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  1. Hahaha, I don't care either way, but all I hear is how the Falcons fans hate the Saints... and all the hate for Carolina stems from hate'n on Cam from college most the time. Either way... I can't wait for the game!
  2. I think the best part about it is that no one knows what Peppers WILL do, but everyone knows what he CAN do. The Panthers fans (such as myself) hope he shows up and plays for a new contract... no matter where it is. Because if he sits on his *** and collects money, that'll be the last paycheck he'll likely make in the NFL as a player. The other NFCS teams fans are hope'n that Peppers takes that "I don't even wanna be here. Why bother?" attitude, and just blow thru the season. Because that'll mean the Panthers won't be a factor if he doesn't play up to what he can and should. I personally see a
  3. HOLY ****!!!! I think I did it!!!! the Falcons fans are talking about their HISTORY!!!! HOORRAAAAYYY!!!! Now... was hat so hard?
  4. Ok, the Falcons have more appearances, and 3 wins. my bad. guess my numbers were off. Still... Falcons: 8 playoff showings, 1 SB appearance, and 4 playoff wins (42 years) Panthers: 4 playoff appearances, 1 SB appearance, and 6 playoff wins. (14 years) Anyway... good correction, but admit it... there's information out there about the Atlanta Falcons History... and no one has posted any of it except a Panthers fan. when Comparing History...there are 2 sides. No one else stepped up... I'm glad I got a response somehow tho. For awhile there I figure I killed the thread.
  5. I still don't see the answer to the question posed to you about the Falcons History... let me help you get started. (and for the record, I expect the homers to bash me on these, because they are true, but "in the past" tho, it's history.) OK... You had head Coach Jerry Glanville: Loved Elvis so much, he left him tickets at "Will Call" to each game Oh, something about a Quarterback named Mike Vick...? Yeah, that's a nice one... OH YEAH! not to mention his legal stuff, but, wasn't he one that quit on the team, and flipped off the fans to boot? On of your first coaches was a Career Punter. (Norm
  6. OK, we didn't give up the 59th, and we got a 4th for it too.... no AS bad as I thought now... but, hmmm...
  7. Yeah, I thought that too... and he fell to be available when we got that spot... and we trade away #1. I don't like that so much.
  8. Honestly... I think Pep is a good player when he applies himself. Pay him, put him elsewhere, and I bet he'll be the best pep he can be for a season or so. I'm not to thrilled about us being in this spot with Peppers, but, I don't think he'll be that much of a punk as to not play. But if he doesn't... then we deal. I mean, he's not even signed the paperwork yet. I don't think that Pep will be traded... but, that's just me. Personally I think his agent (friend) is doing this more than Peppers is. We'll see how it all turns out. But, over all we need "depth" at Oline, and something to sure up th
  9. Ah yes... cuz when I'm tailgate'n, I'm thinking "time to youtube video all the good stuff!" I'm am In Charlotte, and we start at 7 AM, even for an 8 PM game. The only thing "Bojangles" at our tailgates are Biscuits for the breakfast sandwiches, and then I personally never wear my Jake jersey to a game. Being it's a SB one. That's bad mojo. Music that has nothing to do with the mood of football? Maybe at the games, I can partially agree with you there. But, what are we supposed to listen to at the tailgates? The soundtrack to any given sunday? Lord knows that's spur on a tailgate party. But
  10. Thanks JK! I can't see it at work cuz it's on photobucket,... but, if I recall it's my kate one with Alverez in red letters?
  11. I'm a Panther fan. I'm not on here much anymore tho, being I'm working a lot more. (YAY) But, I'm around from time to time.
  12. Point 1: First off, I did say that, cuz I knew it was come'n... I can read the stats too ya know, and I know the fans here, so it was only a matter of time. I followed it up, tho you seemed to not see it, with a counter point that the stats don't always telling the truth. (Look at the Brees/Ryan comparison there man, and tell me which one you'd do with... yeah.. OK then) Point 2: You asked me to: "Explain to me how the Panthers are leaps and bounds better than they were in our first meeting?" I pointed explained... Your team is good, and has both a good passing and running game. But, that Pant
  13. at what point did I say not to use stats? You grouped me in with everyone else... so welcome to being a Falcons fan. Man... now I remember why I hardly show up here anymore. You can't back up any real football talk. Stats, players, games, strategies. Oh no.... ya just gotta say "you panthers fans use carologic." and leave without even stating your case. Why? because you have none. Ion... can you please educate these people you call fellow fans?
  14. ROFL!!! "You people"?? ****, Ion and I have used stats and smarts to debate many things in the past. I don't bash for using stats. But stats don't state all that is happening in the game. The Baby Blue faithful is 3-0 in your house.... even with the whole "Steve Smith being shut down" talk. and "Hall has owned you". You don't have Hall anymore, and Smitty isn't the only person on the Panthers that can score. So, take your Blinded Falcologic and regurgitate it once again so we can hear it for the bazilionith time.
  15. Does last week not say anything to you about the Panthers? They gave away that game and still won it. Doesn't matter how much better they've gotten since the last meeting in stats. They have gotten the team's heart and soul back. THAT is what is leading the Panthers at the moment. You haven't played a defense as consistent as the Panthers since the last meeting. Your team has a good running game, and a good passing game. If one if closed off, you could use the other to still make it a game. The Panthers Defense is good enough to stop them both. The Panthers have given up 4 rushing TD's and 7 p
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