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  1. I mean, yea. Osi has an agent, His agent is going to try to get the highest amount he can get. Even if you have a player who is willing to take a pay cut. That agent still wants to get paid more. It is just how it is.
  2. If he really wants to be a Falcon, I'll take it. There is nothing like a gifted athlete who has proven himself in the past. Really wanting to play for a team.
  3. I'll give my respect to him just because he is from Richmond, VA.
  4. I thought we were 11-1. I don't know about you.
  5. Except The Saints and the Trolls... The Trolls can suck a pacifier. Have a great and safe weekend!
  6. We won, and the Saints lost.... I could care less who wins at the moment. A good close game would be nice though.
  7. Wait, we can give up are wins after the game is over?? 8-8 is staring us in the face.
  8. Has everyone made sure they voted for Dominique Franks for the Pro Bowl?
  9. I don't know, after last week. We are destined for 8-8.
  10. That picture is unrealistic. I felt like Ray Edwards was sitting next to me. That's how far away from the play Ray Edwards.
  11. I'd rather lose a close game to a heated rival then in the playoffs or Superbowl.
  12. We should make a poll and find out. Maybe they practice, maybe the fill out the water, maybe they even play special teams. But that doesn't matter because some people apparently don't notice. Just because they don't show up on a stat sheet, that means they are invisible.
  13. Fudge, I was excited to see a new Matt Ryan beer commercial.
  14. I feel like he is doing this for attention, and apparently he is getting it.
  15. Does DeAngelo Hall think he can deduct these fines on his taxes? Like C'mon.
  16. If we still had Mularkey, this is when we would start to run the clock out, for the rest of the game.
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