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  1. And a knockoff, cheap imitation of a real sports car/ pass rusher.
  2. He is still a FA if they decide they need him back.
  3. I am hopeful Gurley still has that juice, but gonna say Gurley feels like a Blank signing to help attendance. He’s a smart businessman and knows he needs to play his trump card with the locals not filling the stands.
  4. Why would SEA ever make that deal, unless they couldn’t agree on a contract with Wilson? They would have to use the pick on a QB anyways, so they go backwards. It would take 3 straight #1s to be worth talking even IMO.
  5. Also gonna go with Means..I think the team had high hopes for him before he got hurt. Cominsky is another, he looked like he has some real potential when he got in the rotation later in the year. i would love to say Senat, but not going there lol.
  6. No you don’t, or you wouldn’t have said but there are so many more that are worse.
  7. Lattimore for sure. 1) just the best hit, 2) it’s Lattimore and the Saints.
  8. At least long enough to get kicked off the Saints boards. Never posted there, but I would in this scenario.
  9. they can both benefit mutually, It doesn’t have to be one or the other... that said, Brown was always drawing extra bodies. But Davidson beat his man, so he did his job. That should be enough lined up w Jarrett and Fowler. would have loved to get a Brown, and am pleased we got MD.
  10. Gotcha, I wasn’t sure...just thought it was odd all the major outlets had him at 305 yet.
  11. Singled out Rod only because it seems like many more stating his name. Plus, his all pro nod is more than Case, Moore, weatherspoon and Lofton had...though Case had one pro bowl at least. That said, dang shame Coleman hurt himself and never got his mojo back...another Falcon the Saints signed too late.
  12. When did he gain this much weight? Think you said 340 another time. Falcons need to update I guess, they have him listed at 305. i like Gono, been a fan since his first camps...but he’s not in the same league as Lindstrom. I say that as someone who worries he will leave here and end up a plus starter at tackle for another team. you related or know him from school or something?
  13. Offense - Harvey Dahl, OG Defense - Stephen Nicholas, LB lol @ Rod Coleman underrated...he was a pro bowler and all pro.
  14. Better than a Lindstrom...give me a ******* break dude.
  15. I can see it already...if Gurley struggles for any reason, Koetter will be blamed. That said, as long as he is indeed healthy and near 100%, I think he will have a good year. The line should be good, more outside zone will help, and DK has coached some good rushing seasons in the past.
  16. Agree. Rather have Mack than Warford though, so we good.
  17. We have a great rivalry no doubt, but let’s not act like there is no way other teams can have a more heated rivalry. Many teams been around longer and have just as much, or more, hatred for each other. We are top 3-5 and should be happy about that. PIT V BAL is legit, as is their rivalry w CLE. GB V CHI, DAL V PHI, NYJ V NE, KC V DEN all great rivalries w deep roots.
  18. I think it was Adam Rank...so you’re right.
  19. I was told it’s the Pats and Bucs.
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