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  1. Melania pushed the birther thing. Tiffany's the one I root for. She's the one who's stayed away from all this nonsense.
  2. I don't know why this surprises anyone. Trump may have publicly disparaged him and Bannon may just think Trump is a useful idiot but Bannon is a true believer in the ethno nationalism these guys are pushing for. All of his work with pre and during Breitbart were all based on that and I get the sense that he wants the Trump presidency to last as long as possible. That's why I was hopeful but his falling out with the Mercers would really be the end of him. He is a legitimate threat. He, Stephen Miller, and Jeff Sessions are the guys who I suspect are purely in this for ideological reasons and not any personal gain. It's also why I don't think either of those three were instrumental in getting Russian help. Once that bomb drops the most any of them will be guilty of is trying to hide it after they found out. If Trump being in power means **** will get done, I fully expect them to try to keep him in power for as long as possible.
  3. Kinda fishy to me that Vicious disappeared though.
  4. Link? I've defended the ACA but only in comparison to the old system. And if you don't think it's better than the old system, then yes you are an idiot. Heck even many of the idiots came around, hence why there was so much opposition to repealing it and it's steadily gone up in popularity with the poor, ignorant Republicans who benefit most from it.
  5. I don't give a **** about liberal or conservative. I just look at facts. And none of the facts pointed to Rich leaking emails or Hillary ordering his murder as a result. The fact that you went to "conservative sources" is proof in that the story was nonsense from the get go.
  6. More like don't try to reason with this person, they're willfully ignorant And honestly, the willful ignorance to the crap Trump and Republicans have been doing are probably why the person on this board who cut you off did. Better to not have someone who gaslights and acts oblivious in your circle. Good on them.
  7. You guys see why I say it's futile to argue with trumpanzees? Marla has been shown numerous examples from multiple sources which show that Gorka is a white nationalist/Nazi sympathizer. Yet she calls out this source, which includes links to primary sources and acts like it's not reputable. Keep in mind this is the same person who ran with the Seth Rich conspiracy based on some circularly cited alt right sources. Why even bother yourself by trying to reason with people like this?
  8. Off-work today so I have time to argue. I'm late but Trump's ****hole comment is pretty telling to me in that he said he didn't want the people from these countries. I am originally from a developing nation which has it's fair share of governance problems. I came here as a child and managed to get a degree from the top school in the state and have a good job now. I'd question anyone who agrees with what Trump said to tell me what my country's ****** government has to do with my ability to be a productive member of society. The ****hole comment was problematic not because he used the term but because he's denigrating entire groups of people over something they have no control over. Dude's a fat, racist dumbass and I'm not going to humor people who gaslight me by claiming otherwise. He was an idiot con-man before he became president and with the progression in age, he's just managed to add senility to it. I'm just counting down to the Democrat wave in the midterms or the Mueller indictment so this clown can be impeached our at least held accountable for his garbage actions. Playing this stupid argument games with Trump apologists isn't entertaining anymore.
  9. Sorry man, hope you handle it better than my dad did when my hamster died. He chuckled and said, "Wow if you're this sad over a hamster imagine how sad you'll be when me and your mom go." Very uplifting message for a 10 year old.
  10. Looks like Jim Harbaugh and Patton Oswalt's lovechild.
  11. I don't know man, impeachment isn't up to the people and it isn't really a legal process. It's all politics. So if enough high-level Republicans throw out and buy this Mueller is compromised/unfair nonsense, it's entirely possible it won't happen.
  12. I was thinking about this earlier and this goes back to the discussion we were having yesterday about the Democratic party moving right. The Democratic party as it stands now is not progressive or economically left. But they're more left than the Republican party. Progress is gradual and unfortunately right now #TheResistance does not have the political clout to make America into a Democratic Socialist utopia. The Democratic Party is the best proxy to use in the meantime. Calling out these centrist politicians and is counterproductive because it discourages people from voting for them because they aren't doing everything Progressives want them to. They're safe and boring but they're all we have right now and we need to work with them. Eventually when the Overton Window moves further left, we'll be able to put more Progressives in office. These guys are just the start.
  13. It's rude to ask a question before you answer mine. So I'm going to ignore that momentary lapse in etiquette and go to the issue at hand. I was asking about the frogs because you tout InfoWars as a valid source but they pushed that conspiracy theory and it's never been proven or corroborated. If you can explain the gay frogs for me, I'll take InfoWars and all of your other sources more seriously. I just want to address a root issue before we continue in dialogue. Thanks champ.
  14. You never explained to me how the water makes frogs gay btw
  15. I wouldn't make that statement so boldly only a quarter of the way through his term but I'm more humble than most.