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  1. Good....let him do those things as a director of scouting, or player personnel supervisor... Give the General Manager title to someone who wants to own that position, not lease out responsibilities so he doesn't drown when the ship sinks
  2. Lol, I wasn't speaking to his condition, but that was funny
  3. Defense, defense wasn't terrible, but it didn't match the offensive philosophy, the defense had no identity then it doesn't now
  4. So irrelevant to mediocre, now why hesitate when it seems there is another step to make?
  5. I haven't seen anyone with a response for this...
  6. Lol, it doesn't need credibility...its happening
  7. Go back and read.....oh....that's right..... You don't read....Well, I don't know what else to tell you Kiwi
  8. I've already given you the solution What part of the solution are you confused about?
  9. What are you waiting for? It's already happening, the answer is already happening. Why don't you respond to some of these posts that are saying the exact things I stated before?
  10. We were never going around, everything is still going my way
  11. I would dissect this... But I'm going to agree for a different reason I say keep him atleast until the end of the season.....It's going to be a really good thing to have the number one overall draft choice... And I'm being serious.....
  12. I can't answer your "periods" of mediocrity question, because his entire tenure has been mediocre to me.
  13. You do....2088 Kiwi, I'll save my I told you so for 2088...if not Ill give you another 5 year extension of consistency, and save it for 2093
  14. I know Im right, I knew I was right about BVG and Mike, I ran into several....just...like...you I know Im right now, but....just because I would love it, I hope they do it your way....I really do...2079 maybe If you didnt take me serious, we wouldnt have made it this far in this debate...why do you always try to go low? Oh yea thats right...Im high on the fence......must be a really really high fence
  15. Ill take one out of your book and say "Im not going to rehash" You know the answer.....You just refuse to accept it because its me telling you....
  16. I hope they do it your way Kiwi, So I can come back in 2075, If I am still alive, and tell you, I told you so.....
  17. There is no need to repeat what makes no sense Its not a circle because, nothing is going in your direction when it comes to evidence We have what YOU said we needed to be a great franchise...but yet.... It will be 50 years before we figure out your question about periods like the one we are in now, but obviously you are willing to wait....
  18. It wasn't opinion I gave you. TD has been here for a decade, If thats not "consistency", what is it,Fact This "consistency" consistently falls short...Fact If he doesnt have control of the team as Jeff suggest, Then move him into a miscellaneous position and get a real GM in here with a pure Coach.
  19. We have never gone in a circle, you were always going the way I wanted you to go
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