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  1. He sprained his left non-throwing shoulder.
  2. I knew Ryan would throw that hail mary and Julio or Roddy would come down with it but when he threw that sorry pass, I just fell back in my seat. I had a great time at the game and it was loud as heck.
  3. How about an offense that can score points in the playoffs? Ryan is holding this offense back.
  4. Coleman and Kerney would destroy Matty Ice cream.
  5. Pull for Vick if he s learned lessons By Terence Moore | Friday, February 8, 2008, 10:32 PM The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Terence Moore It s time to start cheering for Michael Vick again. This doesn t apply only to those who have ignored everything to hug the most polarizing force in the history of Atlanta sports, but to everybody. We re talking about everybody, ranging from those who thought Vick was a running back disguised as a quarterback to those who cringed over his involvement in the fighting and killing of dogs to those who never liked the guy, period. There is a condition associated with our request, and it is a reasonable one for the former Falcons icon-turned-prison inmate courtesy of his self-inflicted mess over those dogs: He has to realize he received three lifeboats in recent weeks despite repeatedly lying to the feds. First, after serving time in his native Virginia, Vick was transferred to Leavenworth, but not that Leavenworth. He s in a minimum-security environment with no prison bars, military-style dormitories and inmates resembling Jim Bakker more than Charles Manson. Second, he has the ability to slice up to a year from his 23-month sentence through the completion of a generous drug-rehabilitation program. Third, a judge ruled that he can keep most of the $20 million bonus money that the Falcons wanted to strip from his bank account for wearing No. 33765-183 these days instead of No. 7. So Vick can continue to sink by ignoring those lifeboats, or he can climb aboard and hope to sail toward continuing his NFL career someday. I just feel like Mike is sitting there in prison and stewing and feeling that there isn t another kid that will come out in this draft who possesses the ability that he has, said Jamal Anderson, the Falcons running back great, who occasionally has sent encouraging text messages to Vick. That s because Anderson still has emotional ties to the franchise despite six years of retirement and a successful post-playing career in entertainment. Added Anderson, You have an athlete in Mike who throws like Steve Young or John Elway, who runs like Barry Sanders, who is as fast as Deion Sanders and who is playing the quarterback position. I love it, because the pundits sit there and say, Oh, when he gets out of prison, he ll be 29 or 30. No, no, no. He ll be mad, and he s not going to be able to wait when he gets out, just to prove something. That, then, will be the most dangerous Michael Vick we ve ever seen. That s what I m hoping for. Hope is one thing. Results are another, which Vick must produce in positive ways from now through the aftermath of his prison release. Then he must do something that he should have done years ago along the way to celebrity, and that is, he must divorce himself from the posse. It s the posse that contributed to Vick s issues spanning from that dogfighting thing to that water-bottle thing, to most of those other silly Vick things. It s the posse that ultimately deserted Vick when the feds came knocking. It s the posse that Anderson has seen other prominent folks befriend since he grew up watching his father serve as a bodyguard for the likes of Muhammad Ali, Donna Summer, Sugar Ray Leonard, Diana Ross and Mike Tyson. It s also the posse that Anderson featured during his days of turning the Falcons into the Dirty Birds. Mike and them screwed up in a major way. There s no doubt about it, but sometimes it s like, OK, I m trying to help my friends generate some money, but all of that other stuff, gosh, just nip it in the bud, man, Anderson said. It s tough, and that s the sad part about being the major figure attached to some of these things. When you re the hero of the family and of the community, and when people grow up with you, it s like we ve all made it. We, particularly in the minority community, feel this great responsibility to take care of every one around us who always has looked up to us. You just have to monitor everybody around you, or they can bring you down. Somewhere, Vick is nodding with such a thought, or he should be.
  6. I wouldn't go that far. Brady proves that the difference between good and great rely heavily on the guys in front of you. Concerning your JH reference, even brady being knocked on his arsenal can throw farther than lil Joey.
  7. Nobody could ever say you're not dedicated. Anybody that holds out hope that Vick is coming back either cannot accept the fact that's he's not, or is just holding false hope to make themselves feel better. They also said the Giants couldn't win against NE.
  8. Do you honestly believe that King Arthur allowed some unproven guy to pick a HC?
  9. The Falcons hired a bunch of yes men. I'm all for giving these guys a chance but it obvious that these guys are hand picked so King Arthur and Prince Mckay can still call the shots. There is no way that Arthur would turn a franchise over to unproven guys that are getting their first shot at running a team. Arthur stated before that he's looking for a coach, not a king.
  10. You need to calm down. I read the article and believed it would be something that the board would be interested in reading. My opinion whether I agree or disagree doesn't have anything to do with this story.
  11. Wanted: Anyone who will coach the Atlanta Falcons by Geoff Oliphant (Contributor) 0 comments Filed Under: NFL, NFC South, Atlanta Falcons, Bobby Petrino A year ago it looked like the Atlanta Falcons were finally about to put the pieces together and become a championship team. Newly hired Head coach and offensive guru Bobby Petrino was going to turn Mike Vick into an actual quarterback. As we all know, things didn't quite work out to plan. Vick is in jail, and Petrino abandoned the horendous Falcons after just 13 games as Head Coach. After a forgettable season the Falcons are left looking in the mirror and realizing they have no offense, no defense, and most importantly... no coach. The real question is not who will be the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, but why would anyone take the job. It seems to me that the Falcons head coaching job seems more like coaching suicide then a good opportunity. their most recent coaches, Jim Mora jr. and Bobby Petrino can attest to this. Mora lasted for awhile in Atlanta but was prematurely fired because he couldn't win a meaningful game in the second half of the season. Petrino, as was mentioned before, was gone after 13 games. Mora was given some talent on his teams during his tenure in Atlanta, most importantly he had Mike Vick. Petrino had nothing, so, wisely he jumped on a bus and fled town. Next years Falcons don't seem to have anymore talent then they had this year. So, to sum it up, my advice to Jason Garret or any other candidates, do what Pete Carrol did and stay where you are at. Even an assistent coaching job is better than committing coaching suicide in Atlanta. The Falcons are heading nowhere and fast. The poor man that takes over that position will be either kicked out or flea town within two years. Maybe the Falcons should just concede all their games until Vick gets out of Jail and then try to rebuild from there. As ridiculous as it sounds it may be their best option.
  12. I wouldn't wish this job on any rookie Head Coach. I like Thomas but the headhunters would be out in force when we're losing games next season and with his age, the stress wouldn't be good for him. That's why the DB play zone so he won't get stressed out watching them get beat every week. Kidding.
  13. Did you see how explosive the Offense was in Philly with TO? TO is such a great WR that he makes a lot of O-Cords look great. No doubt. Romo ain't too bad either. I am still on the Singletary, Marty S. Bandwagon. But Garret is another guy who will likely get a lot of interviews for HC this offseason. I like all the guys you named. Arthur needs to just take his time and hire several guys that are hungry with a desire to be the best, not think they are the best.
  14. Did you see how explosive the Offense was in Philly with TO? TO is such a great WR that he makes a lot of O-Cords look great.
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