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  1. SF sucks so much cant stand that city longer than 3 days
  2. Just amazing we focus on the important things in higher education
  3. It won’t be well i assume there will be tears and calls for war
  4. Good lord... dont mess with anyone rich. You will end up dead and no one will care
  5. Gafan and pg both of your ideas are better than what we have now. i haven’t cared which of you won... just stop the madness of this current system.
  6. How are people still wanting to vote for biden. Jesus Christ
  7. NC sucks. We get what we deserve
  8. Well talked to my wife about rolling CDs and she wants to wait to do them . I really want to cry. I just want to take our 1 year of savings and make a little money off it. sigh
  9. Oh god no, not Harris. Please no
  10. So top 2 Bernie vs Warren biden is nuts
  11. Jesus tap dancing Christ... we are just awful
  12. O nm they spent their final