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  1. @HolyMoses should be white house communications director for a few reasons: one, we should reach across the aisle and pick at least one trump voter two, it would be boring if the president got along with everyone, so this would be great for office tension three, my man moses got that flair for the dramatic which suits the role four, i want to see official press statements RANDOMLY interposed with CAPITAL words.
  2. mueller isn't investigating his history of sexual harassment or trump university, afaik.
  3. how many families has he separated?
  4. how many lives did he destroy by impulsively ending protections for dreamers?
  5. i'll be honest though, i wish you reserved the same standards for donald trump that you have for mccabe. did the fraud he perpetuated on people through trump university destroy lives? did his history of sexual harassment? the contractors he stiffed, or the way he used his son's charity to funnel money into his own organizations?
  6. if it becomes evident through the ig report that maccabe is guilty of sexual harassment then i'll rightfully eat my words.
  7. there is very, very little that would warrant, to me, stripping someone of their pension but then again, i want to live in a society that doesn't treat labor like garbage.
  8. yeah i'm sorry but leaking to the press is not a sin worthy of stripping a person of their pension. and your excitement over it is just gross.
  9. i hope the guy's pension is reinstated when trump loses in 2020.
  10. firing someone for no other reason than to strip them of a twenty year pension is exactly the kind of maliciousness that permeates the cancer of the right in this country. celebrating human suffering is such a gross thing.
  11. i see the trump administration is continuing it's political purges
  12. if your immediate response to almost any issue is "well, what about when you guys didn't blah blah", you're not actually responding to anything substantial, you're just avoiding a debate.
  13. i just want to see a world where marla doesn't immediately resort to making bad tu quoque arguments.
  14. i mean i could be reading this incorrectly, but so much of the content you share just comes across as overcompensation for a lack of participation in this thread by people ideologically similar to you. you regularly post stuff in here that i know you realize the vast majority of people here don't care about at all, and then get visibly irritated or demand responses when things go unanswered. it's seems like you feel you have to personally counterbalance the constant barrage of bad news. why put that burden on yourself? why try and make this thread something it's not?