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  1. Asante really likes playing here. I had a convo with him a while back and he genuinely loves this city and the entire organization.
  2. He's definitely going to get his chances this year. Just think, you put him and SJ39 in the back field together. Either one can go in motion and line up as a wide receiver taking a person out of the box, while the other stays in. This season is going to be so much fun watching the matchup games we play with teams.
  3. Why don't you do it??? The reason is that would take way to long, and that wasn't the point of the video. I wanted to focus on what was shown. Thanks for watching, and thank you to everyone else who watched.
  4. They lost to Miami, Ariz, St. Louis and all of a sudden they are this unstoppable force in the NFL. I can't wait until this game so we can shut everybody up! I've got a great feeling and seeing/hearing the interviews from our boys, they are more focused than ever. The national media seems to forget that this isn't the Mularkey/Van Gorder Offense and defense that they keep comparing, and that right there will be the difference. Oh yea, and if i'm not mistaken, last year didn't we go to Seattle and beat up the same team/defense minus Russell Wilson? Rise UP!!!
  5. Some people need to get a sense of humor.....goodness!!! Decoud said on his twitter that it was fans that were giving it to him and Spoon the entire game, so after that interception they were just returning the favor. Remember it is a GAME!!!! Games are supposed to be fun!
  6. Its crazy to me how some of you "fans" on here talk about these players like you know them personally. You don't know what else this man is going through. What I do know is that Brent is def a team player. Ever think the reason he hasn't said anything because it hurts him to even think about football right now? This man has had the short end of the stick his entire career and now it's possibly over. There is more to life than football and if you listen to how his teammates talk about him especially the secondary, that will tell you what kind of man he is.
  7. That report is wrong man, i was in the section right next to him, and i was def. in the upper level. He feel into the Mezzanine level though
  8. unfortunately i was in sec. 312 2nd rown, and the fan feel from 311......we didn't know what was going on until maybe 15mins later all the Neon green shirts came from nowhere(never seen them before) and unfortunately i saw the mans face as he was facing up towards the ceiling. R.I.P. to that 20 yr old.
  9. The glasses and chain are actually Julio's. I've seen Julio with the same exact glasses and chain on before.
  10. Coy also needs another neck surgery , i heard him say this on 790thezone one day.
  11. It's funny to me how fast we forget. Chad is 3rd among active wide receivers with 10,000 + yards & 50 TD receptions........behind Randy Moss who has 153tds and Reggie Wayne with 73tds (look at their qbs). He's in front of Steve Smith, and Donald Driver.....so give the man some credit and forget about last year. https://twitter.com/#!/ochocinco/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Finstagr.am%2Fp%2FM9XJLbxEsT%2F
  12. That picture is at his house in Flowery Branch. That's the fountain in his front yard.
  13. it's a new show on Versus.....**** good show as well. Nice break down Kung-Pow...just like they did it on tv!
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