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  1. You wrong for that. I laughed dough
  2. I’d put citizens united and anything allowing the expansion of government citizen spy programs.
  3. Judicial activism == rulings I don’t like.
  4. But isn’t our gas subsidized. Would people be happy if it was not?
  5. They going to bring back Batman beyond from weekday after school in the 90s.
  6. Yemeni people are being slaughtered by the thousands and Palestinians are living in an apartheid state... but let’s worry about this silly topic.
  7. This sums up my view of the GOP right here. All they can have a conversation about is money, abortion, and guns. Nothing else. It’s pitiful. There is more to life than this. Literally deregulation of the environment to make more money. Will scream regulations are bad and won’t be able to name a single bad regulation.
  8. Ionknow if I want Elon with a gundam
  9. Offense got to put up 40+ every game to win
  10. Garbage defense is garbage
  11. Live in NC so I’m pretty my done with the GOP for a long time. I have no college football team, so I always root for the underdogs
  12. so is it wrong or not? and if you live in GA , will you be voting for kemp