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  1. This is another odd way of looking into Hilary. saudis been funding Isis and al qaeda, but your worried about hamas
  2. Lmfao
  3. Hilary is setting herself up for a sick burn by trump. Please go away
  4. How many Mondays do we keep having to have nothing happen before they start to think they are getting played?
  5. But what if the target is the trump administration?
  6. Ball honestly should have just said thank you and moved on. Now trump is gonna dog whistle later.
  7. Must be a dem! *check url oh.... nothingburger
  8. I like this guy. He is acting very Christ like imo.
  9. russia is trolling us hard!
  10. Ummmmm ummmmmm yeah guys, it’s getting worse
  11. Why does getting clinton absolve trump? I really don’t understand the logic? I am going to use that defense if I commit a crime. “Well that guy did it, so I am not guilty!”
  12. It’s happening Monday guys!!
  13. Ok... wtf navy
  14. You silly libs arguing over this act is helping daddy! jesus do people say stupid hsit like that?!
  15. Is this perjury trump supporters?