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  1. So I'll admit I kinda tuned out the Falcons after last season and have barely paid attention to anything this offseason. But I was reading up on Arthur Smith and holy **** he's only 3 years older than Matt Ryan. Idk what he's gone through in life but that's crazy. Dude looks like a zombie. The contrast between him and Fontenot is so interesting. Fontenot looks like the type of guy who measures out length of his pant leg to make sure it's exactly half an inch off his shoe.
  2. Yeah, we'll see how this season turns out for him.
  3. I doubt it. I like Ridley but I don't think he's seen as a game changer around the league. It might be because he doesn't have prototypical size or speed so he doesn't attract as much attention. Guys like Metcalf will get a Julio-esque contract when they're up. Ridley will be in the tier just below that.
  4. If Fontenot manages to get a first for a 32 year old Julio who just came off an injury-plagued season and has actively made it clear he isn't coming back to Atlanta, he's earned a decent chunk of his paycheck for the year. Love Julio but that contract makes this a win for us
  5. Arthur Blank didn’t help with all that “Falcons for life” stuff.
  6. Love what Julio's done for this team and wish him the absolute best but I'm good with moving past a 32 year old receiver who spent a good portion of last season injured. Add in the fact that we're in cap **** and to me it's a no brainer. Sucks this got out because it hurts our leverage and people are gonna be butthurt at Julio but it's probably best for all involved.
  7. There might be a lag in the data but according to Google's covid tracker the state of Georgia had 448 Covid cases yesterday and one death. It's really remarkable to see what the Biden Administration has managed to do in such a short amount of time.
  8. Friday will mark two weeks since I got my second jab and I don't intend to stop wearing masks anytime soon. All my friends and family are vaccinated so if I'm hanging with them I'll probably go without but it's a necessity for any trips to semi crowded places. I don't even get why so many idiots are radically anti-mask. It's a minor inconvenience at most and it's so beneficial. Even after Covid is gone I might continue to wear asks in the winter or when I'm sick and go out. My college had a lot of Asian international students and people used to look at them funny for wearing masks but now
  9. I do actually think that makes it better. A singular Malcolm X poster though gives off real strong "I would have voted for a Obama a 3rd time" vibes.
  10. Same. Covid was my #1 issue going into the election and he's knocked that out of the park. I got my 2nd vaccine last week and as I was walking out of Mercedes-Benz I couldn't help but appreciate how smooth and orderly the whole process was while simultaneously think of how many people died needlessly because of incompetence. I'm not even embarrassed to admit that I'm going to celebrate when Trump dies. The world will be a much better place without him.
  11. Hmm white guy with black civil rights leader paraphernalia always comes off as too tryhard. But since you're about that life and (I assume) don't have white boy dreadlocks, I think you're good.
  12. That sounds about right. I think part of the reason he got away with so much that he did is because of his charisma. He spoke at my school back when he was CEO of Dekalb and he came off as very charismatic. A couple of the kids in the class were slouching and goofing off and I remember he got them to sit up and pay attention in that tough but loving TV principal kind of way.
  13. I meant to tag you and ask about this nupe on nupe violence but forgot lol. But I'd like to think that too. Best case scenario, he grifts his way to the nomination and basically flips back to being a Dem so Stacey walks away with it. But judging by what I saw in DeKalb, Jones is as unscrupulous and crooked as they come so I wouldn't be surprised if keeps up the act in the event he wins so he can keep raking in the dollars.
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