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  1. This sucks no Europe trip this year until the coronavirus is contained. Now I need to figure something else out for our 10th anniversary. rather live though
  2. Lmfao bloomberg is George soros lmfao
  3. Back of a car If Jesus does return, I’m pretty sure he will be stopped at an airport im dying!!!
  4. Biden was yelling into the void. Ughh
  5. I feel Biden is yelling into the void
  6. This embassy question is stupid
  7. Pete just fd up right there with that jab at sanders for his social policies
  8. Someone please remove 4 of these people
  9. Lol @ those people Boeing Bernie hardcore. It is hilarious
  10. The answer is sub except for comedy Change my mind
  11. My goddaughter hasn’t looked up stop and frisk yet. I am disappointed. She says she wants to be a civil rights attorney. Imma have to make her read a lot mo.
  12. Republicans won’t, silly dems will
  13. Common joe broker with a yacht is concerned.
  14. Survivors bias is strong with this one
  15. Help! I want to get into this kind of thing, but I don’t really know where to start. What kind of bourbon should be where I start? Is there an etiquette? Any tips would be appreciated!
  16. The internet delivers. We are truly in the stupid timeline
  17. “I had to pay a mortgage per child, why should you not have to as well” says the Christian American while pulling up his bootstraps with American flags on them.
  18. Well guys, I read about the corona virus and now I am terrified. We are not well equipped to handle this at all... probably should go to the pharmacy and pick up some otc medicine just in case
  19. I assume there are some parallels but mostly a missed point.
  20. It’s because stupid people don’t know the difference between socialism and communism. It breaks their brains