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  1. * president trump admits holding back usps funding to sway the election * "wow i guess you'll blame the bad orange man for this too won't you dumb libs???" - generic tatf conservative #642
  2. i can tell you right now that wasbappin and gwen snyder are my favorite twitter villains and i’m always here for their drama
  3. like i guess there's a different kind of "knowing" a person. in some respects you guys know me better than most, but i'm also completely anonymous to most of you. if something happened to me i wouldn't take issue with anyone saying they knew me, though.
  4. yeah, to be completely clear, i only knew sean smith through somethingawful and eve.
  5. like it was one thing when it was 2015 and the dude was just running for office, but he's been president for almost four years. he's got a pretty extensive record. you can stop saying 'orange man bad' now, it just sounds dumb.
  6. my dude you have done the 'orange man bad' like a dozen times now, as if it's simply crazy that anyone could somehow take issue with the president of the united states presiding over the deaths of over a hundred and sixty thousand dead americans. having watched the republican party cynically deploy fake outrage over the deaths of just four americans, one of which i knew personally, for literal years and to absolutely no end but political damage, i feel pretty confident in telling you that no one is going to waste their time debating the formula for determining quantitative responsibility like this is a ******* video game and we're racking up scores with someone who clearly doesn't give a **** outside of looking to find anyone else to blame for their sociopath idol.
  7. oh, i wanted to say one thing. from my perspective, it's basically impossible to tell which path is ultimately going to lead us down the road towards least harm. obviously i have no issue with anyone voting for biden in terms of pure harm reduction, and it's something i continue to struggle with, but i also cannot say with any certainty that a biden presidency is better, in the long run, for this country. we have a pretty good idea that a biden administration is not going to greatly alter the material conditions that produced donald trump's election, and i genuinely fear for whatever waits us on the other side of his mediocrity. i can't act like i have all the answers. maybe a biden victory is better for most people, and it seems like it certainly would be in the short term. i don't fault anyone for basing a decision on that, i just don't think it's a mere accelerationist take to suggest it might not end well.
  8. yeah i'm pretty my dad will never let my adulthood rejection of uga fandom go, for the rest of my life.
  9. am i going to be one of those disappointed marxist dads with succdem children
  10. is it weird that i can't wait to indoctrinate my kids with unadulterated marxism from the moment they can speak?
  11. feel free to walk us through, citation by citation, and explain away each one of the quotes, then.
  12. personally i'd never begrudge a kid for seeing someone they feel like they can look up to and aspire to.
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