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  1. I think he is around next year. We sit him down (IR) to let him try to fully heal. Nobody can honestly deny that when healthy Free is an amazing back. The team will keep Free OR Coleman, and I think Free has more overall ability IF he gets fully healthy. That said, ITO may make the team second guess if it is worth spending the money on either.
  2. Familiar with them all. We don’t need to agree, but Turner was special here. I think sometimes people just don’t want to believe a current era player can be as good or better than an old school great. turner would have killed fools back in the previous era, when lineman were his size and LBs were 200-220 LBs.
  3. Andrews is the only Falcons back better than Turner. Turner was the man, and did it as the league was turning into a passing league.
  4. Holding penalties by team....based on 2017 season http://www.nflpenalties.com/penalty/offensive-holding?year=2017&view=team i would guess every team makes similar complaints, except the Packers who can’t. the Bengals actually had the biggest gain in calls for vs calls against. (+13) falcons were basically even, for those too lazy to click a link.
  5. No not doesn’t. It says he has 9 missed tackles on 32 rush attempts, ie he has 32 attempts. the charts says min 25 attempts. I would think any backs better than Ito would have 25+ attempts barring injury. the one item I agree with is there are many backs better than Ito at the moment.
  6. I find that hard to believe. Our fans have given up, but not the team or staff.
  7. Steven Jackson dealt with injuries more than Free even, despite taking care of his body. like I said, you have nothing to prove your claim that Free doesn’t give his all anymore since getting signed.
  8. What a load of ****. No facts to back up your crap. Missing the “Freeman of old” is why this run game isn’t working. He is hurt, not lacking fight.
  9. Reading this board lately I would have guessed top 3...
  10. I think he gets about 4 years $60MM. Thankfully Senat will be on the cheap for 3 more years. Them two are gonna look real good in coming years.
  11. You control what you can control. Win the games regardless of where they are played. Too much “victim” mentality around this place, gotta stop the why me mentality.
  12. So you think they take turns picking or something? It is a fully collaborative effort. Of course nobody can prove it, none of us sit in the war room, but let’s let common sense prevail here. the overall drafting has improved since pioli and Quinn. That said, the good and the bad fall in them as a unit. my sarcastic remark was the people give credit to pioli for good picks and blame TD for bad picks IN THE SAME DRAFT, which is asinine.
  13. He sure isn’t on pace for a big contract anywhere. I could see other team only wanting to give a year or two to see what they have. I hope we don’t panic and overpay the guy.