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  1. And he will do that to us also. Traded a Hall of Famer away in his prime. Whoopie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 20 years young.... that's terrible.
  3. yeah, that wat I bee thinkin after I thunk it over. he grow tall.
  4. this thread getting brought back up is getting kinda queer.
  5. Blank aught to take half of that out of McKay's salary.
  6. What's on your mind?

  7. gazoo is okay with me, but I've heard of him doing this kind of thing before. just ask cappy.
  8. okay, I went back and looked longer. she kinda skips a beat and does switch back and forth if you look long enough
  9. counter clockwise and I've went back several times, still the same.
  10. Deangelo is worth millions,what you got?You can't say"JACK"!JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Meangelo is a distraction and does cause disention. All you blind huggers are only fooling yourselves and harming yourselves aslo. Unless you are rich. Players like Meangelo are destroying the game of football for regular people to ever be able to see a live game. DHall played hard, and stupid too. Not worth the price. Meangelo is the one who started the whole crap with his damands of give me 10 mil and an extension or I WILL SIT OUT AND NOT PLAY. Yeah, he really wanted to play for the Falcons, He is nothing but full of shizzit LOL at all the blind hugges that fall for that shizzit.
  12. 100% right on the money and 110% I agree. But there will still be the blind huggers, just like with Ookie. GO NEW FALCONS REGIME!
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