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  1. @Gritzblitz 2.0 my Bjj instructor had to get a job. This freaking sucks!!
  2. Mayonnaise based bbq should be thrown into the sun. I once thought I was about to have some banging *** bbq and that **** was white and I was livid
  3. Went back on Facebook to post something that I would speak to some CS students... I had to log off immediately. People trying to tell me why I have to like Kamala. They can **** all the way off. I could post a laundry list of reasons why I don’t like her or Biden ... I just let it go. Facebook immediately put me in a mood
  4. Booooo booo this man!
  5. Y’all be doing some questionable stuff 😶 @Carter would at least take me to dinner first though
  6. Only because the other side is a monster. If the other side actually had a platform that didn’t openly rile up open racist with dog whistles
  7. I hate it. We are ghouls and we lap it up. We are awful.
  8. This show is pretty amazing with how it goes from light to dark effortlessly... oh that was a heartwarming moment! Then Subaru turns around an everyone is murdered
  9. If you talked to her you would understand. She wants to be a civil rights lawyer. But she is in the program called jack and Jill where the black people with money send their children (at least in the city I’m in) to meet other private school black kids. They got to zoom with Kamala before she got the VP nod.
  10. Lol my 9yo god daughter got mad at me for not liking Kamala...
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