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  1. And he will do that to us also. Traded a Hall of Famer away in his prime. Whoopie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 20 years young.... that's terrible.
  3. Thanx very much. Not seeing this kind of break down like in previous t.c.s
  4. It's a good deal you guys put together in honor of Coach Smitty, but in his interview, he chose to brush it off.
  5. Thanks. I'm all for signing something to show support for Coach Smitty. Also signing something against MeAngelo. He had no business on our sideline to begin with. Besides, I do give 10% of my weekly salary to my church. If sales are like they have been for the last two holiday seasons, I will have to give myself a salary cut. I'm still grateful for it all though. It's much worse in other places.
  6. I'm barely able to keep my business going. So I will not be donating money to someone that makes millions of dollars a year.
  7. It was really good to meet you as well, Future Mrs. Mozzie. It was also cool to see the surprise on your face as the big moments went down.
  8. What's on your mind?

  9. bump till obama is defeated
  10. just as McCain says - he does it often.
  11. bump till obuma is defeated.
  12. Man, it's really going to suck when Obama enslaves you and your family. :laugh::laugh: Its really gonna suck when Obama hands out his new slave name and its "nobkowski" see my reply to headshot - you are another one.:cool:
  13. Man, it's really going to suck when Obama enslaves you and your family. You, sir, are just another one of the many simpletons. Completely side-stepping the content with a snide remark that would enrage the victim minded blacks.
  14. As long as it's not Obuma. He is clearly anti-white and anti-America. No one could go to the Wright church for 20 yrs. and have him as his spiritual advisor if he didn't agree with what Wright was spewing. It is so simple to see this that is just seems to go right by too many Americans. bump till Obuma is defeated.
  15. Bump for the defeat of Marxist Obama