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  1. Most any team would be thrilled to get the production we got from Coleman and Hooper in a round 3 pick. Both were gems in round three. Only reason the team may not keep Coleman is he may have priced himself out of a contract here...not exactly indicative of a bad draft pick. And cause fans don’t care about PB doesn’t mean players don’t. Not latching on to that reasoning to discredit Hooper. He has been really good for us. IMO you would be hard pressed to find a GM to claim those two weren’t great finds in the third round. “reaching” is subjective, and can’t call it a reach just because a mock analyst says they may go elsewhere. Oliver was considered a potential first round pick by many anyways. Never liked the Duke pick so won’t argue that. DeBo was a reach in round 2 to most mock analysts too. As was Neal at 17. still wouldn’t use the pick on Hughes due to age, mediocre production, contract, and the fact that he could just end up released.
  2. Would love to see them draft Jonah Williams, but he could go top 5. Not sure on Ford yet, don’t dislike him, just not sold on the fit. Like his tenacity though. also it sounds like everyone from Blank down to TD has said fixing the OL is THE priority this offseason, which leads me to believe the Shredder days may be over. He was a good story and good find for the Falcons though, got some real good years of football from him.
  3. Wonder if he is a priority for the team to bring back? Any feedback from the team on Irvin? Also, Does he count in the comp pick formula if he goes elsewhere?
  4. I wonder if it is just money though. If we make a similar offer to another team but he is going to get a chance to be the starter there he may walk regardless.
  5. Didnt Coleman lead the NFL in times tackled behind the line of scrimmage this year?
  6. I think most including myself said Coleman’s value is as a receiver. If anyone claims Coleman runs as good or hard as Carson they are only watching one of those RBs. Coleman is definitely a better receiver, Carson is definitely a better runner.
  7. Great info and insight Vel. Much better than the normal “...subjective opinion, trust me” stuff that has been filling the boards lately.
  8. His deal here was also pro-rated to be fair. i think 4-6M per season is his range.
  9. Def under.
  10. Appreciate your feedback...we are on our way to John Hopkins U this weekend for a campus visit.
  11. They are great YAC receivers.
  12. Sorry coach
  13. Of all the cast off names being thrown out, he is the best. He still affects the offense quite a bit. Much better than Curry.
  14. That may not have anything to do w football lol.