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  1. I think, well...hope, it takes two years of great defensive play for him to get the nod. That’s the selfish Falcon fan view, for his sake I hope he gets a fair shake at any point.
  2. He does. People have the right to disagree as well. If it is his own opinion and he feels strongly about it, stick with it though, don’t cower away when people call you on it.
  3. I remember this...this was a GREAT quote!
  4. I love looking back on these old music videos. Always good for a chuckle. to your point, this was a great song, always stop the radio if it’s on to this day.
  5. Babs didn’t get much help from them though. Both finished their Falcons careers hurt if I remember correctly. its just too bad Jerry got his knee shredded. To this day I still say he was gonna be a good one...I think that injury ruined him mentally.
  6. Thanks, we had her shipped up to us in PA as a pup, rescued from a high kill shelter in Mississippi.
  7. I can get back in this now that we’re talking dogs. Here is my son with ‘his’ dog. She is a lab border collie mix. Here is how she spends most her time around the house...
  8. Rod Coleman has pro bowl and all pro honors to his name, and more sacks. Up to this point Rod was every bit the star DT Grady is. I expect Grady to surpass him, but can’t project like that...after all, injuries ended Rod Coleman in the height of his career. Babinueax isn’t as good as Rod or Grady, but was also very good and arguably one of the most underrated Falcons ever. I would argue the a Falcons have had at least one very good DT every year for the past 15 years. Now pairing a second DT next to them has always been a problem, would love to have a dominant pair inside.
  9. That dog is terrifying! What is the benefit of the sticks? I am fascinated now that you posted the vid!
  10. Do you train dogs or just want the experience of a trained dog taking you out? Badass either way 👍 That looks like my dog when a stranger walks in the house 😂
  11. Is it bad that despite how many of these threads I see, each time I am still surprised what everyone looks like? 😂
  12. Schaub has a $2MM salary and $2.375M cap hit. Not sure why people think he is paid so handsomely, he isn’t paid a ton for a QB2 TBH.
  13. Beautiful kids, be proud my man!
  14. Heck yeah! I grew up loving the Canes in the late 80s and 90s!
  15. One more since y’all showed me how to do this. My older son before his one and only scrimmage game before his senior season was cancelled. Off to college baseball now.
  16. Repping the U on the golf course. Hunting w my youngest son up in cold *** PA Wifey taking in one my my older sons ballgames (last season- his senior season was cancelled)
  17. Great thread...love when these pop up. I never remember what any of you look like though 😂 Trying to post pics but it looks like they all exceed size limit even when I reduce file size to small. 👎
  18. It’s what happens when Antonio Brown disagrees with his moving company.
  19. I can’t watch basketball ball either, but for the dumbest reason. I love the game, even played it for many years...I just can’t watch it on TV because the squeaking sneakers drive me mad...must be getting some OCD as I get older. Move the NBA to playing on blacktop and I will watch again 😂
  20. Great post Tandy. Staying on the sidelines and just pointing fingers at the folks doing this isn’t enough. We need to be intentional to understand and find ways to help make it better!
  21. Hope he gets 15, then someone else pays him big time.
  22. Brees was/is just ignorant...Fromm’s texts, that’s a different story, def poor taste in humor. it still makes me shake my head seeing people make these comments in sound mind, then once they get called on it instantly backtrack and say how much they regret it, support the cause, etc. I would have more respect if they either owned it or even said “I am an ignorant dumb ***, I should have known better”
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