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  1. Matt had a great year and the multiple injuries to the defense, oline, and Free affected our ability to win games. Hopefully we won't have to deal with that this season. It was a perfect storm last season.
  2. Sorry for your loss. Wishing you and your family healing and peace.
  3. I love this draft. This would improve us a lot going into the season.
  4. Johnson is a fast LB but has struggles in pass coverage. I don't understand why. If he can clean that up he would be an excellent pick.
  5. I hope this happens. They have let us down majorly in the past but I still have hope.
  6. Which proves his point. If these are your options and you choose to use them over Hyde, there is a problem.
  7. Who wastes that high a pick on a kicker in this day and age. Complete waste of a pick.
  8. I understand being distracted but he should've balled out to make the team's decision on whether to keep him harder to make. He is not really a smart guy anyway....obviously.
  9. This list is dumb. It makes no sense. Not sure who this guy is but his list is terrible. Brown's GM is kinda high for all that great success they've had the last few years. Just dumb. I really don't get this. TD should be higher along with a couple others on this list.
  10. They on most levels should know more than us. They watch these guys up close by attending games and talking to the players and their coaches. I would hope they have some sort of idea who has what DQ is looking for and who fits the bill. On the other hand, I didn't particularly love this draft either.
  11. I think DQ knows what type of player he's looking for and who fits his particular system. The FO had done a bang up job finding these players so far. I probably would've gone a different direction on a couple of the picks but I'm trusting the process now. You guys know it has been working, last season was a testament to that. I like some of these guys and am not sure about others but I do see it working out.
  12. This is great news! Weird that it worked out like that for us but great news.
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