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  1. I saw Chris Robinson ...Black Crowes ...at a Monday night football game , years back .I'm not sure how big a fan he is or not
  2. Does anyone have the link handy of the different pictures of lil' Grimes behind Drew brees....It was funny and wanted to show the wife.I did a search but couldn't find it ..Thanks
  3. My mom, little bro and myself moved to atlanta in 1973 when I was 10 years old. Like alot of 10 year olds back then (video games and the internet were not around) I was a huge NFL fan and being from a small town on the coast Of N.C. I was thrilled to live in a city with a REAL football team. MY first trip to ATL/FULCO. stadium really got me hooked. Monday mornings I couldn't wait to devour the newspapers sports section w/ all the recaps, highlights and tons of pictures (again, no internet, so that's where you got your coverage). I'm 46 now and I'm still a fan . I've feel like I've l
  4. ****...So much for flying under the radar....
  5. Dear God, Please find it in your heart to remove the stick from the arse of those who can't take a joke......Thy will be done...
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