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  1. If Cox should, then Hag dam sure should !! Early second rd. draft pick,that shows up occassionaly.
  2. I agree in regards to the d-line, Gaz. Indications are verifying that we could have dominance through depth. In other words, if the back end holds up we gonna open a can of whoop-azz with a ball-hawking defense.
  3. Folks, we have a D-LINE !! Hail, we gotta-nuff to have TWO D-LINES !! We gonna rotate, then rotate some more; with no noticable drop-off. Da Beerman probably gonna get relagated from starter to rotation depth. Maybe even go back to special teams some. But he is too good not to make the team. Beirman ain't goin anywhere.
  4. As far as rb's go, I like Colman better and I believe Quizz would have been better as a combo rb, all things considered.
  5. And he will do that to us also. Traded a Hall of Famer away in his prime. Whoopie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hopefully, Folty will turn out to be a good starter and Freeman can b more of a power hittrer (naw, I like Freddie just the way he is)
  7. The bad taste still lingers in regards to trading away a catcher that was good for 30 to 40 homers and a decent chnce for more + a good average. With this in mind, was his defense really that bad that he couldn't be coached up?
  8. 20 years young.... that's terrible.
  9. I was being facicious because of the last #1 draft choice we made at lb; And I just happened to buy a customized Spoon jersey. From what I saw with Brooks' highlights, I really liked the way he tackles.
  10. I hope Reed will be consistent. If so, I believe everything else will work it's self out with the lb's. Reed is starter material and we really needed that. Now if he can just stay healthy.
  11. That's another thing - keeping Freaky I mean Freddi. He can't even make a line-up card. Gattis was clutch. But you are probably right about his deal. and thanks for your reply.
  12. There's about as much chance of that happening as you being Rick Flair. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!
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