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  1. I mean, yea. Osi has an agent, His agent is going to try to get the highest amount he can get. Even if you have a player who is willing to take a pay cut. That agent still wants to get paid more. It is just how it is.
  2. If he really wants to be a Falcon, I'll take it. There is nothing like a gifted athlete who has proven himself in the past. Really wanting to play for a team.
  3. I'll give my respect to him just because he is from Richmond, VA.
  4. I thought we were 11-1. I don't know about you.
  5. Except The Saints and the Trolls... The Trolls can suck a pacifier. Have a great and safe weekend!
  6. We won, and the Saints lost.... I could care less who wins at the moment. A good close game would be nice though.
  7. Wait, we can give up are wins after the game is over?? 8-8 is staring us in the face.
  8. Has everyone made sure they voted for Dominique Franks for the Pro Bowl?
  9. I don't know, after last week. We are destined for 8-8.
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