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  1. 5 hours ago, itsryanwonder said:

    Right, did you not watch his play last season? None of the players on the Falcons could have done what he did.  I don't think any player in Falcons history could have ran like he did. 

    Because none of the current players on the Falcons had the scheme, the blocking nor the amount of rush attempts to do it. He would NEVER replicate that here...why, because its the system. Now whether Gurley can do it is to be seen...he sure as **** could in the past, and DEFINITELY could in KS run heavy scheme.

    As for no Falcons in history could run like him? 😆 

    Turner, Riggs, Jam, Andrews and Vick could all do it. Free in his prime and in that scheme could do it. Heck Free did a bunch of yards and could catch the ball...all while the Falcons threw more while KS was here. This is craaazy talk.

  2. 6 hours ago, itsryanwonder said:

    Mostert literally had to split carries with Coleman, Breda and who ever else they had in the back field.  Mostert had to play special teams as well.  Mostert is a special player and you would be a blinded fool not to admit it

    None of what you said makes him a special player...really it goes against it because special RBs generally don’t fight for carries nor do they play special teams. He had a good stretch, but he’s JAG.

  3. 2 hours ago, joeyg2033 said:

    Ryan had 4 chances to punch it in from the nine yard line and it wasn't even close. Very telling.  And for a guy who is 4-6 in playoff games?  No reason for optimism against Vikings there.

    He also statistically is one of the best QBs in the post season so there’s that. I love how wins and losses are on Ryan, but nobody else.


    Here is the pass you’re claiming is Ryan’s failure at winning that game...keeping in mind they ROASTED Sark for the terrible play call on 4th down that cut the field in half. Ryan “wasn’t even close” huh?


  4. 8 minutes ago, cwell1 said:

    did I not say Petrino?

    yeah you did. I guess I assumed you meant Bobby when you mentioned making the change to put him in the starting lineup, the play calling to pass to him and scheme not having him block as much, since Paul wouldn’t make those calls.

  5. 21 hours ago, cwell1 said:

    fixed. Petrino believed in Roddy, re-inserted him into the starting lineup and put the ball in his hands repeatedly. Those first couple 2007 pre-season games started with a quick pass to Roddy. Also, Petrino didn't have him blocking 90% of the game like Knapp and his two route system did. The QB didn't matter.

    I know its a sin to give Petrino credit on here, but Roddy's career fizzles out without that hire.....which came with the Horn signing. The Mora regime was a receiver graveyard

    It was actually Paul Petrino Roddy credits for his turn around if I’m not mistaken.

  6. 1 hour ago, Pacific_Falcon said:

    Obligatory "who"?

    With us running a grip of nickel, we can't just have 3 good CB's. We need at least 1 more for dime package and nickel depth. Hopefully he can be a decent depth/rotational piece.

    Very happy w BRW as a dime back. Also, we could see Kazee and Rico on the field a lot in dime. That’s nice depth right there. Miller is just a bonus if he plays well. Same w dude we got from PHI. we have enough enough ‘okay’ and ‘good’ DBs, we need someone to step up and be great!

  7. 22 hours ago, 10 Yard Fight said:

    So, our best QB hasn't won a Lombardi.  Pointing that out isn't bad-mouthing the guy, but it's clear our "best" is nothing to brag about.

    So that means we shouldn’t feel JJ is the best WR in the South either? Or Mack the best center? Or Grady the best DT?...solely because the team didn’t win the SB?

     Isn’t football ‘the ultimate team sport’?

  8. It’s laughable to say that the HC is not one of the top 5 coaches on the staff. Who all on this coaching roster do we feel can step in as HC and improve the spot, and under what credentials? Neither Morris nor Koetter have had as much success as a HC, everyone else is unproven as a HC. (Referring to article as it didn’t say only coordinators that I noticed )

  9. 13 minutes ago, 10 Yard Fight said:

    Show, Don't Tell

    That quote is more fitting for other members of this team than Ryan.

    Heck, the article itself points out how much he has already ‘shown’.

