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  1. Also he's pointing to a problem "Only the most extreme people vote in primaries" and then coming to a solution which basically says let's consolidate this power into the hands of a few. Voting in general is hard to do in this country. It's on a Tuesday and you have to find time to do it. And this doesn't even get into suppression tactics. Sounds to me like a better solution would be to make voting easier to these centrists would be more incentivized to go out and vote.
  2. Thank you. I don't know why he keeps harping on this. The era of political machines is dead for a reason STFU and let the people decide what they want.
  3. Also, I'd like to point out the Christians of other races did not vote for Trump or support these other hypocritical "Christian values" candidates to anywhere near the extent of White American Evangelicals. This is despite the fact that minorities (at least black and Latinos) are way more likely to identify as Christian. All of these things point to the focus for these people being more on themselves than the Gospel IMO.
  4. Couldn't disagree more. White American Evangelicals don't care about Christian values, they care about their own comfort and privilege. It irks me to no end that "Christian values" as defined by them are gay marriage and abortion. Why is their no mention of helping the poor or social justice? Maybe we're reading from a different Bible but those are two things I see Jesus talking about regularly. Yet the "Christian values" voters consistently vote against people who make it a point to care for the poor (they call it socialism) or advocate for marginalized groups. White American Evangelism has conflated capitalism and cultural superiority to Christianity and they've voted for people who believe similarly. I have no qualms calling this out and it's high time the Christian community did the same. These people are tarnishing the name.
  5. White American Evangelism in a nutshell. I don't call these people Christians anymore.
  6. They waited two weeks to put this out. Translation "Sorry, we thought more people agreed with Papa and supported Trump. Please give us more of your liberal dollars." I'm sure John Schnatter thought he could get away with his statement because obviously most of the country agreed with him. I'm guessing their sales have been hit so hard it's clear he was wrong on this. These people live in such a bubble that they don't realize the large swaths of the country vehemently disagree with them.
  7. Talk radio started this way before the internet. Another thing to consider is that Republican politicians these days are no better. Back in the day they sold their soul to right wing media for power. Their supporters were fed lies and propaganda but it was all good because they kept them in power. Around the time of the tea party wave though, those idiot constituents decided they could do things better and threw those "Establishment" guys out. That's why so many reps spew the usual Fox News talking points. The beast ate itself.
  8. Judging by the last name I think she's Nigerian.
  9. Picture of the yearbook
  10. Watching this press conference now and this seems ****ing for Moore. She said he wrote in her yearbook and this is an actual assault allegation. The allegations from the rest of the victims at least seemed to be consensual even if they weren't old enough.
  11. I'm glad we agree
  12. Exactly. Moore knows the base better than a lot of these other people. It's why he went to Breitbart and not Fox News to release his statement. He knows that's where his people are. I'm all for conservatism in certain aspects of life but it's time we accepted that the Republican party's base is brimming with angry, hateful, hypocritical, and backwards idiots.
  13. I'm not going to comment on the general media tactic but let's not sit here and act like these guys' opinions are so radical and contrary to the general Republican attitude. If MSNBC went to a local trailer park for comment, I'd be with you but these guys are elected officials who represent the part no matter how small their constituents are. And they might have said what they did crassly but I think that's how a lot of Alabama Republicans feel. Even Mitch McConnell and Trump are saying he needs to step down if these accusations are true knowing **** well there's no way to definitively prove nearly forty year old claims. They're emphasizing that bit of doubt because it allows them to support Moore. Dismissing these opinions as the opinions of a few idiots is seriously underestimating how prevalent the opinions are. I don't know about you but I look at Breitbart as a fair representation of the Republican id nowadays. They have an inordinate amount of influence over the current right wing. And look what they're saying, "It's fake news and even if it were real, it's not a big deal." Steve Bannon is hitting those same points and he is much more in tune with the Republican base than Mitch McConnell. Let's be real, Alabama is probably going to vote for a child predator over the guy who prosecuted the Birmingham church bombings.
  14. From the article It probably wouldn't have come to light if he weren't running for a national office but the women talk about how they've wanted to come forward with this for a while now. I also think the women decided to speak now because of the climate around sexual improprieties. One of them even said she's a Trump voter so I don't think this is a Democratic hit piece.
  15. Did he predict Democrats almost taking the majority in the Virginia House of Delegates?