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  1. Not sure, but I do hope this years defense picks it up at the halfway point like the ‘16 squad did. They overachieved from the mid point of that season to the midpoint of the SB.
  2. To be fair, Matt came to a much worse team/situation and made them a playoff contender. Fields got drafted to a playoff team. Now obviously the Bears have their problems, but QB is one of the biggest ones too right now.
  3. indeed…Justin Fields montage for the haters of Pitts at 4 over Fields, and “we need a mobile QB at 4” folks.
  4. Well **** he just sucks at pass blocking. I guess I will just say at least he can run block??? Maybe??? 😂
  5. Congrats to the winners! Calling some prediction entires ‘bold’ is a stretch though I may need to tone my prediction of 4 sacks in a game to 1-2, may still be bold at that! 😂
  6. Wonder where he ranks sans the abysmal game 1 performance…understanding that the game happened and can’t pretend it didn’t…but it was such an outlier and sooo bad it surely weighs that OG ranking quite a bit.
  7. Didn’t Davison and Jarrett both grade out pretty well this week from PFF? (not that it is the end all, but more telling than a box score) i would def be on board for a OLB or 2 though!
  8. Quoted so you cant edit/delete/deny saying something good about Ryan. 😂 just joshin’ ya man!
  9. Man I am just it’s not possible that we go 7-9 anymore…now that I say that we will end up 7-9-1 🤦‍♂️
  10. I think the saying was that Matt needed like 3-5 steps into his throw, then had to throw it into the rafters for it to go more than 30 yards…like when a kid tries to throw a bomb w a Nerf football 😂
  11. Yeah man…that would be a hard pill to swallow…like needing to cut your junk off so you can live type of difficult!
  12. Hopefully means we are getting Avery back soon and the other depth DBs (including Grant) have stepped up. Maybe Sheffield is ready to contribute as well. just don’t go signing another TE with that open slot pls.
  13. The thread title was nothing more than the vehicle to say **** the Saints. also, it wasn’t a question, but a statement. 😁
  14. Agreed, still hoping for a Saints loss though. It’s the right thing to do.
  15. Gonna have to go back to what worked last year…blitzing Debo and Foye and the DBs. Hate to do it too often, but may be our only way to generate pressure unfortunately. wish Grady would start getting home more
  16. Howard never gets called. He is like Sherman in his prime. Even the announcers called it out that he is on the boarder line of holding every play, and will keep doing so as long as the refs allow him to.
  17. Never said they would. Said it’s the only way I would trade him.
  18. Falcons get 4 sacks Mike Davis has 2 TD Falcons run for over 150 yards
  19. Generally a QBs award to lose, but in this years ‘all time great” QB class can’t see a QB taking hold of it at this point…Jones is making the best case for it.
  20. I have hope (not expectations) for the first 2 to step up, can’t say the same for Means. Fingers crossed for AO.
  21. Lol. Well, Takk does have 1.5 sacks, he may be our sack leader if brought in 😂
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