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  1. My second attempt, with a trade down. I'd be pretty happy if this was our actual draft.
  2. My first attempt, with several trade downs.
  3. I traded #16 and #228 to the Patriots, so they could draft Jordan Love, in exchange for #23, #87, #98 and #172. 1-23. DT. Javon Kinlaw. 2-47. S. Antoine Winfield, Jr. 3-78. C. Tyler Biadasz. 3-87. CB. Troy Pride, Jr. 3-98. WR. Chase Claypool. 4-119. LB. Willie Gay, Jr. 4-143. QB. James Morgan. 5-172. DE. Alton Robinson.
  4. I expect us to go CB or LB, but I wouldn't be surprised if we went OL, DT or DE.
  5. That group doesn't inspire much confidence for me. I'm going to beat the Spencer Ware drum again, if he's healthy.
  6. He and TD have been trying to fix the defense for several seasons and have failed, so it's time to move on from both of them IMO.
  7. Josh McDaniels, but WTF do I know, since Dan Quinn was my top choice last time?
  8. Since this is the NFL and we don't have to worry about recruiting and since I think Quinn has lost the team, I'd go ahead and fire him. There is still enough time to salvage the season with another voice at the helm, though it's probably unlikely.
  9. I would have fired him after the 28-3 debacle. I think he's too soft, lacks a killer instinct and his defensive philosophy is outdated. The NFL is constantly evolving and to succeed long term, you've got to be able to keep evolving with the league and he has shown he can't do that. I also believe he's not getting the most out of the players on the roster.
  10. The 28-3 debacle was a major red flag for me when it comes to Quinn. I have been hoping he would learn and improve as a Head Coach and prove me wrong, but I don't think he's a very good Head Coach. On paper, this might be the most talented team we've ever had. It's a long season and I just have to hope we will become the team that I think we're capable of being. I do think Quinn is gone if we don't make the playoffs and possibly even fairly deep into the playoffs.
  11. Losing can be contagious, which is why I don't like, not trying to win games in the pre-season. It seems like we suck every pre-season and then the regular season starts and we have a very difficult time winning to start the season, because we've gotten used to losing. Guys can tell themselves the games don't matter and winning them doesn't matter, but I think losing can stick into your subconscious.
  12. Yeah, I just saw that one. It seems like I also saw another mock recently, with him going around that spot.
  13. If we move up, I hope it's to get Quinnen Williams. I've seen a couple mocks with him falling to around #8.
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