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  1. I think he has been more determined to grow revenue than Taglibue was. Roger seems pretty money hungry which I'm sure is mandated by the owners. However, like you/others, I not sure if it matters about who the commissioner is as it relates to growth currently. They are on pace for $25billion+ in revenue by 2027 from $15B now. New TV contracts in 2022 are expected to be 50% higher. $1Billion+ streaming deal at some point, and not to mention sports gambling. A prolonged 2020 work stoppage may derail the plan, but probably too much $$ at stake for that to happen.
  2. Looked like a Falcons preseason game with Simms and the Oline stinking up the place and one teams no names bullying our no name guys. I'll tune in next time though to see if they are any better.
  3. Yep. The poster that follows Reed from team to team and only posts about Reed should be estatic. Hometownfan or whatever his name was. He can now root for Reed and the home team.
  4. This is what I expected all along and stated as such a few times. The waiver would quietly be granted and that would be it. You knew the NCAA/UGA weren't going to resist this waiver much regardless of the real reason he transferred. I wish the kid the best in life, but I don't have to root for him to have any "real" football success at OSU. I'm sure he will be fine though.
  5. The CBA expires after the 2020 season so the Salary cap as we know it may only apply to the next 2 seasons. The players are going to fight far an increase and will get a larger % I'm sure. How much? Who knows. New TV contracts are on the horizon too, and despite the changing TV dynamic, they aren't going to decrease.
  6. Run the ball and kick the FG. Who knew?
  7. Yeah nobody is running a sub 3 sec 40. It's not humanly possible from a stop. The world record 50m (actual event) is 5.5sec. The fastest Bolt has ever run the first 40m, in a 100m race, is 4.6sec. I've seen articles trying to extrapolate what he or other sprinters would run in the 40. It's not easy to do since Olympic tracks don't have a timing meter at 40yds. The best estimate is 4.2 and then subtract reaction time so barely sub 4 at best. Obviously he isn't a fast starter nor is he training for 40yds, but does have the benefit of a track and starter blocks. I know the current NCAA 60m champ ran an electronic 40 few yrs back and it was 4.12 I think. Sub 4 is pushing it for anybody.
  8. I watched like 3 plays and didn't even see anyone get tackled. Was there tacking this yr? Then I noticed the linemen just standing up and pushing each other like it was a QB kneel down so I changed it back to Golf. I get you don't want injuries and you don't need guys destroying each other like S. Taylor did that poor punter, but what I saw wasn't enjoyable. Just make it flag football, expand the skills competition, or something.
  9. It doesn't bother me any and besides 1 game they aren't a rival. I don't hate them, and honestly the new stadium doesn't have any history and mean much to me either. I don't necessarily root for the Patriots but like others stated, I appreciate being able to watch the greatest Coach and QB of all time do what they do. I say that roster is far less talented than a lot of teams in this league. It's just like watching Jordan in his prime. I am thankful for being able to see it. Same thing with Barry Bonds those yrs when he was doing unbelievable things despite the steroids. I appreciate being able to watch these all time greats through the years; Tiger, Serena, Jordan, Rice, Montana, Kobe,etc despite not liking some.
  10. Yeah, like you say they have the Greatest coach of all time and probably QB, so this is what you get. Overall talent roster wise? They are barely in the top half of the league imo if that. Most anybody that shows too much talent they dump before having to pay them. Just a testament to Belichek.
  11. Chiefs D is terrible and has been all year except for timely sacks gets them off the field. Is Jones out there?
  12. I know, but he went into a little funk at some point this year. Missed a # of EPs, and some FGs if I remember correctly (Ravens game?) He's been real good though since coming into the league. I think he had an iffy few weeks at some point this year though Solid there under pressure.
  13. What a game. I don't trust KCs FG kicker though
  14. Got to give him that one and since it's the Pats it will definitely stand
  15. It didn't touch the thumbs but looked like it depending on the angle. Shouldn't have overturned it though.
  16. I don't think he touched it either, but his thumb almost touches it, bicep nearly does if it didn't, I don't think you overturn it
  17. Somewhere in between the 1st one and being pissed and moving on. It's not a big deal to me and not nearly as big as 28-3 to me. I listen/watch very little sports talk shows now, since SB51 really, so I'm not going to hear about it. I don't know/hang out with Saints fans so no issue there. Thus it really isn't going to affect me any except reading this board. I'm certainly rooting for their opponents though as if it were the Falcons playing them, but if Saints win I will move on quickly.
  18. Hopefully Cox can come back. R. Douglas too but if I can only choose one...
  19. Yeah, I thought Sark definitely got better this season and the NFL experience will only help him back in College. He wasn't perfect but pretty good for the most part. He was still out of his league at times but the oline did him no favors. I think it's a good hire for them which doesn't please me.
  20. We will see, but I think it gets granted. Will be happy if I'm wrong though.
  21. The article isn't really talking about Patterson. It's about Fields and other lawyers saying why they think a waiver will be granted. I certainly don't think he should be eligible, and we all know the primary reason why he is transferring including the NCAA. I just don't see them having the "spine" to decline it. I will be surprised if Fields isn't eligible next season. Either UGA won't oppose the Waiver, the NCAA grants it regardless, or he wins it on appeal to the sub committee. Maybe myself and others are wrong. Hopefully I am, unless there is a lot more to the story that tarnishes UGA.