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  1. Will be curious to see if there is an open competition at RT. IMO, only RG and LT are locked down 100%
  2. Well, we don’t have Freeman or Shanny on the Falcons right now, so it’s irrelevant to how Olli or any other Falcons RB will perform. The running game can only improve, but we need to let it play out.
  3. He is an average player now on another team...we can move on already.
  4. Kelce is a NFL record holder for his production the last 2 seasons. Anyone saying that is the floor for Pitts is setting themselves up for likely disappointment. Dude is setting the stage for him being in the TE GOAT conversation.
  5. He is nowhere near Micah Parsons, let alone hoping Parsons can turn into what he is.
  6. He looked real promising as a rookie. Wonder if he just hasn’t been able to stay healthy.
  7. He was great at making the big play once the defense was gassed. Smitty used him right.
  8. Yes, he played well. Took the starting role by end of year. Finished 18th in rushing yards, w 805 (two more yards than first round RB edwards-Helaire). Not bad for a rookie easing into the lineup, he really didn’t get a good amount of carries until after the bye week. https://www.nfl.com/players/j-k-dobbins/stats/ i despise OSU, but Dobbins was a guy I was hoping we would take (he or John Taylor)
  9. Olli may have his hands full fending of Huntley, Hawkins. I would love to see him do great...we really need someone to step up at the position.
  10. Because they let the best man win...not some **** like Q did. Had Hurst come back from his injury and played better than Andrew’s he would have gotten the Lions share IMO. i think Hurst is a solid starting caliber TE. Not knocking him...the problem is you don’t trade a round 2 pick for that.
  11. Gonna be a name that we don’t expect to step up, and a name we think is a given not make it. Happens every year. think Hawkins has a better shot than Huntley, mainly because we already have Davis and Ollison...don’t really have a guy like Hawkins (well, TBJ has been lingering around the PS/53)
  12. I would hate to see him go. In one way I get it and see the benefit to help manage the cap. But on the other hand, it negates the value of adding Pitts to the offense. I want him to be an ADDED piece to make the offense unstoppable, not just replace one great player with another for a net zero gain.
  13. I know bumping old threads is petty, but this off-season was a **** show, and folks (the Ryan hate crowd) just ran their mouth non-stop...not even debating people, but being straight up *** holes. Let this be one of life’s small lessons. speaking of folks who talked down to others about the QB...anyone see DirtyWordII lately?
  14. I hate when people do this, because bottom line is there is basically zero chance they would have been the picks. Especially since TD already said Gabe Carimi would have been the target had we not been able to trade up.
  15. Another waste of a valuable draft pick by TD. Hope we can trade him for a 3. If we let him walk we might get a 5-6 for him at best.
  16. This is a very optimistic evaluation. I do like that he has improved every season at ND.
  17. I felt better about him after his first season than I did on draft night. I always give our guys support and hope for the best, but I like others, wasn’t impressed but his draft night antics. Like I said, was pleasantly surprised after his rookie year, but that was his peak. Aside from that, dude was always a liability to embarrass the team on social media...should have traded him as soon as all that started.
  18. Well, he did get All Pro (not pro bowl) votes last year, so coaches seem to have more respect for him than you do.
  19. I feel like the plan is build a line good enough that we can plug and play RBs. Money/draft capital well spent!
  20. I have seen some praise the Hall pick actually...I think even in the NFL.com grade they did, which they usually like to shot on the Falcons. he has impressive stat lines and accolades from his college seasons. I recall seeing 16 PD in 2019 and 3 INT and 1st team all conference in 20...subject to be wrong due to bad short term memory of course 😂
  21. Not sure, just thought it was a funny “fun fact” it sounds like he lost it because he got injured and Trask just played better than he did before getting hurt.
  22. The fact that we didn’t chase any DE early despite the obvious need tells me TF stayed true to his word.
  23. Only QB ever to lose their job to Kyle Trask. 😬
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