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  1. Hope so too. They look like they are trending together again. Pretty sure we will see shenanigans tomorrow
  2. On a more boring note, I passively investing in a total stock market ETF (VTI), some cannabis ETFs (MJ, YOLO) and a alternative energy ETF (QCLN). I’ll be putting money in these for the long term (3-5 years). For a buy and hold on stocks I am looking at RBLX for March 10th and putting some money there.
  3. Wanted to start this thread for people playing around in the market and just a place to discuss their stonks. No advice just info. GME mooning today just broke Reddit it seems. WSB is probably going crazy right now.
  4. And it looks like Reddit was brought to its knees as well. Mah tendies!
  5. Y’all GME mooned and they had to stop trading on it! Up 50+ by EOD
  6. I just realized that I am a sunscreen Karen... I won’t put that ish on for nothing
  7. On that stock tip... I have no idea why CRSR had taken a hit with their last earnings report. They seemed very solid from it. FYI, RBLX is going to be available March 10. Doing a day 1 purchase and a later week purchase just in case the hype dies and a rapid decent happens.
  8. The more I get to know Joe, the more I can’t stand him
  9. Soooo $15 minimum wage or not? I want y’all to get dem Biden checks! Then legalize marijuana!
  10. There may be more to this story. Imma have to see more evidence and need his past dug up of how he stole something when he was 19.
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