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  1. Mitch McConnell easily tops the list of people I wouldn't shed a tear for if they got Covid-19. I'd cough on that mother ****** myself if I could guarantee it.
  2. ****, sorry dude. Praying it's something mild.
  3. But wouldn't a Trump win be Trump 2.0 with all the baggage? And I feel like a Biden loss won't lead to some progressive renaissance like a lot of people think. For one, Bernie and Warren both lost in the primary. If their own party didn't want them as the nominee I don't think the takeaway would be that they deserve to be the standardbearer of the party. More than likely the consensus would be that Biden's policy positions were winners based on how well he polled against Trump early on (he's up head to head in basically every poll) but Biden himself wasn't ideal because of age, history, etc. They'd trot out the same positions with a new face aka Klobucher 2024.
  4. That's fair and we won't know which one of us is right until this actually happens. But I feel like at the end of the day politicians are politicians. They're gonna do what the people want. I remember after he won, everyone was talking about how we need to be cautiously optimistic because Ralph Northam is actually a centrist and the only reason he won was because the guy he ran again was a Trumpist. After that blackface scandal you'd think he was competing against Newsom for the most liberal governor in America.
  5. I assume by "they" you're talking about the Democratic establishment politicians. My thing is, they're all old af. Of course they're not gonna fight for big change because they're not gonna be here that long. After Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, etc who is the next generation of the Democratic establishment? Beto, Mayor Pete, Kamala etc? They all suck for various reasons but I feel like they also are more in tune with the base well enough to know that the people want some form of single payer, higher minimum wage, and more social safety nets. They're not oblivious to the pulse of the party. Even on the state level, Democratic led states are pushing a lot of the policies we all want. If Colorado can do all they did with a guy like Hickenlooper in office, I think we could do the same on a federal level. I can't wrap my mind around the idea that all of that progress would come to a grinding halt at the federal level because of Joe Biden. If M4A miraculously passes Congress (which is a far bigger hurdle than Biden IMO) and Biden vetoes it, do you really think there'd be no consequence for him?
  6. I know man and it ******* sucks. I wish that Bernie or Warren had won the nomination. This would be their time to share that vision with the country and it'd be that much more pertinent given everything that's going on. But it doesn't look like it's going to happen and you hit on a big part of it, the electorate. It's disheartening that these are the choices we have but at the end of the day it's what our fellow countrymen voted for. We have to do with that what we can.
  7. Trust me, I know Biden deserves a lot of the **** he gets and I can't repeat this enough but I do not support Biden. But pragmatically speaking between he and Trump he gives us the best option for that. Look at Cuomo in NY. After Cynthia Nixon's unsuccessful run, he dissolved that Democratic caucus who aligned with Republicans and Cuomo has pushed for more left-leaning policies even if he probably doesn't agree with them. He can't get by on being a Republican-lite anymore because the light has been shone on I just don't like this defeatist attitude that if Biden wins, the left is done and we'll be stuck with 4 more years of centrist compromises. The electorate drives the politicians. It's why Trump does everything he does. If the Democratic electorate supports a lot of these things, then it'll get done at least to some degree. Unless Biden is the first politician ever who completely ignores his party, at least some of the things we want done will be done under his presidency.
  8. I think the approval rating thing is over-stated. He's around 60% and president usually jump into the 80s and 90s during crises. Let's not be confused, people ******* hate this guy. We just have a rally to the flag situation going on. And I feel you, I was in the "Where's Biden" camp as well. But I think a lot of these Democratic politicians are playing by the old rules. You don't criticize a president during times of crisis. At the end of the day, we're all Americans and him doing well when we're dealing with some heavy **** is good for everyone. Even Bernie with as much messaging as he's done hasn't hit Trump nearly as hard as he could on how bad this response has been. The main people hitting Trump on this are the media.
  9. Idk if you're the one I had the debate with a while back but I completely agree with you. My issue is, given this, where do we go? The way I see it, at the least, we should be trying to get the current guy the **** out of here because this is a disaster. Then we can start working on these big structural changes. We went for the home run with Bernie and from the looks of it, it didn't work out. I'd rather come to terms with that and try to see what we can do with what we have now. EDIT: And yes I'm sure you've been told this same thing by the Democratic establishment for years. It's probably my youthful naivety that makes me think this is an actual path to victory. I'd much prefer learning this hard lesson myself than keeping on our current trajectory but I don't slight you if you already know.
  10. Wow, you completely invalidated the entire premise of my post because I misidentified which Twitter leftist nihilist account I hypothetically said you'd post.
  11. Ok , let's think this through. Would a Joe Biden presidency have begun with the immediate dissolution of the pandemic response team? Would President Joe Biden say he's not sending aid to Mississippi because the governor is mean to him? Would Joe Biden have lied about this disease for weeks and claimed everything was fine so the stock market wouldn't go down? I don't even like Biden but I've come to realize there are so many immediate, real things that the president has control over that I don't really give a **** who has the office as long as its not Trump. If you're in a place where that doesn't concern you, please do whatever you want. But don't try to come at me with your BS because I'm being pragmatic about what my choices are. Hop off my nuts and worry about yourself
  12. Between what Trump's been doing and what Biden is, the amount of posts about Trump vs. Biden should be like 80-20. Yet I'd say most posts I see when I check in here are about Biden. Which is fine, you have the right. I think what everyone talked about before the election has come to fruition. Trump is normalized. Sparring with a governor in the midst of a pandemic and saying he'll only give supplies to states who are nice to him is par for the course for Trump. So we'll have a few posts on it, complain about him, and post more tweets from that horse whisperer account dunking on Schumer.
  13. You hit on a lot of the reason I've been staying away from this thread these past few weeks. We have a literal sociopath bragging about ratings and getting into hissy fits with governors of affected states while thousands die and people are latching on to every single piece of negativity see on Pelosi, Biden, and Schumer whether its factual or not. There's some type of deranged Twitter leftist nihilist culture that a lot of people on these boards jerk off to. Got tired of seeing the same **** over and over from the same "edgy" Twitter accounts.
  14. Just got word that a college classmate of mine's mother is currently in the ICU with Covid-19. If that weren't bad enough, his niece died in some type of chemical fire that broke out after his family scrubbed the house down after the mom tested positive. My heart is broken for them and it makes this whole thing feel that much more real to me. I read an article in the Guardian this morning about how Trump bumbled the coronavirus response and misled the public and it makes me so angry to think that this guy actually has a chance to win re-election. When we get a chance to vote in the primaries, I'm voting for Bernie but I'd vote for a ******* corpse over Trump at this point. The incompetence and dysfunction is indescribable and I'll do everything in my power to prevent four more years of this.
  15. He has a stutter. A lot of times people with a stutter have awkward pauses which can sound like slurring. I just saw a video from 1988 today where he sounded about the same.