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  1. He makes people who disagree with him upset. That is all he wants
  2. I actually skimmed your statement and thought you were talking about citizens.
  3. What? so how many red states vs blue states take more than they bring into the federal government?
  4. I have to say, well played if that was the point.
  5. so fire them... isn't Sessions going to tell us the leakers?
  6. Just let jeff sessions know that
  7. As other mentioned, the popular vote was right on in the national polls.
  8. Brownback screwed up Kansas' economy with pure conservative ideology. Conservatives, I do not believe your ideas are necessarily wrong. What my job has taught me is that there is more than one solution to a problem and there are no silver bullets. When people say the only way, I inheritly think they are wrong. I don't believe in ideology when it comes to my coding. Best practices are tools that I have in my tool belt to fit a problem space. Everything does not require a hammer and sometimes a hammer makes things worse. The metaphors man!!!
  9. I agree with them on the schedule part. I don't agree with them that it should remain illegal. Alcohol kills more people than marijuana, yet it is legal.
  10. Do you understand statistical analysis? Have you studied it? Or is it just part of liberal education? Like computer science (CS is an art at this point)
  11. Time to start firing gay people again.
  12. Strike one for bad formatting
  13. What policy? Nothing has been signed. I actually would like mueller to just finish his investigation and not hear anymore about it until it is over. The only real policy change is immigration and that is mostly through jeff sessions. You cut back on immigration, but there will be consequences to these changes. As I said earlier, deport newly coming in people, but leave the established ones alone. They are paying taxes and contributing. Look to get the reforms you need/want, you have to do things as early as you can while having a good approval rating. Nothing big is getting done, because congress is useless and trump may attack you when he feels like it. Regardless unless trump does something stupid, I am going to make bank. His tax cuts will help me. But I don't need help. I'd prefer my money to go to those "free loaders" as you will call them.
  14. Now everything positive is due to trump. I am going to ask you this. Is this trumps economy or not? I usually put the economy on the previous admin until 1 year in. Sooooo let me know if I should switch now or wait my year.
  15. When our employment numbers are better than they were with Obama then let me know. Also when policy is enacted and signed let me know as well. Your words mean nothing, your signed policy means everything.