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  1. I was thinking the Rams were going to be the team NOT to pay the QB after his rookie deal. I've never bought in to Goff and I think McVay can plug a # of guys in there. Obviously, I thought wrong about them paying him and they must believe in him but... We will see. I don't think they are making the playoffs this year and not sure if mortgaging picks is the answer.
  2. They will run a little bootleg here to a wide open back or TE
  3. Well, I was go say we should probably onside kick the ball regardless because the D isn't stopping them, joking basically, but now we probably needed to.
  4. Even if we tie it here, who thinks this defense is going to stop them
  5. This is a joke. They need to leave Quinn in Arizona and let Seattle pick him up on their way back from Cleveland. Coaching is terrible and most of the players are garbage
  6. Probably not going to be our day today either.
  7. Yeah that's what the rulebook says. A catch is defined by 2 feet down inbounds or if any other body part other than hands come down in bounds. Madden just seemed to coin the 1 knee equals 2 feet saying.
  8. 1 knee equals 2 feet. That's a catch
  9. Ha. Typical week in GA sports
  10. Yeah and if you go and look at all those points per drive stats, and Time of possession of drive, yds, etc, for 2017, the mythical top 10 defense, they are in the bottom half of the league in all those. They kept big plays from happening but couldn't get off the field. Oh I didn't see the above posts from @vel @high impact and others saying this.
  11. Disgusting and FF is the biggest reason for this mess and for us losing this series.
  12. See y'all in April boys.
  13. F it. Should be out the inning and now the game and season may be over.
  14. I'll take Duval over Joyce right now plus it makes the defense better. Markakis is struggling the most of the 3 but I didn't expect Snitker to sit him.
  15. Yeah, I'm hoping Folty is dominant and we don't need Soroka so that he can go on Friday. But we need to win regardless so all hands on deck. If the middle of the lineup can come through I like our chances.
  16. That stunk but we had opportunities to win and didn't get it done.
  17. Just a hole in the lineup right now.
  18. Good now please get at least 1 in.
  19. Good grief Dallas
  20. Keuchel isn't fooling anyone today
  21. I reluctantly clicked on the article because I have disdain for Phil Mushnick going back decades. I was a huge pro wrestling fan in the 80s through the early 2000s and I still watch occasionally and keep up with it some online. Mushnick was always writing hit pieces about it and sure even in this article, probably 1st one I've ever clicked on by him, he is still blasting Acuna but also Wrestling still.
  22. I saw it and couldn't believe it. It's already a free play for the offense and then you just stop. The worst part though is that his effort is routinely lacking throughout games. His is often just jogging behind a play, quitting on the pass rush, etc.