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  1. People have definitely posted from the Daily Stormer before. Vicious for one.
  2. Yeah and I respect that. Your job isn't easy. But the Daily Stormer is a right-wing white nationalist website which has rebranded itself a bit in the past few years to not be as obvious. Even the name "Daily Stormer" is an offshoot of Stormfront which was the white nationalist website before they got shut down. This isn't even a secret. The first sentence of their Wikipedia page is "The Daily Stormer is an American neo-Nazi, white supremacist, and Holocaust denial commentary and message board website that advocates for the genocide of Jews." Like I said they've done a decent job of rebranding themselves recently but those of us who pay attention to the white nationalist scene know what it was/is. It was basically Stormfront for millennials.
  3. I generally agree with just about everything you post but I have to disagree with this. Radicalization is a process. No one starts out by planning violence or terrorism. They're slowly introduced to the idea and go further down the rabbit hole from there. If a poster was posting stuff from an ISIS-aligned website, would you say it's ok because they haven't commissioned or courted violence/terrorism. No, you'd acknowledge that they were in the early stages of radicalization and handle that accordingly. I don't know why that same standard wouldn't apply to someone who constantly posts stuff from radical white identity movement websites.
  4. You know what's really crazy about this to me? This is literally how things went down with Emmett Till way back when. White woman said he assaulted her (whistled) and angry white men beat and murdered the kid. It's not hard to imagine something similar happening in this situation if we went back 60 years. Also another interesting Emmett Till fact I learned. Apparently he had some type of speech impairment because of an early bout of polio. His mother taught him to whistle to clear his passages before he spoke. It's entirely possible that whistling the white woman heard was him prepping to say something.
  5. Roy Moore lost mainly because of low GOP turnout. So I guess, out them all as pedophiles? I think the best way to combat them, like someone else said, is by getting more people to turn out.
  6. Just gonna throw this out there since everyone here hates Avenatti. He's basically a clown at this point but if, by some anti-miracle, 2020 is Avenatti v. Trump, I'm 100% voting for Avenatti and not even thinking twice about it. I'll vote for a more traditional politician in the primaries but I anyone is better than Trump.
  7. Just gonna throw my 2 cents into the discussion on trying to sway Trump voters with kindness and understanding. I think it's ********. If you can look at what Trump has done over the past two years and come out saying, "Ya know, I like the way this guy's done things" then you're a lost cause. There's nothing anyone can say or do to change your mind because he himself has done and said everything that should have changed your mind already. Forget those people, They're are dwindling in number and unreasonable. They're not worth the resources. What Democrats really need to focus on are people who don't vote for whatever reason. They need to fight disenfranchisement and come with exciting messages. One thing I really think Democrats need to make more of an issue is student loan forgiveness. I fall into the latter part of the millennial generation and I don't think it can be overstated how student loans are impacting my peers. People can't buy homes or start families because of student loans. A lot of people struggle with anxiety and hopelessness because of the crushing burden of these loans. Aside from climate change, they are probably the biggest existential threat to my generation. But all policy proposals from these politicians have focused on making college more affordable. That ship has sailed for millions of my peers. Something as simple as no interest after making payments for X amount of terms is a relatively. I've said it before, millennials are the largest generation ever. The first party that makes an honest, concerted effort to address the student loan crisis will own that generation's vote for the rest of their political lives.
  8. The crowdfunding website to support Collin's 2020 opponent has actually crashed from all the traffic it's getting.
  9. Collins speaking for the 53% of white women who voted for Trump
  10. This tweet stuck out too.
  11. Every once in a while something pops up on my Twitter feed about racism back in the day and I'm so flabberghasted at what is being asserted that I have to google it myself to make sure it's not a bunch of fake news meant to rile people up. Usually it turns out to be true. Kennard actually got stomach cancer while in prison and instead of letting him get treatment, he was forced to continue to do manual labor. He died a month after being released.
  12. Can anyone please explain what they mean by self-preservation? @Leon Troutsky that's your brother right? I assume y'all grew up in the same home. @anyotheroldwhiteperson please explain what you mean when you say "self-preservation"
  13. I'm genuinely curious about what "self-preservation" is @JDaveG (might have me on ignore so if someone could quote this I'd appreciate it). I'm assuming you're closer to the demographic who responded to that question than me (a young black guy in Atlanta) so I'd appreciate if you could elucidate on this.