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  1. That's a nice place and we had the grills out away from the hotel...they were nice. We weren't so rowdy that year... but we killed many a beer.
  2. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/when-does-2017-nfl-draft-start-time-how-to-watch-stream-tv-channel-mock-drafts/
  3. Screw that agent.... nothing gained by bringing this up now. STFU and deal with it after the SB.
  4. I'm going... I pulled the trigger yesterday... $2100 for upper corner... saw some an hour earlier for that price and went back to get one and they were all gone. it's tougher buying only 1, most want to sell in pairs only.
  5. Win the games...the media will jump on the wagon. beyond that... F 'em.
  6. Guys... we want Dallas to lose so the NFC Championship Game is in the Dome.
  7. Good Job Matty Ice.... turf monster can do that to you in those situations any time.
  8. I found the same deal.... somebody at nfl rewind needs to wake the heck up and do their job.
  9. LMAO... the Stains fans that didn't watch the game, and then see that..... then find out the TRUTH... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. We have a 50-50 chance of playing well, or screwing the pooch. Hopefully our Offense can put up more points than our Defense allows. Brilliant! don't ya think?
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