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  1. I liked him pre draft. Thought he would be a good pick in rounds 5-6. Doesn’t have ideal Quinn length tho.
  2. My guess for 53 based on camps and PG1: Jones, Sanu, Ridley, Gage, Blake, then Green or OZ (depending who wins return with other attempted to stash on PS) agree Hardy gonna need to step up to keep his spot over one of these young guns.
  3. Got blown up a bit early. Also w Stocker here it opens a spot for another RB. It’s more about the overall roster than not liking Ortiz. He didn’t really show anything, just did enough. Gonna have a hard decision to make there because whoever cut cut won’t last on PS. Free, Ito, Oli, Hill, Barner...can only keep 4 tops IMO. Poor kid from Oregon has no shot just because the the roster he is on. also really deep at WR...roster spots gonna be really valuable this year. i admit I only watched 2-3 qtrs.
  4. Cause Saubert has a spot, looking to see how these young guys respond to actual game play.
  5. “Bosher, short kick” - get used to it lol. * yes I know it was a short field....
  6. So far we can go save about 7-8M cutting Schaub, Bosher, Ortiz and Harlow
  7. LOL at people having a fit already. It’s football season on AFMB
  8. Yeah, Sanu comes off the books. We have Ridley and like the odds of one of these young WRs showing up (Gage, Blake, OZ, Gray)
  9. Well, that is 10 of the starting 22 players...
  10. This is after last weeks camp practices right?
  11. Won’t find a GM in the league that would take Gurley or Brown over JJ.
  12. Want to see how good Gage and Blake are against competition, been hearing a lot of great things about them. want to see the RB battle...all of them Cominsky - love this dudes story. Gono - the guy who can nail down a spot but isn’t being talked about.
  13. I knew what ya meant I was just being an ***
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