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  1. I am thinking it is average of top 5 D linemen salaries.
  2. I still feel a bit of that may be the outside zone scheme more than the players.
  3. They claim rams will tag Watkins because they want to see more before a long term deal, but gave too much for him to let him walk. I would love them to tag him then we get a shot at FS Joyner.
  4. No, it’s not.
  5. Should just get rid of Thursday night football TBH
  6. I thought you suggested Tyrod Taylor because he was more like vick and less like Ryan. Am I wrong?
  7. He may not handed a starters role, but will want to go somewhere where he has a legit shot to compete. He filed his grievance in the first place because he wanted to have a chance to start (and be paid accordingly).
  8. There is no need for the discussion. He will get paid and be a falcon for life. If you don’t like that go root for whatever team Tyrod Taylor is on in 2018...but it won’t be ATL. and yes, I would rather pay Ryan than move him and not have a top tier QB. Ask the browns, bills, dolphins, jets, Texans, etc how much they wish the had a QB in the last 10-20 years. There have been super bowls won by low level QBs maybe 10% at best in nfl history. Even less since the passing era, and even when those QBs won, they played elite in the playoffs that season (Manning, Foles, Flacco) can we now move on?
  9. You don’t need to have the most money to get the top free agents...just enough to get the deal done. There is a reason some of these teams have a ton of cap space, nobody wants to sign there.
  10. Ask teams like the Browns and Jets if they would pay MR2...there are teams that pay top QBs and teams that wish they had one to pay.
  11. The one guy has no relevant experience on offense, correct. He was a defensive coach.
  12. Why does he not fit Patricia’s defense? I could see Ansah taking a one year prove it deal ($10M or so) if the market isn’t there for him, similar to what Poe did. if Beasley is moving back to end FT I can’t see this big of a signing at DE, but definitely wouldn’t hate it!
  13. He won’t be at LB anymore per Quinn. That experiment is over.