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  1. Where is @Gonobeast? He can give us the real scoop.
  2. You don’t need Julio to win a bowl. Sure it doesn’t hurt to have that type of player, but he doesn’t have a ring yet, so he alone obviously isn’t the sole solution. Hopefully us getting better at spending cap space on the right free agents and players will help us get that ring some day. It’s unfortunate that odds say Julio nor Ryan will get rings as Falcons due to relatively poor drafting (I know there were some hits and the odds of getting great players) and piss poor spending in FA. Two all time greats won’t have a ring to show for it due to things largely out of their control. mans th
  3. I will be interested to see how often Pitts is in the slot, whether set there or motioned. I forget what pre-snap motion looks like, gonna be so exciting to see!
  4. I don’t think he does PR though, only Kickoffs. (Or vice versa)
  5. When you see Deshaun in the waiting area tell him I said ‘sup.
  6. Let’s not turn this into a Julio thread…I would actually rather be reminded of Eugene Robinsons escapades than hear more Julio banter at this point lol.
  7. And then the reporter tried to use those words against him and AS shut him down. I remembered that Q&A session.
  8. No. Ring of honor, sure eventually....but not a retired number.
  9. Wonder how long before McCarron takes the QB1 gig?
  10. Just let dude be a Harvey Dahl or Tyson Clabo level find and I would be thrilled!
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