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  1. He clocked a 4.77 after dropping 20 lbs. from his playing weight. He was listed at 229 and dropped to 210 for his pro day. I am not going to write him off, but he appears to play faster than what he is because of his level of competition IMO.
  2. Yep and I think he had dropped weight down to 210 lbs. in order to run that 4.77.
  3. RB. Michael Carter. EDGE. Chris Rumph II. S. Jamar Johnson. LB. Jabril Cox. CB. Robert Rochell. CB. Tay Gowan. S. Hamsah Nasirildeen. DT. Daviyon Nixon. DT. Bobby Brown III. RB. Khalil Herbert. Bonus, RB. Kenneth Gainwell.
  4. Guys I like in the 4th. RB. Michael Carter, RB. Rhamondre Stevenson, RB. Khalil Herbert, RB. Kenneth Gainwell. Edge. Chris Rumph II. DT. Daviyon Nixon, DT. Bobby Brown III. LB. Jabril Cox, LB. Dylan Moses. CB. Tay Gowan, CB. Robert Rochell. S. Jamar Johnson, S. Hamsah Nasirildeen.
  5. I was really hoping for Dayo Odeyingbo in round 3, but I was nearly certain that he'd go in round 2.
  6. If we stay at #4, I believe it will be Pitts.
  7. I am one of many who have been banned/suspended for my political beliefs.
  8. I think Farley has the highest ceiling. He's got the measurables, the athleticism, and the ball skills. He just hasn't been playing the position for very long. If he is somehow there in round 2 because of the back surgery, I'd have a very difficult time passing on him. I am also very high on Stokes and Adebo as potential picks after round 1.
  9. I like his format. If I wasn't banned for life from Twitter, I'd tell him that Chase is a blue chip. lol
  10. If we stay at 4, as long as we take one of Chase, Pitts, Sewell, or Fields, I will be happy.
  11. Yep, he has a very high ceiling but also a very low floor. I wouldn't take him at #4.
  12. Chase, is the guy I have the most confidence in becoming a perennial Pro Bowler and/or All Pro in the NFL out of this draft. I think 3 to 5 years from now, he very well could be the best wide receiver in football.
  13. I'm all for BPA and I don't believe in making major reaches for prospects. If we come out of this draft without a good free safety prospect and edge rusher prospect, our defense could be even worse than it was last season though.
  14. I think we need a free safety with a lot of range and great instincts as much as a pass rusher.
  15. If we stay at 4, it would hard to pass on him as another piece and Julio's eventual replacement.
  16. As with the first one I did last week, I don't think it's realistic, but it's fun and I'd be ecstatic if we could somehow have a draft like this one. I made lots of trades with went BPA several times. 1-32. Trevon Moehrig. S. TCU. 2-35. Levi Onwuzurike. DT. Washington. 2-37. Jaelan Phillips, DE. Miami. 2-61. Terrace Marshall, Jr. WR. LSU. 2-64. Javonte Williams. RB. UNC. 3-69. Nick Bolton. LB. Missouri. 3-84. Davis Mills. QB. Stanford. 3-93. Quinn Meinerz. C. Wisconsin-Whitewater. 3-96. Paulson Adebo. CB. Stanford. 4-108. Trill Williams. CB. Syracuse. 5-148. Josh Palmer. WR. Tennessee. 5-149. Jamar Johnson. S. Indiana. 6-182. Josh Ball. OT. Marshall. 6-183. Janarius Robinson. DE. Florida State. 6-187. Semi Fehoko. WR. Stanford.
  17. I am very high on him. I think he's a first round caliber talent and I would absolutely draft him if he was there in the 3rd round. I believe he's going to go in the second round though, because of his upside and potential.
  18. I'm not sure how realistic it is and I traded down quite a bit, but I thought I would get in on all of the mock draft fun. 1-32: Trevon Moehrig. S. TCU. 2-35: Jaelan Phillips, DE. Miami FL. 2-41: Javonte Williams. RB. UNC. 2-64: Creed Humphrey. C. Oklahoma. 3-68: Davis Mills. QB. Stanford. 3-72: Elijah Moore. WR. Ole Miss. 3-86: Paulson Adebo. CB. Stanford. 3-89: Talanoa Hufanga. S. USC. 3-96: Dayo Odeyingbo. DE. Vanderbilt. 4-118: Robert Rochell. CB. Central Arkansas. 4-139: Adetokunbo Ogundeji. DT. Notre Dame. 4-142. Cade Johnson. WR. South Dakota State. 5-159. David Moore. G. Grambling. 5-173. Garret Wallow. LB. TCU.
  19. Easily, it was Jimmy Williams for me. I had strong connections with the coaches and program back then, so I got to see a lot more of Jimmy and other Hokies players than just about anyone besides the coaching staff. I really thought he was going to be a shutdown corner for us and I thought he would be a steal where we selected him. I was also quite possibly the biggest Vick homer around here. Even though Vick was a good player, he didn't reach the levels that I thought his athletic abilities suggested. He really was a generational type of athlete.
  20. Ideally, trade down for more picks, while still getting one of Wilson, Lance, or Fields.
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