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  1. Republicans cycle between Candace Owens, Diamond, and Silk whenever there's anything anything related to black people they have to attend to which they don't feel like actually attending to. Being a well-spoken minority who is ready and willing to denigrate your group is the easiest grift in American politics right now. Republicans are clamoring to give you money for that ****. If I had fewer scruples, I'd be right next to Candace Owens raking in the dollars. That woman is no more articulate than anyone in my friend group but because she's willing to loudly and proudly debase her race, she's a millionaire. It's actually insane when you think about it.
  2. I'm a black millennial and I have a friend who before Trump identified as a Republican and still identifies himself as a conservative even now. He's all about bootstrappy, low taxes, keep the government out of my business libertarian ideals. I have serious disagreements with him on many issues but I'd never call him an uncle Tom or say he's a sellout. The black Republicans and conservatives like Candace Owens however 100% are IMO. For one, they seem to only speak on issues of race and that's why Republicans love them. They validate all of the mildly racist views these people have and because there's a black face on it, they can parade them around. That's why Candace Owens, someone who claims black on black crime is the real issue but has never done so much as a book drive in a black community, is testifying at a Congressional hearing with scholars and community leaders. She's not an Auntie Tom because she's conservative. She's an auntie Tom because her entire schtick is ****ting on black people and minimizing the problems they face so Republicans can keep funding her.
  3. Yeah I have to disagree with that. I'm Christian but I fall into neither category. I believe that we're supposed to be stewards of the Earth and a big part of that means taking good enough care of it to be able to leave it in good shape for future generations. But I realize my views fall outside of what people typically hear from the most vocal set of white Christians in this country.
  4. I don't see how being concerned about climate change making the Earth unlivable goes against any Christian principle. Human beings do not have the power to physically destroy the Earth but we can make it so inhospitable to life that a lot of people die and that's exactly what we're doing now. I don't even know why that perspective was brought up. I'd wager that Christians who say believing in and trying to mitigate climate change goes against Christian principles are the same ones who believe interracial marriage go against principles. Just a bunch of people who have preconceived beliefs they try to justify with scripture.
  5. So I've largely tuned politics out the past few weeks for my own mental health and because I feel like a lot of what's been going on lately is a waste of time. But I heard the Lewandoski hearing yesterday was a ****show just like a lot of the other hearings Democrats have been doing have been. I just came across this article that sums up so much my frustrations with Democrats pretty well.
  6. I was wondering why there was all this soccer talk on my timeline from the guys at 92.9. D Led is an idiot but I kinda agree with him that people are trying really hard to make Atlanta United and the MLS a thing. If the MLS were on the level of the Premier League or even La Liga, I'd be much more excited about United winning so much. It's cool that we have a good professional team but saying United's win broke the Atlanta championship drought is a stretch. A Falcons championship means we have the best football team in the world. Same for the Braves with baseball and the Hawks with basketball. Can't say the same for MLS. And since I'm on the subject, a lot of what MLS does is asinine IMO. The league is Major League Soccer. Why would you then call the teams "football clubs"? Why is there a team, Real Salt Lake, whose name includes the Spanish word for "royal"? Why do they insist on signing washed up European superstars? It just makes your league look lesser. They just copy a bunch of stuff from European soccer without any real thought in hopes that it sticks.
  7. No one is celebrating that Johnny Isakson has Parkinson's. People are rightly pissed that instead of being excited about the prospect of a Democrat picking up his seat so that they advance their agenda, Democrats are crestfallen that a guy they like who's done everything in his power to stop them from accomplishing anything won't be around anymore to throw a ******* BBQ.
  8. I feel like your assumes a textbook application of democracy. In an ideal world, a voter would be given unbiased true information, have easy voting access, and be able to have their vote count. But given that asymmetric information, gerrymandering, and voter suppression are a thing, that turns that assumption on its head. But if we ever get to that level, then fine. Let's ride out the consequences of our actions. Until then, I'm a big fan of doing whatever you can outside of outright violence to make sure your interests and voice are at the table. I feel like that's how this country ran for a long time but we got away from that because of some of the aforementioned issues. I can't think of a time when the majority who people felt that they were being subjected to the whims of a wholly different ruling class. This isn't democracy and if our experiment has led to this, we need to rethink the whole thing. How can you do that when you have a propaganda arm that's telling people that these incompetent, foolish leader is the best thing since sliced bread? Or when people try to vote, the people who don't support the leader have to jump through hoops to vote? I guess I'll say that I don't think democracy is broken but there's a huge issue with how it's being implemented right now. That's people's frustrations.
  9. I feel like I had the same conversation with Trout after Trump got elected. America had to learn it's lesson he said. Well 3 years later, the people who emboldened him aren't learning and single thing. It's just like I expected, the people who wanted no parts of the guy are suffering the worst. And the billionaires and idiots who pushed him on us are, in most cases, completely protected from the worst consequences. I'll admit I appreciate the irony of every "Trump-voting farmer loses his farm because of tariffs story I come across. But then I remember that for every one of those stories, there's a kid in cage story, a "we just passed this global warming milestone 100 years ahead of target" story, and school shooting story to bring me back down to Earth. It takes a special type of privilege to treat people's real lives as some type of civics lesson on cause and effect, especially when those people actively worked against the cause.
  10. So you're saying I originally had an FHA loan and am just now getting a conventional one? Not that it matters, I'm just happy to be done with PMI. I'm just curious.
  11. Yup, my mortgage company is Quicken Loans. Might just be something they're doing.
  12. Which one of you guys works in real estate and lives in Arizona? I wanna say it's either @Sn4tteRBoxXeR or @Carter I remember we talked about my mortgage company taking off my PMI after making 2 years of payments a while back. I said all I had to do was get an appraisal that said that my house value had risen to 25% or more of my remaining mortgage. You said you'd never heard of such a thing and that it'd require my getting a whole new mortgage. Welp, just did the whole process about a month ago and lo and behold my PMI is gone. The loan is exactly the same, still have 28 years left at the original interest rate I signed up at. Wanted to go back and quote our original conversation but it was in the old thread so it disappeared. EDIT: Yeah it was @Optimus_Cr1m35
  13. But I just said door to door confiscations are a bad idea. This directly contradicts what you said above. So which is it?
  14. That's a ridiculous comparison. The ingredients to various illicit drugs are pretty **** easy to procure. Pablo Escobar ran an empire with cocaine he made in a freaking forest. A random person does not have the means to get the metal or machinery necessary to make a gun. And the black market may not stop the creation of something but it does make it much more expensive. After Australia banned assault rifles, the price of them rose into the tens of thousands on the black market. It's to the point where they're basically non-existent. If we did that here, It'd make it less likely to fall into the hands of some loser in his mom's basement who wants to impress his buddies on 8chan.