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  1. The list is a joke by having the Chiefs last. Arrowhead is a tough place to play and the loudest stadium in the league along with Seattle.
  2. Obviously the hope is for the cap to continue to rise. As Gdawg pointed out that isn't a guarantee.The players get 47-48% of all revenue. That's TV, Radio, tickets, concessions, parking, advertising, etc. 55% of that 48% is from a tier they call league media which include the TV contacts but also tickets and other game revenue. The obvious issue is the TV contracts. They expire in 2022 I think. The feeling is they have overpaid for the NFl and of course the changing TV landscape. Those Billion$ may not be there We will see. Most likely streaming media will make up any difference combined with the LA teams and Las Vegas bringing in more revenue and continued growth overall. Amazon paid I think $50m to stream 10 Thursday night games this year. Games that already come on free TV (not all) and NFL Network, and streamed by NBC I know, probably CBS when they air it, and NFL mobile. I don't think Revenue is going down. Hopefully ratings go back up this year.
  3. 1st time I ever heard him speak was last night before the draft. I changed the channel before he spoke after Lonzo was drafted. I don't ever watch ESPNs "talk shows" so I never hear from Lavar. I do still use their website, habit, and I know at one point it was Lavar news everyday. I have read some of his crap. They are basically giving the guy his forum then complain about him I guess. Lavar is ridiculous, and has said some obsurd things, but he appears to be following the rest of ESPN/FoxSports guys by just being loud and obnoxious to gain notoriety/fame/$$$ and it's working. I couldn't care less about him.
  4. As I stated, I don't blame him either way. He deserves market worth, has a long life after football, so I wouldn't blame him for wanting a max deal. However, I'm not talking about a ridiculous below market deal either and I doubt we approach him with such. Instead of 5yrs $125m he takes $100M. He has made $175m or so, so we are talking about $300m vs $275m. Most likely we don't even come in that low and $25m per is the number, but structured in a way it could be reworked if needed to free space with bonuses and such.
  5. Hopefully the QB market stays around $25m. Stafford is likely to sign a new deal before Ryan, so his will be a good barometer. I wish Ryan would take less per year, but we will see. He has always been paid well since day one but I can't blame him for wanting market value either.
  6. I forgot about Unger. Isn't he questionable to be ready to go before the season? Hopefully they dig that early season hole like they been doing.
  7. Yeah, I guess so. I'm not complaining about their struggles, I just can't cheer injuries because of that same karma. I do hope they suck beyond belief and this is the last yr for Brees/Payton there
  8. Every year it seems like they get hit before camp starts. Fairley and now Armstead this year and previous years they had Gallette, Kikaha, Rankins went down early last year. Their entire secondary went down too last year starting before camp.
  9. Yeah, I'm one that thinks the discrepancy isn't that big between the 2 teams. I think coaching is lacking for Cle. Teams too often fall into GS style of play against them. When teams slow down, play the post, half court ball, they got a chance. Cleveland did that last yr primarily using LeBron in the post, but that isn't their normal style of play. They are tough to beat with KD though. I hate it that we haven't gotten a true GS/SA series the last 3 years, because they won't let GS dictate their style
  10. Bro, it's your opinion so you don't have to respect his decision. Just like I can not have a problem with it. I feel like enough has been said and wrote to know that he wasn't keen on playing with Westbrook and I that figured into the decision. Bigger/higher profile market, no Westbrook, better offensive system, and yes a basic guaranteed championship all figured in to him leaving.
  11. People knew Bosh. The 3 wanted to play together. 3 FAs got together and decided to play for one team. It was unheard of at the time. Bosh was know, unfortunately he just became a 3pt shooter in Miami like Love has. Once again Durant wasn't happy and wanted out of OKC. He apparently valued winning a title above all else. Above his reputation/legacy, point total, even $$ considering he didn't sign a long term deal (I think) risking injury. I can respect that. Like I say, I'm not a 100% about it, but I'm okay. However he wasn't going back to OKC, so why not sign with the best if your top priority is a title.
  12. As for KD jumping to GS, I don't have e much of an issue. A little bit yeah, but he had reasons. He was in a crap market and he didn't like playing with Westbrook which hasn't been mentioned. He wanted out of there. Was he required to go to Washington and play with a similar player in Wall. Maybe go to a crap team and try to build? A guy signs with Jacksonville on here he is just playing for the $$ and doesn't want to win. However a guy signs with a contender, he is a sellout. I get to 3-1 OKC WCF deal, but he wasn't happy, so he left. We as fans want a title more than anything, and say players should also, but it happens and people complain. LeBron started this when he colluded with 2 other FAs to join a super team, one already having led and flopped his team to a title. GS drafted their 3 stars so they had flexibility to add Durant and they needed him. I firmly believe a healthy Cavs beat them 2 yrs ago and of course last yr. They needed something else because their style was a bit iffy come playoff time.
  13. Hopefully we are able to get our revenge like GS did. As stated, that is much easier in the NBA though because of the 7 game series. GS did it this year. San Antonio a few years back after collapsing in game 6 vs Miami. The Pistons come to mind in 88-89? They were a very very questionable foul call from being champs only to sweep LA the next yr. The yr before they were inbounding the ball away from reaching the finals.
  14. My primary memory of FCS is going into the bathroom as a kid, and urinating in what looked like a long cow trough to me. I'm sure trough style urinals were common and are still used, but that was the first one I remember seeing.
  15. I've thought about the youth and possible lack of leadership on D this year. Hopefully it isn't a problem and probably won't be. We know Freeney had an impact on guys last year. Also, we lost Babs and Jackson who likely provided some leadership to the Dline. No Weatherspoon this year. I got to think he helped Jones in the film room and on the field. The guy has proven to be a more dependable cheerleader than player. Did Goldson help Neal some? I don't know but definitely possible. The secondary is okay though with Try/Alford/Rico. The front 7 could use some vet help but there isn't any room for them really.