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  1. Just reply with unicorns... what is so hard about that rule.
  2. Replace trump with Hilary and manafort with rice
  3. Good lord...
  4. Like confronting Iran, NK, and Venezuela?
  5. Jose is doing another loopty loop
  6. This will contribute to climate change!!
  7. Much Christian nation
  8. That's freedom! Just don't have a preexisting conditions. Pretty simple my dude. If you do have those conditions, you must have done something bad even if you are born with it.
  9. Sorry I skimmed too fast. Dem voter file. Oh snap!
  10. Stupid question, why is this wrong?
  11. ummmmm really?!
  12. I need to rewatch the episode. I was nervously watching the game (on box score) having a few flashbacks
  13. They are really investigating Hilary