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  1. I will probably disappoint president @Billy Oceanwith my voting this year. Pretty much a straight D ticket for the first time in my life of voting. Trump is so bad, lupe fiasco is going to vote... Lupe who didn’t even vote for obama. Good lord
  2. Little then adds some casual anti-Semitism to the conversation when he asks Kessler: “You’re not living with an Orthodox Jew are you?” Kessler explains that his parents watch “the American History Channel and its constant anti-German [anti-nazi] propaganda,” before saying that both of his parents are totally “cucked.” lmfao who is more cucked? The parent housing th racist or the racist who can’t live on their own?
  3. I wish they would post a picture of everyone. It is kinda cray dough
  4. The top is just a fun vid that I posted with no context. The rest is just my random musing that I didn’t feel like putting in another post
  5. I may be bipolar. i am either obsessive about working out or not at all. There is no in between.
  6. Time for a nap before I get my butt kicked in BJJ
  7. I haven’t read the article. I assume this impacted certain demographics more than others. Something something one off, something break a few eggs
  8. Wow.... just crap all over the 4th some more. Lmfao at you guys engaging this dude. Oh let’s start stopping random white people because they may be peddling OxyContin to kids. Hope your mom doesn’t have those pills in her purse and isn’t in the wrong part of town. FoH
  9. I just vomited Bud light is disgusting water
  10. This is pretty much me. I am not a fan of white condiments or sauces at all. White means mayo and mayo is disgusting. I refuse to cook something with mayo in the recipe.
  11. You shouldn’t trust 10 year old boys.
  12. See I’d have to explain why I’m supporting trump at the cookout. I’d probably not be invited anymore. 30 years later they’d still be talking crap about me and giving me side eye