumb thing you’ve wholesale invented for her to say and it gets dumber every time you repeat it like i don’t know why you say it because i just continue to cross it off as another “sponge is still being weird and sketchy about race stuff” thing.
  9. so a month in, and these are the things we've learned from the libs: it's only been a month jeez the republicans made biden do it anyways the aclu are 'twitter chuds' we should stop voting for the progressive wing of the democratic party because they demand that biden do good things and made us think biden could actually do good things also the good things are actually probably bad things if biden won't do them it was dumb of us to expect anything different except doing anything else but voting blue was definitely evil when the democrats get trounced in
  10. 'well, actually, bernie and aoc are the ones you should be mad at! they're the ones that told you better things were possible!'
  11. i really love the liberals' attempt at jedi mind tricking us into getting mad at the good politics people because we demand that joe biden not be completely ***
  12. wow it sounds like the democrats should have had a better candidate if only they had a better choice in the primaries
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