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  1. Please don’t use the “his wife is X” argument Strom Thurmond
  2. Fade isn’t in the playbook
  3. See, this doesn’t bother people for some reason. I am cool if you lock of Hilary if she did anything wrong with her charity. Whatever she may have done, doesn’t excuse trump from this crap. If obama did this, people would have lost their minds
  4. Today was weird. I have been in an indifferent mood since about 10. Wtf, didn’t want to game or do anything
  5. @marla_mulder for your curiosity of why Haiti is in its current state. Good thread
  6. Tbf obama was called Hitler and a communist.
  7. Pro tip: don’t take the back roads of PA in a corolla in snow. Your gonna have a bad time.
  8. In other news
  9. You really want to be on the road with 1inch of snow in those areas? You are nuts. I’m working from home tomorrow to not have to deal with the BS
  10. Well this should be fun. Dems will be blamed.
  11. Did Nielsen say it like a damsel in distress from the south like Jeff Sessions?
  12. From my perspective it will be like the war on drugs. Color blind rules implemented with extreme prejudice. anecdote: I meet Hispanic women who doesn’t speak much English that clean our office. I always wave and say hi. Doesn’t bother me. If their kids come and takes jobs from my kids, I always look at why things are the way they are. Curiosity and deep diving into root cause and why things happen has helped me a lot.
  13. All I see out of Africa are a bunch of hard working people. Maybe I have met the wrong ones
  14. How will a merit system address the issue with how we have messed up the world? Yeah it wasn’t you or me, doesn’t make it right. My fear with merit will be it will merit in certain areas of the world more so than others. People do learn our language and thrive. My boy came from Mali and busted his tail and is a beast at what he does. There are pros and cons to any system.
  15. I don’t, and felt that way when I was a kid before the problem is what it is now. Because no one was going after the employers, nothing happened. Now we have people wanting (not you) who want to take kids/adults who know nothing of their country and send them back. We helped turn central and South America into what it is now by overthrowing governments and propping up dictators (hey I am repeating myself) then when they want to escape out of the hsit, nope! Sure we have a right to control our borders, a wall isn’t the answer though. I concur with GaFan on your last sentence. What makes you think it doesn’t benefit us?