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  1. I still feel he cannot come back and be successful. That said, likely Neither can CJ. The other BIG difference is Kap was never even close to being as good as CJ was. Once he started getting hurt and not running he went down the drain real quick.
  2. When Lefty was signed a good portion of the board though he would resurrect his career here and be our savior...don’t even recall if he was as good as ole ‘Check Down Joey’ was. Got us MR2 though...TD sure did make a quick impact. Smitty, Turner and Ryan made for such a fun season because nobody expected it.
  3. Wanted to play for red and black, but chose to play for the green instead. i remember when everyone thought McKay was gonna make the move to get him in the draft. Looking back at that class we would have been better trading all the picks for CJ.
  4. Leftwich...such a cannon he once overthrew a pass into the stands 😂
  5. Are the best running game in the league to prop him up *cough* Tannehill *cough* cant wait to see the Titans regret that deal when he is either average or hurt this season.
  6. You quoted him in the title w a quote he didn’t even say man.😬
  7. Well, we were usually behind by 14 at the end of Q1 so...lol
  8. I am a penn state guy, so love seeing Godwin shine, but I def wouldn’t take him over Evans. Evans is just such a physical mismatch...averages about 2 YPC more than Godwin too.
  9. Lowering the turnovers will be a plus, but Brady also cannot push the ball down the field like a Winston. Winston made many great throws too. Having Brady will have pluses and minuses to that offense. But limiting turnovers is a huge plus and should outweigh the physical limitations he has vs Winston.
  10. Non story, just a couple of goofs egging him on. Thanks for posting though, the most entertaining I have seen Matt 😂 ”I’m gonna say we’re gonna win 12 games” I’m just thrilled thrilled to hear him say “ahhhh, sh*t” and laugh at Crablegs with these guys.
  11. Can’t be top 10 of ALL TIME every year. Saying we as good as 2012 is still pretty nice to hear, cause we weren’t 2012 good in 2019 for sure. that said, **** that was a fun year. It wasn’t just Shanny...it was Shanny with the talent this team has (he has never had that kind of success without Ryan)...great harmony. We can only pray this team takes a year 2 leap similar to 2105 to 2016!
  12. While I look for my next funny dance vid, I leave you this to enjoy.
  13. Lol, as soon as it started I knew which dude it was...dance off time.
  14. No worries man...and I get what you’re saying w the Jets record not being on Adams, buts it’s kind of my point too...if we pay him big money gotta make some big sacrifices and we cant win it all with a few top dollar studs...especially considering it could cost us 2 firsts. no doubt he is better than Neal, not arguing that. I am saying to upgrade him from Neal we would need to dish out big time draft capital, pay him big, Neal is guaranteed his salary this year as well. I just feel that deal makes the team go backwards. If both are free agents I am after Adams no doubt. Side note, we had a top 10 defense last season Neal was healthy as well if my memory is correct. (Disclaimer it may not be correct and I could just be spewing nonsense 😂)
  15. I would guess we are done. Need an emergency funds for mid season injuries and just carry over what we can for another tight cap year in 2021.
  16. It’s a big assumption that going from Neal to Adams equals SB. After all, in his 3 seasons there the Jets are 16-32. (General comment, not calling you out claiming SB Ezekiel)
  17. I feel that not seeing Neal in the field for 2 years has made people sleep in how good he was. To not feel Neal was not a difference maker is absurd IMO. Not saying he is Adams level of greatness, but he was **** good. Whether that is repeatable in 2020 is to be seen, speculation aside. In a nutshell I am saying I personally would take 2016 Neal and 2 first round picks over Adams @ $15-20M per season all day. But I may be the minority here and I am okay w that. We can’t afford another elite contract, and I don’t feel adding him over a healthy Neal makes us ‘night and day’ better. i don’t feel his career is over by any means due to the injuries. ACL and even Achilles injuries just aren’t as devastating as they were years ago. The mental recovery and confidence could be the biggest hurdle. even if Neal isn’t 100% and we move on I would sooner replace him with a high draft pick than what is supposedly being asked for Adams.
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