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  1. Man, gonna be a bunch of teams wishing they would have taken him in round one. He looks like a seasoned vet.
  2. They world gonna know the name Grady Jarrett this season. That was insane jump getting through the line.
  3. Gage not going anywhere. My guess is Davis to the PS and Gray. Hall has that speed that teams love to stretch the field as needed.
  4. Yep, prolly likes Clay more now than when he was on the team. Way too much “grass is greener “ mentalities on the board.
  5. I get you man. I would keep Tru, the high pick and re-sign Beasley once he bounces back this season.
  6. Why? My viewpoint on abysmal is irrelevant. It all depends on what Quinn thinks. I don’t feel Knapp was brought in for shts and giggles though.
  7. If you have to pay Mack 20M, the team isn’t paying Vic big as well. Not w Grady, Jones, Neal and Julio in line for paydays. Its all arguments for nothing, since it won’t happen.
  8. We shall see... I am not a Sark hater, I think we will be okay. I am merely saying if a Sark is abysmal Quinn won’t sacrifice a chance at a title for loyalty.
  9. If Benkert keeps it up the coaches have a decision to make, whether it’s keep 3 or move on from Schaub. I am a big believer in having experience at backup QB when you are a SB team, but the experience has to be able to win a game or two. Not sure Schaub can do that anymore. Lets see how game 2 looks.
  10. As others have said, I think the Knapp hire is two fold. It is to help Sark, but also have an emergency plan. Quinn won’t sacrifice a SB run for Sark. He’s not like Mike smith.
  11. You’re basically giving up Trufant, a second and Beasley. (Not going to re-sign him) as much of a hoss as Mack is, that’s too big of a loss. If 2016 Beasley shows up with him going back to DE it’s not a good deal at all.
  12. Sounded like he was talking about the running backs.
  13. Dat golden mullet doe!
  14. Nah, everyone has a right to their opinion, just didn’t want to assume your intent (as I thought it was crazy).
  15. So wait, these guys are reaches and/or busts in your opinion until proven otherwise?