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  1. Where is this cap space going to being created?
  2. When the Falcons lose....Does Matt Ryan Lose? The original argument is flawed and that was proven again today, Yes.....Yes...Finally.....I was the one that brought up Superbowls, I am proud to say that....the hypothetical you speak of was brought about by your implied belief Did you not state" Patriots D caused this many turnovers....Tom Brady didn't lead" ? But the result is the same, somehow with a "poor performance" from Brady they won Matt Ryan time and time again has showed you, that even when the defense comes to play, he AND HIS TEAM will find a way to lose, that is factual, that is reality, "quantifiable" or not, it has already happened, this includes the Dallas game does it not? As I recall a rebuttal was made, to this "fictional scenario" that is "not quantifiable". Why deliver a rebuttal if it was not based in truth or if it was "not quantifiable" to begin with? This narrative that keeps changing is puzzling to me...Wins>Losses, Superbowls>Stats, Matt Ryan<Tom Brady.....Still the same on my side
  3. On that list you speak of, how do you address it with no cap space?
  4. Speculation...Did you watch the Superbowl Matt Ryan played in? Or are you trying to forget it along with the rest of the groupies? Did you watch the NFC championship game? or is that speculation? I am not speculating, Matt Ryan is Matt Ryan, Brady is Brady, Fact is, Matt Ryan AND HIS TEAM would have found a way to lose that game you speak of How many turnovers did they cause in the Dallas game? Did they Win or Lose? Is that Speculation? Narrative is the same...Matt Ryan is not, never was, never will be Tom Brady, So its IMPOSSIBLE for him to do anything as good as Tom Brady By the way should we compare the performances of Matt Ryan vs Brady today? I thought Matt Ryan was the one in his prime?
  5. Both of your arguments are based off of individual performances are they not? So him losing in real games is not "quantifiable" because its a "team stat"? But you using his individual performance vs Tom Brady's to prove that he "might have won a game" is? If the Falcons lose, Does Matt Ryan lose? When you answer mine, you will answer yours....
  6. That was the sequence as it concerns me and you, Vandy brought in the QB rating, "individual stat", you double up with his first Superbowl performance as compared to Tom Brady...Who by the way won his game Then you both along with the groupies come back with this "Its a team stat" bologna If the Falcons lose, Does Matt Ryan Lose? Keep forgetting to break it down....I've already answered your question, inside the question, again I do not avoid
  7. Say again?...Who brought up Matt Ryan's Superbowl performance as compared to Tom brady? Doesnt matter what you label it, If the The Atlanta Falcons Lose, does Matt Ryan lose?
  8. I'm sorry I did skip past your false accusations, and this may be the root of your problem....maybe you jumped in past the point Vandys rebuttal to "Matt Ryan hasn't done anything as good a Tom Brady" was Matt Ryan's QB Rating Fast Forward, since winning is abnormal to Matt Ryan fans, 6 Championships to Zero, rebuttal, didn't assign credit, but if you believe the Franchise QB has little to do with 6 ships, no rebuttal needed You come in with.....Matt Ryan had a better performance in his first Superbowl compared to Tom Brady My rebuttal....still the same....still the same, not dodging but rendering the point irrelevant Who won.....Who loss....."Its a team stat"... So, what am I missing here, you bring up an individual performance, to prove what? and then come back and say its a team stat? We talked about your contradictory methods
  9. I'm giving you the point, for whatever reason you seem to be missing, I believe its intentional because you refuse to accept it from me, coming from anyone else you might be open but because its me, you cant be wrong, I get it The reason your belief is and will remain to be false, is because Tom Brady will always be in the Goat conversation, if he did not perform and he was Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady would be Terry Bradshaw, but there is a reason Tom Brady is in the Goat conversation Which is a misdirection you are using to get away from the fact that Matt Ryan, no matter what statistic you bring up, will never be in any conversation about Tom Brady....well.....wait a minute....that's false Clear and concise? Matt Ryan is not Tom Brady in any way form or fashion, I've said it before, but Ill keep saying it if you need me too Maybe I just don't understand where you are standing, because you are obviously not talking about Superbowls, so that's where I get ignorant, because there is nothing else that counts to me.....
