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  1. This. I was speaking in general terms, not that I support or think TD will draft them at 16. I do think TD would pull the trigger at 47 though depending how the draft
  2. I agree the piss test is a red flag, that said, he is/was a young man and these type of items can often change a persons outlook and maturity. Youngsters often feel invincible/untouchable, especially highly touted athletes who are often catered to. so while I would ask questions around it to judge character, I wouldn’t cross a player off the list over it.
  3. That Browns cap is fire!
  4. That would be a great haul. Doubt AJ is there but I would be pumped.
  5. Now we have talked about this man...to get the “likes” it’s more important to be first than it is to be right!
  6. As a falcons fan why you so bent on proving our WR is not as good as the unemployed one? If it said AB was .6% better I get the feeling you would have a different tone about it, maybe I’m wrong though. i get it that some said AB was better, some said JJ was, but your trying awfully hard to discredit JJ being better than AB it seems.
  7. There were some fans media debating Brown over Julio, I would be curious to what coaches thought though. I have heard/read clips of coaches saying to young receivers to watch film on Julio if you want to learn how to play the position the right way. just because the guy is a complete tool I won’t discredit his ability. But Julio is physically dominating in a way Brown isn’t. we will never know for sure, but we do know that now there isn’t a coach in the world that would take AB over JJ nowadays.
  8. If/when the cases start to diminish they will start to open things back up. Especially if they can prove that once you get it you won’t get it again...that’s the main thing to prove. Not to mention they feel/hope the warm weather will slow it down or even kill it off. as for vaccine, I was hearing it would take 12-18 months to get approval to get it to market. Have to test in for so long on animals, then get approval to test on people, then monitor those results for a while...all while navigating government red tape. crazy stuff regardless, glad people are finally taking it seriously...had we not had so many doubters and heros a month ago things could potentially be much better today than they are now (as in beach goers, Mardi gras, people in big cities not heeding warnings, etc)
  9. See my post that I edited. It explains the BB has been chasing WRs for years just failing to land one, despite the belief that he just sees them as hood ornaments that aren’t needed.
  10. Thanks, also edited to kill the NE false narrative with everyone’s Hero BB.
  11. Except KC still paid ‘hood ornaments’ handsomely. Tyreek Hill has an average salary of $18M. he only played 12 games so he may have been their leading WR had he played 16, as he was in 2018. They also went and drafted Hardeman high when they worried Hill would miss significant time, so they obviously value the WR position. that’s not enough?... they also paid Sammy Watkins an average of $16M a season. So any argument that KC doesn’t value WR position is wrong. EDIT: as for NE, they consistently try to get WRs, BB just has a terrible eye for them. He has traded or used high picks on WRs frequently. Traded a 1 for Cooks, traded a 2 for Sanu, drafted multiple WRs in round 1 and 2, traded other high-mid round picks for WRs as well. People act like BB just doesn’t need/want WRs, but the fact is he tries a lot to find them just can’t scout them for crap
  12. Don’t care what school they come from if they can play. We are likely gonna need either a NB our boundary CB yet, depending where they see Sheffield going. I think he will be the new CB1 replacing Tru, but who knows for sure. I also wouldn’t sleep on them playing Kazee at NB again. He is a much better fit at FS, but that is where they lined him up until they decided to move Allen to SS. We may just roll out basically the same starting 5 DBs as last year, but w Sheffield replacing Tru. i still think we add at least 1 CB and S in the draft though, because there are a lot that are free agents after this season. Allen or Kazee will be gone for sure. We basically have Sheffield, Oliver and Miller under contract for ‘21 right?
  13. I’m bored, I will play along...If we already had pick 4 I would take trade down(s) as follows...keep in mind all picks slide back one spot if we were 4. 1- Burrow, CIN 2- Young, WAS 3- Okudah, DET 4- Tua, MIA (ATL gets MIA #6, #26, gives #4, #37) - trade back w MIA who’s not risking missing their QB of the future 5- Becton, NYG 6- Wirfs, CLE - (ATL gets #11, 42; CLE gets #6)- trade back w CLE who is desperate for new LT, jumping the OT needy chargers. ***assume Brown, Simmons go in next 5 picks. ATL Drafts #11 - Kinlaw, DT, SCAR #26 - Queen, OLB, LSU #42 - Diggs, CB, Bama