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  1. But your aim will goto zero with your gun.
  2. This is why republicans and dems are useless to the people
  3. I remember I used to argue with falcon bob. Fun times
  4. So... gulags or just launch into the sun?
  5. Gulags for all of them and nationalize the airline
  6. dad joke made me hehehe
  7. I think I had a beef with falcon dad or someone at some point. Then his wife joined to say he died. It was weird.
  8. In 3 years on May 3rd next month
  9. so... do you go to the stadium and risk the rona or die in yo house... good lord
  10. I’ll take that as a maybe
  11. So do we believe her or not? And if you criticized trump or Bret and not Biden, you’re a hypocrite