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  1. Hey, I felt the need to state that since many have displayed an inability to move on in similar scenarios.
  2. I will laugh all the way until draft night about Parsons being the 21st best prospect...then if I am wrong I will just say WTH and move on 😂
  3. Or the 3 INTs against Indiana. Also Coastal Carolina wasn’t ranked far off of those teams, (final rankings IND #11, CC #12, NW #14). yet folks continue label the game vs CC as a much bigger embarrassment than the IND, NW games for Fields, despite Wilson playing better vs CC than Fields did vs IND and NW. (240/1/1/63%)
  4. This hits the spot. Especially the bolded part. This appears to be more of a deep draft than blue chip draft IMO. Unfortunately the year the Falcons have a top 4 pick is the year that our needs don’t align at all w BPA. Strength at 4 is either QB, OT or WR, spots where the team is strongest (though some will argue that)
  5. Agree. I hear the Brees retirement is a done deal, he is just “waiting for the right time” to announce it. I sure hope Jameis is the guy next year for NO. Not often these reclamation projects work out, so I will take those odds. IMO, Payton knows Hill isn’t the guy and he will continue to be a gadget guy.
  6. Oh I hear you, I think those are crazy rankings too.
  7. Wilson isn’t getting traded IMO. He already said he prefers to remain a Seahawk but if they were to trade him those were the teams he would accept. And it would costs the Saints a LOT in player and draft capital to make it happen. I wouldn’t be too worried if the Panthers gave up extra draft capital to come up for Fields personally. It will be expensive to leap frog up to 2 or 3. Brady is Brady until Father Time actually shows up.
  8. He is just kind of an afterthought from sitting out the season. Once he has his pro day the hype will return without a doubt (IMO).
  9. I’m not a UGA guy. My PSU joke was because I am actually a PSU guy.
  10. Can’t argue that, they won for sure. They were a vastly superior team both times. Still remember being in awe of Trey in that Northwestern game.
  11. Yeah, it’s hard to say how any will translate for sure. They have all had some highs and lows.
  12. You missed people doubting him after he struggled mightily against Indiana & Northwestern.😝
  13. I wonder if Burrow would have ever developed into a star if he didn’t leave OSU... as for Fields I wish he would have stuck w PSU, I may support him more then 😂
  14. I would say there is a split of people who like Fields and/or Wilson better...both on the boards and by the media. If your looking for a point to prove though, you’re only gonna see one side of it. I personally don’t want any of them at 4. I would welcome either of them to the team if they last to 35 though. None of these QBs are slam dunk prospects outside of TLaw, no matter how much the media tries to convince you otherwise. Saying the board lack Fields love is just nuts tho.
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