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  1. if your intention is to paint us into some sort of disagreement, i'm not seeing it.
  2. ok, well no one with an ounce of sense believes trump could be impeached for anything he merely says.
  3. your choice of 'anything' here includes crimes. i was pointing out that a president could and would almost definitely be impeached over criminal activity prior to becoming president.
  4. i didn't suggest that it was.
  5. it's a literal distinction without a difference, man. it's caring more about who gets called racist than the effects of racist policy. it's one of those things that drives me crazy.
  6. well at least the families broken by ice this week can be happy knowing that trump voters meant well.
  7. that's the last straw, larry narrator: "it wasn't"
  8. you drive a hard bargain but i accept
  9. let us say f***, s***, and a**
  10. jdaveg did you vote for handel in the 2010 gubernatorial primaries
  11. given that these things were materially different in both intent and outcome, no, sorry, i disagree.
  12. so this entire farce of a false equivalency has been in an effort to construct a really dumb strawman about some other discussion that was had months ago. cool.
  13. ok this is getting silly. i don't know how i can be more clear than i've already been. clinton's and handel's positions on marriage equality have never existed in a vacuum. you cannot divorce handel's comments on civil unions and gay adoption from the body of evidence merely because it defeats this grossly inadequate false equivalency. there is a material difference between handel's view and advocacy of gay relationships as inherently wrong and contrary to the interests of society to the extent that she would forever deny them tax benefits and clinton's 2010 support for gay adoptions and civil unions. the person twisting themselves into pretzels is not me, dude. this severely strained comparison exists merely to create a picture of some implicit bias in our national discourse against conservatives and it's kind of ridiculous on its face. handel and clinton have never had identical positions on the issue, and there is no 'double-standard' in recognizing that very simple fact.
  14. karen handel and hillary clinton didn't have identical positions in 2010, so your premise is fundamentally incorrect.
  15. neither exist in a vacuum and i honestly don't understand why you believe we shouldn't always consider both. but no, even the 'outcomes' of their positions were not identical. advocating for civil unions and recognizing the legitimacy of gay adoptions and the dignity of families with gay parents is materially different from "god will never approve!!!".