  10. Wow....yea you even made me laugh with the second rebuttal, again you can put labels on everything I do.... At the end of the day....you can convince the groupies and whoever else as to this fiction you speak, but as for me and anybody else who knows what counts in football 6 Championships to Zero, You made your point, whatever it was, the reality?....... This is not a debate..... Ill give you and Matt Ryan the "almost won" trophy that you think exists for that one measly performance with the worst turnover in NFL history
  11. You jumped into an argument with out reading the point being made... If you indeed brought "facts" they were irrelevant
  12. I'm not dodging points, and I don't attempt to do anything, you can label it what you will, but I know my self Your points are irrelevant, You keep saying Win/Losses are a team stat But they keep calling Tom Brady the Goat, That would make one of those statements false You keep bringing up one performance. I Keep telling you that the performance ended in a loss. WHICH MAKES THE PERFORMANCE IRRELEVANT You can't win an Argument with a loss.....
  13. You are debating with me about one performance in a loss compared to Tom Brady and his 6 Wins I am reacting to what I am reading....its absolutely contradictory to promote what you are saying in this topic and debate Matt Ryan vs Tom Brady in another
  14. I didn't think I had to....Sorry, I get ahead of my self sometimes, I keep forgetting I have to break things down for you guys Matt Ryan performed better Than Tom Brady, In a Loss To Tom Brady Ill say it again.....Results Matt Ryan could have performed better in 10 Superbowls better than Tom Brady.....but Tom Brady would still have 6 championships...Matt Ryan would still have Zero, Take out the "would" because this is the reality, Im not talking fictional, you guys are, "What if Matt Ryan had this" Thats fictional What on Gods Green earth does one performance have to do with Zero Championships Ill say it again....since it seems to be me that is missing it, and misconstruing the objective of playing football Results......Results........Results....Results.....Results.....Results.....Results... If you are still not getting it.....There are only two results.....and those are the only two things that matter in football
  15. For you to promote ALL of the things in that particular post.....but post in a topic about Trading Matt Ryan....with pro Matt Ryan debate points..... Not..Contradictory?
  16. Ok, you win....Matt Ryan performed better than Tom Brady in a loss to Tom Brady....... Results......only thing that matters....
  17. I didn't realize I was debating against the same guy over Matt Ryan and Tom Brady I'm confused because you seem to be contradicting yourself
  18. That wasn't my point...The argument was TLaw is not playing tough games or I guess they believe he is in a weak conference..... My rebuttal....I don't care what you or anyone else says, NCAA Playoff football is high level competition, TLaw has shown up big on that stage Zach Wilson looked good vs Texas State.....He does look similar to Mahomes....but it was Texas State I hope BYU wins big enough to get into the playoffs, if he performs on the big stage, You can throw my argument against drafting him out....but right now I can't trust a big performance against Texas State
  19. How is that audition for the Falcons going? Yes I cry......I cry.....but I am crying for the future of the Franchise..... I don't know what you guys believe will happen in the next four years, cap strapped, aging stars, trying to rebuild the entire defense with no money and mid round draft picks, What you expect from that I don't know...but its not a Superbowl win I know that......
  20. My fault, Im a clown, I didn't know all of you would be reading WORST FUMBLE IN SUPERBOWL HISTORY True Story.....My momma saw the blitz coming
  21. Oh...Now I need to stay on topic...My original statement was Matt Ryan does nothing as good as Tom Brady I shouldn't have had to preface my comments, but you guys keeping finding statistics that don't count, only one thing counts, Championships You and the groupies rebuttal..."Superbowl Wins are a Team Stat", That would imply that you and the groupies believe, If Matt Ryan were on the Patriots in the same time period he would have won 6 Championships....If you need me to explain that conclusion before you say "Thats not what I said" I will That belief is false, Tom Brady was the leader of the Franchise for 6 Championship WINS, its not about credit.......Its about Matt Ryan vs Tom Brady, and Matt Ryan has shown me what he does in the big games....and Tom Brady has shown me what he does in the big games
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