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  1. This is a terrible comparison. There are plenty of interior O lineman that can play C and/or G. How many QBs also play WR? a better comparison is a guy like Davidson or Cominsky that can play D End or D Tackle.
  2. I hope a player of his caliber would say that. I am sure JJ thinks he is the best too. and laughably, Thomas claims to be the best as well 😂
  3. We have very good talent at 3/5 spots (LT,C,RG) a high potential but inconsistent RT and who knows at LG. If McGary can make a nice jump out line should be pretty good regardless of how LG shakes out. Let’s just hope DK doesn’t just keep calling long developing routes and letting Matt out to die. They ‘should’ be able to run block if nothing else.
  4. Dude is (IMO) Jay Cutler 2.0...big arm, poor accuracy and decision making. this past season he had 61% completion with 20 TD and 17 INT. Lead the team to a 7-6 record against **** competition. Not what I would move on from Ryan for. I guess we will see in a few years if he is any good. I would be willing to make a sizable bet he never comes close to a Ryan’s career though.
  5. Appreciate the clarity man. gonna be tough to swing without a complete tank of a season though, he should go top 5.
  6. Doesn’t like Matt Ryan cause he is overrated but wants Jordan Love...😂😂😂
  7. Why does Fields make so much sense? He is completely different than what they have had in Ryan for so long, and should be a top 5 pick. Not saying he is bad, but failing to see how you’re connecting the dots that he would be the guy. A top 5 pick, meaning big trade up equals playing him day one and jettisoning Ryan, very different than what GB has done. They grabbed a falling prospect at the end of the round both times.
  8. It sure does! I don’t have the same conditioning as these guys anymore, but once I hit 35-37 I really felt it...approaching 41 now, and a day on the golf course leaves me in as bad shape as a day behind our OL does to Ryan 😂
  9. Smart move by this company. They know there is no chance they get this bid, but just by articles like this coming out they are getting a ton of exposure and free advertising. Bravo fellas!
  10. Until proven otherwise, no. Freeman wasn’t released because he is terrible, but because his pay outweighed his performance anymore. he never lost the starting role or significant reps to either of these guys.
  11. I could have sworn he Had a few games where he had more carries (due to an injury or something). It has been many years though and I am going gray, so losing my memory could be expected. Lol. regardless it would still be a small sample size. EDIT - well ****, looked up the game logs and I must be loosing my mind...my bad.
  12. He was a great weapon when used sparingly, especially later in games vs a tired defense. once he got more reps he was much less effective. EDIT - disregard, I’m losing my mind....
  13. Nice info. Doesn’t make him a top 10 WR, but it validates he is darn good.
  14. I love these threads...’here is my view, try to convince me to change it.’ It’s an exercise in futility.
  15. Julio is tops...Grady can be argued anywhere from 2-5, same for Debo. Mack is still top 10 I would say. Jake may be around 10 as well. if healthy and back to full speed, Gurley and Neal both top 5 at their spots too.
  16. Jones in every category but w Fitz hands. Not sure how he isn’t in the RR category too. to play along: Hands - Fitz Speed - Ross Routes - Diggs Contested - Jones
  17. Those cars were slow AF. Don’t let the turbo fool ya, they were like 220 hp.
  18. And a knockoff, cheap imitation of a real sports car/ pass rusher.
  19. He is still a FA if they decide they need him back.
  20. I am hopeful Gurley still has that juice, but gonna say Gurley feels like a Blank signing to help attendance. He’s a smart businessman and knows he needs to play his trump card with the locals not filling the stands.
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