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  1. Would you say that to someone who took their kid to a sit-in or civil rights march back in the 60s? Those often got violent too.
  2. Not much difference. But even if the majority were terrorists, there was still a sizeable minority (I think around 10 people) who wouldn't have been, including that baby whose parents you blamed for bringing him/her to the protest. Have you no sympathy for them?
  3. Weren't you loling at Gaza protestors getting murdered and claiming they were mostly Hamas terrorists?
  4. I hear you to an extent. The FBI, CIA, and intelligence community are not "good guys". They have and are currently engaged in some shady practices which have hurt countless people both in this country and outside. But concerning this Trump situation, they most definitely are the better side. Yes, you can point to character flaws of individual actors like McCabe or Comey. But you're not going to tell me Comey's shortsightedness and smug principled actor act is comparable to the financial crimes and potential treason members of the Trump campaign have engaged in. I'll **** all over the FBI and CIA if you're talking about geopolitics and assassination but in this particular instance, I'm 100% on their side.
  5. "Jesus never charged a leper a co-pay": the rise of the religious left Finally something I can get down with. Focus on uplifting the poor and healing the sick irregardless of whether they "deserve" it or not. Also, this quote to me perfectly describes the modern white evangelical movement.
  6. Wasn't Nikolas Cruz expelled?
  7. I feel like the people who say having guards at the schools will stop all this haven't stepped in a school since the 1980s. I also think that's why most younger people think off-hand that that's a stupid, unworkable idea. We went to school after Columbine. We know how things are now. After Columbine, most schools started having armed resource officers on campus. Some also installed metal detectors. Even more implemented plastic and mesh bookbag policies. From 3rd grade (when Columbine happened) to college I didn't have a none-mesh book bag. These schools aren't what you remember. Security is tight. But if someone with an AR-15 comes in guns a-blazing against, at most, six resource officers armed with pistols they're probably going to get past them and do some damage. They'll probably do even more if they wait until the resource officer isn't at the door and are able to get in without anyone realizing. So yes you could beef up security at every school in the nation but the logistics and costs of that would make that untenable. I'm all for the discussion because I'd like this to stop but throwing that as the be-all end all without even considering banning certain guns is asinine.
  8. The bolded hit on exactly what I already said is gun enthusiasts main argument, "banning certain guns won't stop all school shootings so why ban any guns at all". That, to me, is no different than the sarcastic statement you made that armed guards don't stop all shootings so why even have them at all. Also you neglect to acknowledge that most schools have armed school resource officers. I'm not sure when you graduated high school but this has been a thing since I can remember and I began grade school in the mid-90s. In so many of these shootings that happen, you hear about how the resource officer engaged the subject, couldn't get to them in time, or (like in Parkland) ran away. This doesn't deter these people from shooting these places up anyway. The only way this solution is viable is if by either having more resource officers at every entrance of every school in America or arming them with AR-15s or something equally as powerful to put them on equal footing with what these shooters have. I'm all for putting more officers on guard, but acting like that's the only viable solution while ignoring anything at all that targets the caliber of guns available falls short of what's necessary.
  9. You realize this fallacious argument is actually what a lot of gun lovers use right? "We can't stop every mass shooting by banning certain guns so why even bother banning any guns?"
  10. I'd like to think that you know that people sarcastically throwing out "thoughts and prayers" actually have no issue with people praying for these communities. "Thoughts and prayers" is the platitude politicians and people comfortable with the status quo throw out every time stuff like this happens. Mocking it is our way of saying these people are all talk and no show when it comes to doing something to actually change this stuff.
  11. You ask me this question as if that's such a far fetched possibility. Let's assume for you a second that he is the person who told Papadopoulos about the emails. Do you think Papadopoulos was the only person in the Trump campaign who knew Russia had access to Hillary's emails? If he wasn't the one that received the emails straight from Russia, he obviously had to get the information from someone else in the campaign. Is it possible that from there, he went and blabbed to the Australian guy and the guy who told him eventually turned into an informant for the FBI. That's a lot more plausible of an explanation than the idea that a CIA plant told this specific guy because he someone knew this guy would tell a top-level diplomat and get an investigation started into collusion between the campaign and the Russian government. And at this point, are we past the point that the Trump campaign got the info from Russia and are mad that a CIA plant somehow got Papadopoulos to tell on them? I just want to know where we are in your head canon.
  12. An informant is entirely different from a plant. You know this.
  13. I'll be honest with you guys (since I love you all so much). I'm completely desensitized. I saw this on my Twitter feed and kept scrolling. I was hoping there wouldn't be any casualties but now I'm seeing that eight kids died. We'll see what comes out of this but I'm not optimistic. God bless those kids and those families.
  14. I like your perspective on this. You can appreciate how much they meant to you growing up but still recognize that they're not unquestionably masterpieces. There are people who treat it like blasphemy if you say Star Wars isn't that great. Also, I'm with you for the most part on the prequels but I actually really liked Episode III. The action in that was some of the best of that trilogy even some of the emotional stuff hit. Not necessarily the romantic stuff but rather the mentor-mentee relationship between Obi Wan and Anakin and seeing it fall apart. I think it may be the most underrated movie in the whole series. People usually just lump it in with the rest of the prequels as crap but it had its moments.