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  1. it won’t matter by that point any version of the universe that gives donald j trump a second term is already rushing headlong towards the end of human civilization anyways
  2. yeah anyone that believes impeachment is possible is kidding themselves.
  3. because it’s not.
  4. a level of uncertainty for the question “how many hundreds of thousands did we kill in cambodia” isn’t really a valid response to “yeah i don’t think we tied anyone’s hands” in my mind. it comes across as using uncertainty to downplay our moral responsibility.
  5. guess that makes it ok!
  7. we killed half a million people bombing cambodia and you think the military’s hands were “tied”.
  8. crowdfunding healthcare in a first world country
  9. good luck getting any of them to answer policy questions.
  10. very easily, especially when you don’t want investigators poking around at your sketchy financial history.
  11. dang that's hardcore
  12. "welp he should have respected the rule of law" - wfw, probably.
  13. "race baiting"