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  1. it would have been the end of her campaign and bernie would have won thanks obama
  2. the man has no agenda beyond white grievances and the hollowed-out ideology dedicated to his own megalomania. it’s how the president can say he’s going to provide everyone with health care in his first month and then push to cut medicaid for millions six months later. his laziness and ignorance are beneficial to congressional republicans and their warfare on the poor, which is why they’ve run to his defense for the last year. expecting flake to do anything different is a fool’s errand. you may cheer his capacity to speak ill of his own president, but honestly if the man costs them the house and the senate in 2018 i’m not particularly worried about a shortage of republicans looking to jump ship. the best thing jeff flake can do is lose his seat to a democrat.
  3. nice meltdown
  4. you’re being treated exactly as the rest of the broke-brain contingent maybe don’t go to bat for racists and other alt-right scum
  5. lol you brushed it off with a “vox and an eye roll” immediately after sharing with us accords from the prestigious washington examiner.
  6. 290 imo
  7. an actual person defending racists and white nationalists in the thread feels like a regression
  8. not going to lie guys, i kind of preferred the liberal vs left thing we had going on it felt like we were making progress
  9. that didn't take long
  10. don't believe the lies, it was excellent i mean if you liked the first one.
  11. have you seen blade runner 2049 yet
  12. before anyone asks, as a group, we millennials have decided that you should forward any questions about the consumption of detergent and other household cleaning products to our local thread spokesman, mdrake34
  13. a whole lot of stuff can be excused in the name of white nationalism
  14. i think my favorite donald trump charity story was how he used his son's cancer charity to funnel money into his own properties
  15. trump used almost three hundred thousand dollars from his charitable foundation to renovate his own property his foundation took only ten grand of those donations received from other people and gave it to rand paul's trip lol