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  1. I'd love to see triple digits...I'm going to say 85yds and 1 TD.
  2. Would be a cool place to visit but I called Flowery Branch and they said it wasn't open to the public.
  3. I'll be remaining a STH. Not going to give them up because we had a bad year. No point in giving up now....
  4. Anyone ever been to heritage hall at Flowery Branch?
  5. I guess should have expected Panthers fans to come out of the woodwork. Been a while since I've seen one!
  6. Yep....get your head around and play the ball.....101
  7. Exactly....instead some on here find a way to slight two 19 tackle games. I don't care what the circumstance, that's impressive.
  8. I would say back to back 19 tackle games is a pretty big impact. Dude is all over a field, and doesn't miss the tackle when he gets there. That's about all I can ask for....big plays will come.
  9. I like what I've seen so far . Solid tackler.
  10. Loving what I've seen so far from Bartu. Hoping to see a lot more out of our young guys.
  11. I am fine with both of these guys....if for nothing else for depth. Do a little research before you question it. Who do you think would be available? They both will be serviceable. Can't speak too much for Dimarco, but I did like what I saw from John Connor...was kinda hoping we'd grab him.
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