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  1. This post definitely has merit and needs to be considered when looking at RM for the future. He has been part of the Falcons fools gold before, how can we know this year is anything different?
  2. Yeah, JTM has been a nice surprise. If we could only get our money’s worth from Fowler.
  3. JTM seems to continue to develop nicely in the rotation. I didn’t watch close enough to say he dominated today, but he seemed to be in the picture more often than not, and made some game changing plays. He was a nice find and has developed well from his practice squad days. Glad he is ERFA this offseason, these are the kind of guys you need to have as cheap depth when the cap gets tight, he may need to be a heavy rotation guy or starter even next season. I am sure PFF will make me look like a fool for saying this when their grade comes out 😂
  4. Win this big.. and somehow there still always has to be that one guy that still finds something to b*ich about.
  5. Let the season play out. This team is too jeckyl and hide to have an opinion off one game, as dominant as it was...cause last week the Falcons were that team.
  6. Just bumping for a little love for the Harbaugh fanatics around here. Yesterday is exactly why I have said leave him at Michigan and away from the Falcons...it is a win-win for me. Most know I am a Penn State guy..and they are really bad this year, like so bad I didn’t think they would win a game. but that is where Harbaugh comes into play. Thanks to him PSU always has a chance vs Michigan now. Penn State rolled in with their 3 best players out for the season, and starting 2 true freshman RBs because their top 4 all are gone. A QB controversy because both QBs have been so bad this ye
  7. Ahem, best man or woman up that is! 🤔
  8. Almost two months after the firing of general manager Thomas Dimitroff, the Falcons are doing their due diligence in compiling their list of candidates as they prepare for the mid-December interview process. Some candidates already received “feelers” from the Falcons and the Houston Texans. Also, some have been told that they are under consideration. “We have done a lot of preparatory work on our general manager search,” Falcons president Rich McKay said. “We still have six weeks remaining until the NFL regular season concludes, and we will continue
  9. Yup, just like Rod Marinelli, Romeo Crennell, Wade Phillips, etc... A guy not cutting it as a HC has little correlation with them being a great coordinator, especially given their success as a coordinator is what made them a HC in the first place. hard to find a situation where you can’t say “but how do we know it wasnt all the HC”, since most coordinators that get promoted come from winning teams who happen to have very good HC as well.
  10. Yeah, but what about his rushing yards? 😝
  11. I support finding a guy mid rounds to groom for a year or two. I also don’t know who the best prospect is in that range, it’s such a crap shoot. Its the folks around here clamoring to cut Ryan and bring a guy in just for the sake of replacing him that grinds my ***. (Not saying that’s you KOG)
  12. To even think the least prima-donna WR in the league would do such prima-donna ****...only on AFMB do our own players get so disrespected.😩
  13. This is an interesting thread. Some want him because of his Dawg ties, some despise him for it. He has UGA ties though, so a thread was created for him nonetheless.
  14. Didn’t you know, now that Quinn is gone, priority 1 is to replace Matt Ryan with a scrambling QB.
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