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  1. And even aside from that he made the ridiculous assertion that Democrats never hold their own to account when it comes to internal racial issues. Worse, it seemed to me that he was using that to excuse Republicans not holding their explicitly racist party members to account. It annoyed me because he was just repeating a common conservative talking point that liberals call everything racist to the point where the word doesn't mean anything anymore. In my experience these same conservatives use that argument to undermine arguments against subtly racist policies. I've heard that argument used in discussions on voter ID laws and tough on crime policies. Because it's not someone burning a cross or saying the N-word, they refuse to see the racist aspect of it and claim people are just throwing the word around.
  2. Hillary Clinton got shouted down by protestors during a speech for her "superpredators" comment.The 1994 crime bill was an albatross around her neck which led to a lot of black people not voting for her. Bernie Sanders, to this day, gets **** on because he didn't explicitly have any policies to help minority communities. So I have no idea where you got this notion that Democrats "never, ever, ever, ever, ever want to talk about their candidates and standard bearers having the same issues". But you see what you want to see so you'd never make note of this. Plus I doubt that you'd be exposed to the black intellectuals who make these arguments since they're mostly younger, more radical people.
  3. That's a ridiculous notion. People get in trouble all the time for things that happened before they were in their current position. Look at all the politicians and actors who got swept up in the #metoo movement. Kevin Spacey assaulted that guy before House of Cards was even a thought but he got fired anyway. And even aside from that, I think casually dropping the n word says something about your character. But see what I mean @achilles return if the tape wasn't recorded immediately before being made public, they will find some way to deflect from it or excuse it.
  4. I think this goes back to when people were screaming, "This isn't normal!!" and "Don't normalize his behavior!" after he first got elected. We've been through the ringer when it comes to scandals and embarrassments with this guy. He's gone through at least five major scandals which would have ended any other presidency and has come out unscathed because Republicans refuse to hold him accountable. So if there's an actual tape of him saying this N-word, it'll be just another on the long list of scandals he's done. If the tape didn't happen within 10 minutes of it dropping, Republicans will excuse it as being an older version of him and by saying that he's changed. His fans will trot out all the presidents throughout history who may or may not have said the word. I'm sure the fake Lyndon B. Johnson "I'll have ******s voting for Democrats for the next 50 years" quote will get more traction than ever before. Fox News will deflect, CNN will bloviate, and it'll be just another scandal we forget because three more minor ones will happen within two weeks of it. At this point, I'm over the notion of holding Trump accountable for anything at all before the new Congress is put into place next year. Being outraged at anything he does at this point affects nothing but your blood pressure. We were warned about this but it looks like at this point he's been normalized.
  5. Couldn't disagree more. Stephen Miller's uncle just wrote an op ed about his family's history and criticizing the policies Miller's championing. Would you say he's out of line because Trump's family separation plan and the travel ban were "politics" At some politics isn't some abstract concept of governance. It's actual policy which affects people's lives. If my father were a politician whose actions were directly harming people's lives, best believe I'd tell him about himself and publicly let my feelings be known. I'm not saying cut yourself off from your family because they believe in a flat tax but if my family were doing something which I felt was actively harming the nation and would taint my family name in the historical record, I wouldn't keep quiet about it.
  6. Just watched Omarosa's interview on The Today Show. I don't think she's said anything we didn't know (Trump is racist, Trump is losing his mental faculties, Gen. Kelly is running things on a day-to-day basis) so I think this whole media tour is a farce. With that said, she's insufferable and part of me hopes clandestinely recording the president is actually against the law. I wouldn't mind her going to jail for doing something so brazen. She knew who she was working for and signed up for it anyway now she's trying to fling dirt to save her reputation. It'd be the perfect irony if that did her in.
  7. I'm actually glad Fox News is covering this. WTF kinda judge is this? To the lawyers on the board, are judges regularly allowed to openly assume a prosecution's intent and bully prosecutors?
  8. Well for one, Christian Bale would need to get his eyes checked out. And two, how do you know that's what will happen? **** one of the big things I remember from the Bush presidency was white political cartoonists portraying Bush as a monkey because of his idiotic public persona. Were any of them crucified for it?
  9. Glad we agree.
  10. Context doesn't seem to matter to you huh. Trump's a baboon.
  11. So if a Democrat says he won't support abortions after 20 weeks, do you really think that'll sway voters who think abortion is literally murder? Would you even be swayed? Let's be honest with each other, there's no middle ground in this debate. Either you think it's murder or you don't. There is no way to moderate
  12. But then you have people like Conor Lamb. I didn't see any Democrats hand wringing that someone more anti-gun and pro-choice didn't win. They supported him. So obviously Democrats are open to the notion. And you talk like the national Democratic party chooses people and send them out to rural to fight for the right to govern them. People from communities run. If someone in middle GA felt strongly enough about Democratic economic policies to run under the Democrat banner and advocate moderate positions on guns and abortions, they have that right. What can the Democratic party do to stop them?
  13. Gotcha, so what's moderating in your definition? Dropping that down to 15? 10? I'm just trying to get a sense of where you think the middle ground is here. Because like I've said before, if you think life begins at conception (I'm assuming you do but correct me if I'm wrong), I don't see how you bridge that gap. If someone moderates to allow them only up one week, they'd still be killing a baby.
  14. How is late term defined? 20 weeks is 5 months into a pregnancy. I always thought late-term meant the 3rd trimester which is 25 weeks in. So they two don't seem to be opposed.
  15. I think you need to explain your definition of moderate. A few pages back, you claimed Doug Jones supported unfettered access to abortions and implied that he was some type of abortion extremist. Meanwhile this is what the man actually had to say on the issue. That, to me, is a pretty moderate position. I'm curious what you think is so extreme about that and where he needs to moderate?