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  1. Cominsky had an ankle injury. Even if on crutches or a scooter, still a better option than 44.
  2. Has anyone done a wellness check on Deadrin Senat?
  3. 44 and 98 on the same side. 2 x 0 still 0.
  4. Firing DQ does nothing for this season, but at some point you gotta think about saving the face of this franchise. This team is a complete joke. At least Miami is clear in their intentions.
  5. Nice job by Campbell on containment. Making a late push for least amount of heart on this team, though Vic is going to be extremely hard to beat.
  6. Didn't take too long for my Schaub over 0.5 INT prop to cash. Sigh.
  7. $32M dead money next year. He'll be here.
  8. Rams just scored on 3 consecutive plays in that drive.
  9. He has no heart. Doesn't want it.
  10. Vic doesn't want it. He is an athlete playing football. Not a football player.
  11. I would take the $6.5M saved along with the $6M lesson to not pay a RB again in a similar situation
  12. Need a major overhaul. Entire coaching staff, many players, and Dimitroff need to go by season's end. This season is toast regardless, but firing him now may help with player evaluations.
  13. Can only hope the new staff isn't that stupid.
  14. We are the only ones that stupid.
  15. Beyond fixing this year. Need a staff overhaul and numerous roster changes.