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  1. Yep! I don’t expect to win many games and am excited for the future of the team again. Thank you Mr. Blank!
  2. Let's go boys! My hope in the future of this organization has been restored!
  3. And if he's sick of losing on this team year after year he just might do that to be on the right team for the chance to get a ring before he retires.
  4. Been a Falcons fan for over 20 years. Ryan has by far been the best QB we’ve ever had, he’s tough as nails, level headed, has great character, loves the city, and leaves it all on the field. He’s had countless OC’s he’s had to adjust to and almost won us our first SB. I’ve got nothing but love for the guy. He deserves a SB with us or another team. I hope we trade him away because his window for wining a SB with us has closed. Which team/s that need a QB would be competitive if he were starting for them? I think Oakland could upgrade from Carr and be a playoff team overnight
  5. We’re 0-4 with a all this talent on the field. The wheels fell off.
  6. That's also the coaches job. If they aren't inspired the cut or trade them.
  7. Firing the entire staff including TD, Quinn and all the coaches is the right move. With Covid postponing games and no crowds in the stands combined with our atrocious 0-4 start it's the perfect time to tear it all down and rebuild. This season is a wash. The quicker we let Quinn go, the quicker we can start looking for his replacement. I'm fine with trading Ryan, Julio, or anybody else. Edit: Last time the Falcons went 0-4 was 1999. 😡
  8. This season is a MESS. Between COVID and our horrible start I'm completely fine with firing the entire coaching staff. Heck, we may not even have a full NFL season with games being postponed. It's the perfect time to scrap it all and rebuild.
  9. I love the all white away's. The more I look at them the more I like them. Helmets are GREAT!
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