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  1. he's already dog-whistling. he didn't demand adoration for pardoning sheriff apario. it's only black people that need to grovel at his feet.
  2. this was 08-13 for me
  3. i was at southern pines my freshman year, then campus club right next to the stadium (which eventually got bought by the school, i think), then on the other side of lanier across the bypass for a couple years, and finally out in the boonies my senior year. never did the bar scene that much, but we'd go to retreviers for some trivia night and buffalo's/gatas for away games. mostly did house parties out off burkhalter.
  4. where'd y'all live when you were freshmen?
  5. lol
  6. i might genuinely try and expatriate if republicans pass a massively unpopular tax bill and keep their congressional majorities
  7. tax stuff is just making me depressed as heck why do so many people want to live in a terrible country
  8. hail satan
  9. lol
  10. the fcc is not beholden to the whims of the president and the gop on the whole has been rather consistent in putting the wants of capital over everyone else. it makes perfect sense.
  11. and sea level rise remains only one facet of the issue. what happens if rapid ocean acidification collapses entire biological food chains? that's not merely a "life-threatening effect". that's an extinction-level event.
  12. i'd fail so hard in this contest