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  1. *dog perks his ears up and howls*
  2. I feel the market is overvalued and this see saw game as of late has caused me to park some money in the money market until I find some fun stocks (fun money only, retirement is ride that ibtch out)
  3. Only because he saw it on fox and friends. Which tells you how much they talked about it prior. if you watch fox and friends, I’d like to know the amount of airtime this story gets. CNN are morons for running stormy danials crap and not talking about the real issues of this presidency (I only know this through you guys, I only watch CNN and Fox News on election nights)
  4. So it’s confirmed it’s wasn’t terrorism now. Well golly gee that’s a relief. this only brown people being terrorists mess has got to stop.
  5. I’m keeping this opinion here about the Austin bombings because it’s trump related. Trump posts on Twitter everything. His stream of care is put on twitter. How the heck did he not post until last night about this terrorist attacks? How the heck did he they not label this terrorism. WTF is wrong with the White House? Please trump supporters, explain it to me. Because I dang well know that if this guy is a Muslim, he is going to tweetstorm for days
  6. On Cambridge analytica vs obama. If you know you are giving information to a campaign vs taking an unrelated quiz and giving that information to a campaign. If Obama did what trump did then I will call him equally wrong. If you willingly give me your data after I tell you what I am that is a different story. regardless everyone should be leery of all these quizzes they are taking on Facebook and how many apps you expose your data to. Also if this pisses you off, just wait until your ISPs start selling your browsing history. You need a VPN
  7. @(((Billy Ocean)))
  8. our president is a moron. Only way it’s terrorism is if it’s done by brown people.
  9. I did, how can you be decomposing and alive. I learned something new today
  10. How is that even possible
  11. There were more?!
  12. @kicker bought 30 shares of VIIX. I am betting on volatility returning to the market. Am I like the crap player who is betting against the table?
  13. Good lord that English is terrible. Well he said something. Not in his usual form.
  14. This is insanity, no freaking tweets for idiot and chief. its a bad thing in the fact we know he doesn’t care unless it’s a Muslim or brown. It’s a good thing because he isn’t making it any worse by tweeting something stupid
  15. ................. need more ellipsis