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  1. John Lynch is the GM correct? So that trade shouldn't rest solely in KS
  2. Maybe you misunderstood. I will spell it out, how many has he won
  3. Again, Sir where are you getting that from. Because I said North Ga folks? Do you understand that I am from Ga correct 🤔 and I am fully aware that North Ga is home to all races. So if I must clarify myslef for the ones that aren't understanding. Most N. Ga folks not all are DAWG Fans. So when I mention North Ga folks, I am eluding to those fans who were and there are some who are still upset with Justin Fields for leaving UGA. Thats for those people in the back🤗🤫
  4. Again, that's your take. All I said, "it would be easier to move him next season." You said what you and I said sure. Not understanding how that comes off as I am salty. I feel like I am talking to a child. But hey, I am here for it, if you need clarification.
  5. Never said it was and never said I was salty about anything its clear that the small minded individuals or those folks in the back would like to think that I am salty
  6. Not at all, it seems to me that the North Ga folks are hoping that Justin Fields doesn't come
  7. Dude get off Matt's sacks. Some you act as if he's the 2nd coming after the creator. Individual awards doesn't do anything for the team
  8. Just makes it easier to off load him next year
  9. HAMN, we finally agreed on something....😂🤣
  10. I know right....after posting it. I found some of the same stuff posted weeks ago.. Ive got to do better...
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