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  1. @achilles return... you should be a full time network engineer and be making sloppy money
  2. I’m sorry @Mr. Hoopah!... you need to change your avatar to Mr. nimbus... it just fits so well with the short shorts
  3. So he’s trolling them in death. That’s beautiful
  4. I’m just trying to sell this wish call option for $500!!! Let me win gotdammit!!!!
  5. This is a great idea GQP. Would love to see some dog weddings
  6. Sooooooooooooo AoT was a bit much for a reference here
  7. Projection and irony... the GQP doesn’t understand any of those words
  8. Anything keeping me away from the 3000 series of nvidia cards can burn
  9. Really sounds like Jedi Academy... which is the pinnacle of sword play imo. I may check it out.
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