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  1. The problem is, like the patriots game, our team got back in the game. We even took the lead back in this game.
  2. I usually only get to go to Falcons games once very two years. I With 12 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the jets had just scored to go up two possessions. Right after that, half of the stadium emptied. That is pathetic and I am embarrassed to call myself a Falcons Fan and be grouped with you guys. Our defense could have really used you on the final drive. I dont post ever and I realize that most of the true Falcons fans on this board would never do that. I am just frustrated. 12 Minutes. 2 Possessions.... leaving as if they have never seen the Falcons play in the 4th quarter. PATHETIC
  3. I managed to get Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Desmond Trufant, Stephen Nicholas, Thomas Decoud, & Sean Weatherspoon. (In that order) Near the end, I almost got Mike Smith's but he was only signing for small children. There was some handicapped people that he was posing with too... it was pretty cool. I got really lucky, but I had one of the white footballs. Everyone else was getting them to sign the schedules and the towels that were handed out. I don't think the players liked signing those.
  4. Heres what I remember. 1) Matt Bryant and Jeremy Shelly nailed all of their field goal. 2) A lot of roll outs and a lot of screen passes during drills. 3) Trufant and Alford played well but Roddy bobbled 2 balls 4) Concessions ran out of food in the 1st hour 5) Renfree locked up the 3rd QB spot. 6) Douglas was most impressive out their today. 7) Mike Smith stayed about 10-15 minutes longer then the players to sign autographs.
  5. According to ESPN, the best place is counterfitters from China! but for real...I just went to Burlington Coat Factory (Birmingham, AL) and they had tons of Falcons stuff...
  6. Listening to a station in Birmingham, one of the announcers asked why he had such low passing yardage numbers in high school. Apparently (he said) his team ran the triple option and he never passed a lot. wut? Is it time to bring the triple option to Atlanta lol?
  7. Meh wont lie. Started liking Falcons around the Falcons/Vikings Vick Overtime Run... yep Vick led me to become a fan of Falcons. Not ashamed to admit it.
  8. And then Colin Cowherd probably said something like that... "The 49ers are a better team... they are. [pause] The 49ers are a better team. Look at them head to head. The 49ers are a better team. [pause] Its not even close. [pause] The 49ers are a better team. [pause] They're just a better team [pause] they are"...... I friggin hate how Colin Cowherd can fill one minute of time with the same statement.
  9. I love the Falcons... and I love Matt Ryan and I like the motivation behind it... but that is the gayest thing I have ever seen in my life.
  10. Well coming from an individual that watched the game on TV, the fans at the stadium showed up. The radio station personalities here in Birmingham were even talking about how the fans were involved. You guys wouldn't shutup when we were on offense though lol.
  11. Too lazy to look it up? I wonder if that can give us an advantage.
  12. That the NFL is the most unpredictable sport in professional sports. As much as I love watching ESPN, Fox Sports, and the NFL Network... these guys honestly are nothing more then talking heads. Half of them are former athletes who can speak well, don't put any effort into their job and collect a pay check. That being said, I want to know who are you guys favorite TV personalities. Mine are Tony Dungy, Trent Dilfer, Teddy Bruschi, and Jon Gruden. They don't really focus on which teams are going to win but more so on individual match ups and who has the advantage and how it can help their t
  13. What makes it more impressive... Michigan's left tackle is probably a top 15 pick in the NFL draft...
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