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  1. He was cut before 10 others, he must not be as good as the board thinks.
  2. Not very concerned, freeman runs more violently then either of those guys.
  3. See y’all in 4 hours....go birds.
  4. None, because the NFL does revenue sharing on TV deals.
  5. I am sure coach loves him once again posting private dialogue online...I would be checking dude for a wire before even saying hello to him
  6. I am going w Jarrett. Dude is motivated to prove he is the best w the new deal, and he has been on a roll since coming back last season. Gonna be a household name this year. also think Takk will show out, he tends to start fast, just hope his new conditioning lets him end fast for once.
  7. Nothing wrong w Matty at all, just he doesn’t get nearly the respect he deserves. There really isn’t a weakness to his game generally speaking. Some argue the deep ball, but statistics say otherwise. Falcons new (and much improved) OL vs your DL is the big question. Talent at the skill positions is second to none here. Obviously Julio, but the total WR depth is tops (or **** near close to it) Freeman was All Pro his last healthy season, and Hooper is a pro bowl TE. i am also very impressed by our upgraded defense w Quinn taking over and not having half the starters on IR. But it was preseason so we shall see how it carries over. Definitely wouldn’t sleep on this D though. overall the 7-9 record last year is because literally 25% of the starters were on IR or missed significant time, including 2 starting OG, Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, Grady Jarrett, Rico allen, etc. some young guys got great experience and are just nice depth now, including last years co-INT leader Kazee who is back to his natural spot at NB (played FS) and Foye O. who looked great as a late round rookie at OLB. Plus it moves Campbell back to OLB where he is generally an eraser against TEs. should be a very interesting game based on matchups. Biggest concerns for us are uncertainty at CB and at OL, though both look improved from last season. heres to a healthy game and a Falcons win. (From a Falcons fan up in PA...same “WTF” as you get! Oh, and Fox can eat a D for calling Cowboys-Giants “America’s Game of the Week”
  8. Always good to have another option. We had too many years where when the starter stank and we didn’t have a choice but to stay the course.
  9. He was brought on board too late. Barner had already won the job.
  10. So odd to see a new poster create an account and this be their first post...
  11. Oh no, did he also take down his twitter page for a day?!?
  12. Yep, smart move by Julio.
  13. I did not have to create an account to follow him. I clicked the link, installed reddit app and hit join group.