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  1. https://theathletic.com/1760951/2020/04/21/savvy-jeff-ireland-has-transformed-the-saints-into-nfl-draft-kings/ Given our salary cap problems, we need someone who is very strong when it comes to the NFL draft. Fontenot is more of an NFL player talent evaluator, which won't do us much good, considering we'll have problems with signing NFL free agents because of our cap issues.
  2. I prefer Jeff Ireland over Fontenot. He has a reputation of being a great talent evaluator and he has previous GM experience.
  3. I think McGary was just a bad draft pick. I didn't think he had good enough feet to be a starting right tackle in the NFL, even on the right side.
  4. I just want the best evaluator of talent, who puts together the best scouts and talent evaluators around them, whomever that may be. Dodds, Hortiz, and Ireland are probably my favorite candidates, based on my very limited knowledge.
  5. I just want the best talent evaluator and the best person for the job.
  6. This organization needs to be rebuilt from the very top, all the way down. The coaching stinks and the scouting and talent evaluation is probably average at best.
  7. He's 23 and has upside and potential, especially under the tutelage of Ryan for a couple of seasons. He could be the heir apparent, or he could be a bust. I say go for it.
  8. I totally forgot about this thread. The replies are next level funny, especially the Kim Jong-un gif.
  9. My second attempt, with a trade down. I'd be pretty happy if this was our actual draft.
  10. My first attempt, with several trade downs.
  11. I traded #16 and #228 to the Patriots, so they could draft Jordan Love, in exchange for #23, #87, #98 and #172. 1-23. DT. Javon Kinlaw. 2-47. S. Antoine Winfield, Jr. 3-78. C. Tyler Biadasz. 3-87. CB. Troy Pride, Jr. 3-98. WR. Chase Claypool. 4-119. LB. Willie Gay, Jr. 4-143. QB. James Morgan. 5-172. DE. Alton Robinson.
  12. I expect us to go CB or LB, but I wouldn't be surprised if we went OL, DT or DE.
  13. That group doesn't inspire much confidence for me. I'm going to beat the Spencer Ware drum again, if he's healthy.
  14. He and TD have been trying to fix the defense for several seasons and have failed, so it's time to move on from both of them IMO.
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