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  1. First day at my new job fam. Lots of opportunity to impact the entire company. I am trying my best to just listen and not give opinions for the foreseeable future. After I gather enough information though, I will slowly shift. Technology is easy. People and culture is extremely hard to change.
  2. You guys are so **** weird and just reject the fact that the clan moved to the Republican Party. I just don’t get it. Conserve means to keep things the same and remain unchanged. You also pick pretty specific crap to put your opinion in. Are you trying to troll or nah?
  3. Are we really going to repeat 2016 again? I’d like to try something different please
  4. I am reminded of a Hamilton the musical quote. “You you stand for nothing Burr, what will you fall for?” its why I can’t atand kamala. She stands for nothing. She is gonna fall for whatever. I smell a neoliberal think tank incoming
  5. Y’all gonna make me have to vote for Biden. Please please don’t guys. Please
  6. Good lord, this is why I like Billy Ocean so much, we want the same things.
  7. Oh I’ll vote for harris in the general, but I’ll be ****ed if I vote for her in the primary.
  8. You guys pick the dumbest hills to die on.
  9. I wonder if our resident magans would have anything to say about this
  10. Something that should be taken care of before a wall
  11. I’m fighting everyone for this R Kitchen food. Ioncare, I’ll fight yo mama and yo daddy!!! Bring it on!!! #Swanson also the food paired really well with green door IPA
  12. At R Kitchen in Charleston I’ll fight y’all after coming here to eat here again. I will whoop griz’s *** for this! (please don’t murder me griz, I love you)