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  1. these are some great “free thinkers”. Just the dumbest people in the dumbest timeline
  2. Why for you watch football… Diablo!!!! I still haven’t broken down and bought it yet.
  3. Just awful people… I guess they are going to find something to bomb
  4. El oh el, just gonna waste taxpayer money. Wish they could get some money for their grid…….
  5. Hahaha love that dog, though I’ve never met him irl. my dog just sleeps and looks at me like I am smol.
  6. Poor little buddy. I miss seeing his random silliness. I hope he is still farting on y’all though
  7. So tomorrow are we getting that cyber ninja was a deep state plant or what? I’m really curious how this is going to be the dems fault
  8. Lmfao trump apparently lost votes in the hand count. Onion can’t win
  9. They have to have had a Congressional orgy and Israel has pictures… it doesn’t make any gotdam sense
  10. Y’all I am in a crap mood. I want to pay an internal candidate a competitive rate… HR are trying to force me to pay him 30% less. I hate our talent group so much. They make me hate being a manager. If he was coming externally he could make the rate I want to pay him, but because it’s internal… there is a different band. BAH!!!
  11. Man, hope you are having fun with Diablo 2, but I assume you are suffering from the typical blizzard day one launch issues @Carter
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