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  1. 'Cause I want you, and I need you...
  2. Sure, because with deep problems come the need to address deep and personal convictions which quickly become political. Politics flow from worldview, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs which are intensely emotional subjects but where the true answers lie. Good luck addressing these tragic plagues in our society without getting into intense debates. They are hard but nessisary.
  3. Post modern subjective relativism. There is no agreed Truth and grounding of morality. There is no source of good, no sense of local community, families falling apart, fatherless has run rampant. Social media and obsession with public self image has enslaved us. God have mercy on us.
  4. I think that is why many people get divorced though, they look to their marriage to make them happy and when it stops being easy they move on to another person looking for the thrill and potential fulfillment. The 'death do us part' is meant to be literal. The tough times and arguments are the best ways to grow and be confronted with your issues in a way that forces you to change. If you dip when the sledding gets rough then you will likely carry your stuff into the next marriage. Rinse repeat. May as well stick it out and let it shape you. Growth happens under pressure, not when you are gleeful and getting everything you want.
  5. Yolo. I appreciate him having the balls. He clearly has a vision and is committed to it. Our 2016 playoff run was the best D we’ve had in a long time and it was when he was playcalling. We almost won the whole thing when he was doing both jobs. Why not try it for a whole season? He’s putting it all on the line and I respect that. Next year is boom or bust.
  6. yea, might be good long term but no SB next year.
  7. Because I was born in Colombus GA.
  8. We're done.. No hope for next season either. The Ryan, JJ era is done. Rip.
  9. Nice effor Julio.. Way to go earn that paycheck! smh.
  10. Bring him home.
  11. This season has been a joke. Between the injuries, bad defense, crappy oline. Ugh. Gonna take a lot for me to get excited about this team again.
  12. Well.. it's not the result we were looking for but our brotherhood is strong and we're on to the next season.
  13. With this team, you never know. I could see this game going either way along with the rest of the games this year. We could beat anybody but also lose to anybody. I've got no pulse on the identity of this team.
  14. Welp. All glimmer of hope is gone now. The dreams I had of a playoff run were only dreams.