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  1. Once Neal has a great season this year, people can move on from the idea of giving multiple first round picks and a record contract to Adams. If Neal can stay healthy (his two injuries were freak, unrelated injuries) I would rather have him than give up a ton (picks and pay) for a guy who doesn’t want to be here.
  2. Good to see Allen get some love, but he isn’t top 5 to me either. Definitely in the top 10 talk though. IMO: 1. Julio Jones 2. DeAndre Hopkins 3. Mike Evans 4. Tyreek Hill 5. Michael Thomas
  3. Gotta add Royce Gracie to that list! I would prolly go GSP though. the fighter I just enjoyed watching the most though is still Rampage Jackson.
  4. Wow a negative post about a Falcons player/coach, that’s odd coming from you man! 😂
  5. Are you actually claiming Hill is a ‘far’ better short yardage back than Gurley? Ask the HC? I think he gave his opinion when in goal line he chose to bring in Ollison last season. I promise you Gurley won’t be put on the bench for Hill on 3-1 or goal lines either. Hill will likely be 3rd in line in these situations. I know you love Hill, but this is just crazy. Hill has been in the league for 3-4 seasons with 2 teams now, time for folks to give up on the ‘he just needs a chance’ narrative. He is a nice rotational/depth back and maybe a spot starter, but that’s about it. If we don’t keep 4 backs he isn’t even guaranteed a roster spot.
  6. Per this new SI article, it Looks like Benson has been more involved in this than she is admitting. warning long read, this could definitely get ugly if all of the emails from the Asia ya to the church are released. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/06/17/saints-help-to-church-more-extensive-than-admitted?suid=5cc1ce3c3f92a475c024d693&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SI Extra 061720&utm_term=SI Extra - USE THIS - List
  7. That’s the guy I commented as ‘Moose’ I think he is a champion in a B level wrestling circuit and has created a name for himself. I haven’t seen him wrestle but have read about it some.
  8. A PPR fantasy football league is the only world where he is better than Julio.
  9. Nah, he wasn’t. Actually, he fell off big time after the SB season. After that year he never had another winning season at QB. his SB season (2014) was 3200 yards, 21 TDs, 8 INT, 58% completion, 91.6 QBR. He did add a lot rushing that year w 524 yards and 4 TDs rushing. His 2014 season alone was arguably better than Ryan’s, but his body of work wasn’t. Ryan’s worst season he threw for 2900 yds 22TD, 14 INT, 80.9 QBR, but still has 69.4 completion %. (His 2nd year in the league) Over his last 2 seasons Kaep was under 60% completion. His rushing yards were gone. his teams record w him at QB over his last 2 season was 2-6 (injured) and 1-11. That said, I know a season record isn’t all on a QB, but they all get treated like it is, and we can’t use it selectively. he hasn’t played since 2016 and hasn’t played well since 2014. Not sure why people think he would be the answer today. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KaepCo00.htm
  10. He turned down a backup role and backup pay years ago. The fact that he hasn’t played in many years and didn’t play well at all before this all happened is often ignored. People get too hung up on the fact that he has a good season or two and played in the SB..that was a long time ago. i think it is BS he didn’t get a shot back when this all started, but it’s almost impossible to find a case where someone has been out of the league 3+ years and made it back in, especially if they aren’t willing to take a ‘prove it’ contract and job opportunity. that said, Cam is the one I am surprised hasn’t been signed yet. Must be either because teams can’t perform a physical on him or they know he is too beat up for his contract demands.
  11. He needs to be better than Oliver was Asa rookie. If he plays as good as Tru did as a rookie I would be okay. The main Hope I have is that Oliver and Sheffield have really progressed so if AJ struggles we don’t have to leave him out there to get beat up.
  12. Yep, it is BS for folks to call Q a coward regardless of his coaching shortcomings. Nobody knows what was said and who took accountability behind closed doors. Not sure where people have come up w that absurd label for him.
  13. Moose? I mean he was a Falcon at one time (Quinn Ojinaka). What about Goldberg?
  14. I would have taken (not that any of you care) - Matt Ryan, QB (Kyler Murray was tempting) - Cam Jordan, DE - Fletcher Cox, DT (Grady Jarrett would be good too) - Zach Martin, OG and I never would have taken Jackson 3 overall...likely would take Murray over Jackson at QB, but that’s just me. I like a QB that can throw accurate beyond 10 yards.
  15. I agree. I take Rank about as serious as La Confora for real football, but it’s news so I shared it.
  16. About what I expected... video: https://www.nfl.com/videos/2020-record-prediction-atlanta-falcons scroll down for spoiler...... Cliff notes for the lazy or disinterested in the 4-5 min video...He did compliment the teams talent, and mentioned the could maybe make a playoff push, but no dice. Each W sounded like he felt it could be a close L too. Apparently we are horrid on the road in his mind by his record (2-6), not something he commented on though. Q better hope we aren’t 3-6 at the bye...or it will be BYE! That radar...fly under it boys, go get some Falcons!
  17. It’s because Ryan won’t force feed the ball. Julio dictates coverage and Ryan takes what they give him. He threw TDs to like 16 different receivers in 2016 or something absurd like that.
  18. That cause he posted a 12 year old photo lol.
  19. Still have the terrible numbers which is the worst part of the New Jersey’s by far, TBH the only part I dislike about them.
  20. He reminded me of Idris Elba in that pic he posted.
  21. He is who I chose. Until someone dethrones him, he’s the guy. He does so much for a defense. i guess it depends on the context of who do I think is the best right now, or who do I want on the team considering age etc. both questions were really asked in your OP/poll. I took Mack saying he is the best as we speak based on the question who is the best right now in 2020. You could argue Nick Bosa and even more so Myles Garrett when you ask who is your #1 to make a Falcon, due to age.
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