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  1. Good....let him do those things as a director of scouting, or player personnel supervisor... Give the General Manager title to someone who wants to own that position, not lease out responsibilities so he doesn't drown when the ship sinks
  2. Lol, I wasn't speaking to his condition, but that was funny
  3. Defense, defense wasn't terrible, but it didn't match the offensive philosophy, the defense had no identity then it doesn't now
  4. Yes......?
  5. So irrelevant to mediocre, now why hesitate when it seems there is another step to make?
  6. Anybody seen Peter Konz?
  7. I haven't seen anyone with a response for this...
  8. No
  9. Lol, it doesn't need credibility...its happening
  10. Go back and read.....oh....that's right..... You don't read....Well, I don't know what else to tell you Kiwi
  11. I've already given you the solution What part of the solution are you confused about?
  12. What are you waiting for? It's already happening, the answer is already happening. Why don't you respond to some of these posts that are saying the exact things I stated before?
  13. The answer is coming Kiwi....
  14. We were never going around, everything is still going my way
  15. Same ole kiwi...