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  1. Pro bowl nomination?
  2. Their skill sets don’t even compare, but I get what you were trying to do there. flip side would be Ezekiel Elliott and Adrian Peterson say hi. Barkley is going to make the Giants very dangerous...as long as eli doesn’t bring them down too much.
  3. How can CBs be so important if WRs aren’t? I mean their job is to stop WRs after all.
  4. Sweating out water weight and getting in shape are different. That said, hopefully he works away that spare tire he is carrying in the pic!!
  5. Gotta say I would love this lineup it’s prime: Matthews, Levitre, Mack, Dahl, Clabo...drool!!!
  6. You scheme around great talent. I would take Turner all day, then decide between Freeman and Coleman as a compliment.
  7. Nice post, enjoyed reading the changes.
  8. Wonder what they do with Gage outside of ST.
  9. No but DT is a bigger hole.
  10. Littering and.... Littering and..... Littering and.....
  11. Yet Vick announced our pick at the draft this year..... are you saying we as the Falcons team or the Falcons fans?
  12. It fell somewhere in the middle. Better than some gave credit for, but not nearly as good as some had claimed.
  13. lt will be interesting after the season to see what they do w Alf and Tru (if anything). If nothing else thw have an affordable CB3 that will take over for one of those two when their cap hit doesn’t justify itself, or they become FA (assuming he pans out as good as we hope)
  14. Look at the salary range of the top 5 LT. Gonna get paid somewhere between 1-5, just how contracts for good players go.