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  1. Not nearly enough to move up. Add their first next year and maybe...
  2. I bet a QB ends up top 5 still
  3. And you generally they developed them when drafted after round 2 and already had a competent player at the position. A team desperate for a LT just doesn’t wait for round 4-6.
  4. Yeah his agent claims it’s a done deal. Word was he was a day two pick at best anyways, vs 9th overall baseball pick by the As
  5. Jake has to be the most ‘hated for no reason’ player on the team...even more than Ryan. Jake has never been terrible, and this year he is playing at a PB level.
  6. Donald also greatly outperformed what most though his potential was. He was a fringe first rounder going into senior week.
  7. Totally get what your saying. But the 2017 draft is similar. Not being jaded by how good they have become, everyone’s opinion was the 17 class was really bad and Trubisky had some talent but too raw and not a safe pick, Maholmes had a big arm but was a system guy and had mixed review (drafted 10th). Neither were sure fire to 5 or even 10 guys. same was said about Wentz coming out of a small school and going #2. Heck, look at us taking Ryan when dorsey was the can’t mis prospect. Ryan was consider a reach by many because he didn’t have a lot of signature wins and threw too many picks in college trying to make things happen. A lot of QBs we call reaches this time of year but the pro teams take their chances due to a desperate team in need and the value of the position. It only takes one QB and one team to fall in love to push a guy down since we will pick top 5. NYJ and JAX could both be that team, especially in a trade up situation. Who knows what chucky would do there also.
  8. Nah, Matthews was drafted because he was safe. Lewan was raw in pass pro and had some serious red flags. Add that we desperately needed a LT and JM was NFL ready from a technique standpoint it was a no brainer. sadly Matthews is severely underrated around here. he is a top OT and has managed to play well when EVERY other lineman has sucked terribly, including Mack.
  9. That said that about his brother too...oops!
  10. That is the case often, and teams still trade up or take them above better talents...see Trubiski at 2...Mayfield was considered a fringe first rounder before CLE fell in love. it only takes one desperate team to fall in love...QBs are so (over)valued in the draft. remember when Mack fell to 5, L Williams fell to around the same spot for the Jets...both were considered the top talent in the draft by some.
  11. QBs change all of that...almost every year wouldnt surprise me at all to see Gruden get ‘his’ QB early with what he has done and the smoke around him not being in love w Carr. then there are the trade ups.
  12. Just not sure the FO thinks they need a bigger back. They have Hill and haven’t given him a shot.
  13. PITT offered Bell a darn nice deal that would have made him the top paid RB. HE declined. He held them hostage and unfortunately for him, Conner’s play screwed him.
  14. Coleman runs for losses way to often and that is as much in him as the line. Indecisive and runs backwards when trying to get to the edge. if we can keep him for 2-3MM per, sure...just need to utilize him better, put him in motion more and exploit LB coverage.
  15. Could his height be an issue? Usually guards aren’t as tall to provide better vision/throwing lanes for the QB