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  1. Eh let them gut it. Will make single payer that much more appealing when people see the consequences. I just feel bad for the people who'll suffer in the meantime.
  2. For those who are wondering, this isn't sarcastic. This is the thought process of a lot of people on the right.
  3. I know most people on these boards give you **** but I'll give you credit for seeing Trump for what he is. You don't buy into the cult of personality like a lot of other people who identify as conservative. I think that gives you the clarity to see that even if you like some of his policies, you can objectively see that he is a giant turd of a human being. In normal circumstances this wouldn't be worthy of praise but with what I've seen otherwise respectable people do to justify everything he does makes me think this is noteworthy. Kudos to you for that.
  4. I wasn't trying to make you cause friction with your family. I think he has my blocked so I decided to go with you. I didn't imagine something like this would actually cause personal issues for yall so I'll let it go. No harm no foul
  5. *letter writing intensifies*
  6. lol I think it's a fair question
  7. I feel like it's been pretty obvious for a while now that the NRA thrives by sowing discord. I thought it was just general selfishness and greed but with these new allegations coming to light it's entirely possible they were being unwittingly used to serve Russia's interests. Wonder how this makes people who support the NRA feel. Ask your brother for me.
  8. I'll also add that prior to her, Bernie Sanders was the only mainstream progressive voice out there. But he's like 78. Conservative media could treat him with kid gloves by dismissing his ideas as unrealistic and fringe and wait it out until he eventually passes. Now you have a 29 year old attractive young woman who will be in the public eye for a long time saying the exact same thing. They have to go at her super hard because she'll be here for a while and her message resonates with people. They have to find some means to smear her so that if/when she actually has some power to do something the wheels have been greased to turn people against her.
  9. Incels are out of control
  10. Between this and the tweet explaining that congressmen have the ability to pay interns I'm gonna need this woman to make me Mr. Ocasio-Cortez *swoons*
  11. The fact that the future of the Republican party are the likes of Charlie Kirk, Tomi Lahren, and Candace Owens should let them know that they're in deep ****. The only young people willing to put their names on the party are obvious grifters who are in it to troll and get money from old people who like that they're affirming their biases.
  12. Wow 4.5%. I can't even fathom that. I'm only 28 and current interest rates are the highest I've seen in my adult life. I was looking over some historical economic data and saw that interest rates were running around 10% at some time in the 80s. Blew my mind lol
  13. Yeah, that's been the prevailing wisdom for some time now. The tax cuts forestalled that but Trump took it all away with the tarriffs. I've been investing for about five years now and this is my first time not being in the market. Luckily interest rates have gone up so I'm getting 2% in an Ally savings account (vs the 0.02% I was getting at Wells Fargo) so I'm not too upset.
  14. I went heavy into cash in my individal brokerage account in November and that's one of the best decisions I've made. I was pissed at the time because i didn't get out at the highs but seeing where we are now, it was definitely a good decision. I expect things to get worse before they get better.
  15. This is interesting. The Florida race shocked me because every poll had Gillum up big before the election. His losses in the Hispanic community make a lot of sense given what they've dealt with in the socialist regimes of Latin America. That's something the Democratic contender in 2020 will have to deal with there. They can't embrace the Democratic Socialist name even if they're on board with the policy.