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  1. rest in peace, hillary clinton 2016
  2. because the anti-establishment rhetoric of the trump campaign will likely not translate into anti-establishment policy.
  3. at least i never have to hear about emails again.
  4. very dumb people
  5. i think whoever takes the lead on policy will answer that question.
  6. traditional republican fiscal policy is at odds with the economic populism that will now likely elect trump. i'm deeply interested if trump's economic message actually has any chance in a republican-controlled legislature. my gut says no, but evidently my gut isn't the best predictive source at the moment.
  7. i don't think the is the correct response - statistical analysis and opinion polling are still fundamentally academic and empirical fields of study. if there are issues with existing methodology then i think they should be fixed, not written out.
  8. i was very wrong about the results of this election.
  9. i'm deeply interested in where the democratic party goes from here.
  10. who called wisconsin?
  11. i don't think this can really be questioned - but is the belief justified? i think there's a major question if trump's economic populism or congressional republicans drive the policy agenda.
  12. center-left parties have a serious issue in that they're almost uniquely reaping the detrimental effects of globalization at the ballot box. how do center-left parties respond to being punished for the effects of right-wing policy?
  13. my primary areas of concern for the next four years: tax policy environmental policy long-term cuts to social security and medicare
  14. regardless of who wins at this point, it's only fair to point out that wfw is the most accurate so far.
  15. i shoot for chaotic neutral how do i do