    From a numbers standpoint, Ryan is coming off a year in which he posted 11 300-yard games, which is tied for the third-most such games in a single season in NFL history. He surpassed the 4,000-yard mark for the ninth straight season, which is the second-longest streak in NFL history (Drew Brees holds the record with 12) and the longest active streak.

  10. MATT RYAN: Falcons QB1 is king of the NFC South

    Perhaps Matt Ryan has been influenced by Atlanta native/rapper T.I. and his albums over the years, but I'm not mad at the former MVP for proclaiming himself the king of the South.

    "I think currently, yeah, I'll go with myself," said Ryan during a recent interview on the Pardon My Take podcast when asked if he was the best quarterback in the division.

    Guess what? He's right. Ryan is the best quarterback in the NFC South in 2020 -- and it's not even close.

    Before you light up my Twitter mentions with Tom Brady memes and Drew Brees GIFs, I'm well aware that the Bucs and Saints' QB1s have had distinguished careers as gold-jacket players, but we're not talking about a lifetime achievement award. The crown should be awarded to the quarterback with the best skills at the position right now, and it's clear that Matty Ice is that guy.

    The four-time Pro Bowl quarterback throws with outstanding touch, timing and anticipation, while also displaying pinpoint accuracy. He routinely threads the ball through the needle on tightly contested throws, while also displaying the range to utilize every area of the field. Although Ryan's arm wouldn't grade out as an A+ in a bullpen session, he has more than enough arm strength to make every throw in the book as a 35-year-old quarterback still in his prime.

    From a numbers standpoint, Ryan is coming off a year in which he posted 11 300-yard games, which is tied for the third-most such games in a single season in NFL history. He surpassed the 4,000-yard mark for the ninth straight season, which is the second-longest streak in NFL history (Drew Brees holds the record with 12) and the longest active streak. Given that his 2019 campaign was considered an off year by his standards, the Falcons' QB1 is positioned for a bounce-back season that should see him reclaim his spot as a top-five quarterback.

    Wes Durham: If Falcons can stay healthy, they'll be 'dangerous' in 2020

    Don't believe me? Just look at how well Ryan has done when he's been supported by a strong running game throughout his career. Whether it was Michael Turner during his early years or Devonta Freeman more recently, the former MVP has always been at his best when he has a credible threat behind him to set the table. The presence of a dominant rushing attack alleviates the pressure on Ryan to carry the offense while also adding a dimension to the Falcons' play-action passing game.

    Reviewing Ryan's MVP season of 2016, it's not a coincidence that he had the fourth-fewest passing attempts of his career while directing an offense that ranked fifth in rushing yards. The balanced run-pass ratios kept the defense in flux and enabled Ryan to pick apart opponents with his pinpoint passing.

    Enter two-time All-Pro Todd Gurley, who agreed to a one-year deal with the Falcons this offseason after being released by the Rams. It's quite possible that Ryan will lean on No. 21 as he tries to re-establish himself as one of the league's premier quarterbacks. Despite the concerns surrounding Gurley's knee, he is a significant upgrade over his predecessor (Freeman fell off last year) and his ability to command attention as a hybrid will only make the game easier for the veteran passer.

    If defensive coordinators elect to utilize more plus-one fronts to slow down Gurley, Ryan will pick coverage apart targeting Julio Jones or Calvin Ridley on the outside. If the opponents sit back in two-deep coverage, the veteran can hand the ball to Gurley or attack the underneath areas of coverage with checkdowns and screens to the 2017 Offensive Player of the Year.

    With another season in Dirk Koetter's system under Ryan's belt, the stage is set for the Ice Man to put any lingering doubts to rest as to who wears the crown among QBs in the NFC South in 2020

    By Bucky Brooks on NFL.com


  11. 22 hours ago, Xfactor said:

    How the **** do you end up with a player like Anderson at 7 ?

    McKay panicked when Kerney put the screws to the Falcons late in the process. I’m not sure they ever met him in person even. 

    I was upset when AP got picked, because had he made it to 7 we would have taken him over anyone IMO. AP and all the false rumors Joe Thomas would fall because he wasn’t strong enough. They were my top 2 wants from that draft.

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