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  1. Man, Aldon Smith had 19.5 sacks...eight years ago. Just a name until proven otherwise. Gregory is a roll of the dice to even see the field, and Crawford hasn’t done squat. so Lawrence v Fowler, Takk v Griffin, McCoy v Jarrett...don’t see the huge DAL advantage personally. *quoting for the tweet, thanks for posting.
  2. A lot of “what if” on that Dallas DL rotation... - what if Gregory can actually go a season without being hurt, a dumb*** or a hurt dumb***. - what if Aldon Smith can be the guy he was in SF...EIGHT years ago - people were calling Poe a bum here, he didn’t get any better since he went to CAR, DAL. im not gonna get too caught up in the names. That said, I would have been all for Griffin if we could have brought him in. Once again...the player gets to pick where he signs, fans seem to forget that. It’s not like buying something at the grocery store.
  3. Really though, congrats. It’s a great thing to be able to combine your work and hobby! Lucky man.
  4. Fcking DLed...right out the gate. sounds like a reject puddin’ pop commercial. 😂
  5. “But Matt Ryan shouldn’t have even been MVP...it should have been Brady” - every Brady nut-hugging media face out there voted Manning, but Ryan would be #2 followed by A-Aron.
  6. Dem bracelets doe! a loc dog reference at 630AM is a great start to the day, well done!
  7. Colin dissing the Falcons...that’s original i wonder if he called Ryan “Dalton in a dome” in his clip.
  8. He practices every day that the other backs do. Both in ATL and when he was in CIN. Coaches have seen what he can do. practice time earns your playing time. He has had plenty of chances to show his game. If the team was just trying to hold him back they wouldn’t have tendered him. They see his value - as a rotational back and spot starter.
  9. Bill doesn’t have many years left, he is like 70...not sure I can see him tanking or selling out for him in his twilight years...which is exactly why you may be right 😆
  10. He has had plenty of time to show. Been in the league multiple years w multiple teams. Let’s not act like the coaches turn their heads or go for a coffee every time he gets handed the ball. He is a good rotational piece, nothing more. Hope for his sake he becomes the next Mostert and has a good season this late in his career and gets some cash...not holding my breath though. And 3.5x3 don’t mean squat. Plenty of backs average 4-5 ypc and teams still don’t hand it off every down and march down for guaranteed TDs. Heck, don’t most NFL backs average 3.5 or more per carry?
  11. This is definitely true for some. I am not minimizing these losses at all, just pointing out the timeline and that it wasn’t something that just happened causing him to not report, etc. he had his once good season since then as well. people respond different to difficult situations. I had two of my employees who each lost a parent and very close grandparent within a year. Both handled it differently and excelled differently based on that. That said it was 1-2 years ago for one and less than a year for the other and they both are operating close to normal and able to focus on the task at hand...the one who lost his folks more recently is doing very well in his role. if he is having struggles causing this I hope he can find help and peace, but it’s also not fair for anyone to assume these instances are lingering, he can’t handle them and they are causing his problems. Both are assumptions and may or may not be true.
  12. That all happened when he was in college or a rookie in the NFL. Not minimizing it, but don’t think that’s what caused him to suddenly not play well or have any drive to play the game.
  13. Crump was too husky and slow (4.79 combine) to be a ‘game changer’. Good receiver, very good hands and a big boy blocker, but not sure he was much better than Hooper overall...definitely not in the league of a guy like Kittle, Kelce, etc. (IMO) That said really enjoyed watching him, and glad we had him or Finnerman would have been our #1 weapon 😬
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