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  1. **** Wilson has had multiple shoulder injuries🙊🙉🙈
  2. Obviously nothing because there are some on this board who are taking his thoughts as gold
  3. Is this the same Chris Simms who didnt make it in the league. He's a clown
  4. I am so glad that someone other than I knew what really happen at UGA between Fields and Kirby. I do agree with the competition factor though but as you so politely put it. Fields having all the talent in every category would not have mattered at UGA, just ask Jacob Eason about that and he got injured and lost his job to Fromm and never saw the field again as a starter
  5. Naw, When the wool is pulled back than people tend lash
  6. You dont live in Georgia so you arent aware of the full story
  7. Typical Falcon Fans, this is why we are the laughing stock of the league 🤣
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