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  1. I only lump people together that agree with taking rights from people or refuse to take in historical context. Plus I work and it’s hard to pile on when you got to look at packet logs
  2. @JDaveG how am I supposed to bridge when all I see is the same old tired arguments of old lead by the same fear targeted against people who America has had a hand in making miserable? How do I give anymore than I already have? I give history and context and still get nothing...
  3. All these arguments for what trump is doing is the exact same as what was done to justify Jim Crow and Slavery. some would be defending those atrocities because “we have laws and they must be followed”. It’s freaking BS and we should be ashamed.
  4. Interesting thread
  5. The sad thing is they are using the exact same arguments that justified some of the worst events in American history. The exact same horrible arguments that condoned slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow. I’d put trail of tears in there, but I haven’t put as much research into that monstrosity, but I assume there was justification of it at the time for them being criminal.
  6. Christian summer camp? possibly a wild vacation bible school
  7. I might throw a jeff Sessions is dead party. He is the wretched of the earth
  8. Still more, I just stopped
  9. Oregon trail on the apple 2e. Number munchers, that game where you are trying to explode the lines before they hit your base, also that game where you try to catch a guy falling from a helicopter in a haystack
  10. But it’s IPAs!!! well as long as you don’t like pilsners...
  11. You are like 4 years younger than me. Wait... he doesn’t like IPAs
  12. I think @Carteris my twin white brother separated at birth
  13. @RacistDog woof woof