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  1. I remember vaguely us beating the 49ers in 88 I believe when nobody thought that would happen. I definitely remember watching the season opener in 89 against the Rams when Deion fumbled and then returned a punt for a TD. I would've been 7.
  2. I would be ecstatic if we could get Houston somehow. The guy can still play and we would rotate him a lot with Beasley, Takk, and our run stopping guys. KC drops him into coverage way too much. It is mind numbing how many big 3rd down plays that I have seen him in coverage and not rushing the QB.
  3. I think it's very possible that he takes a "team friendly" deal. Blank has already thrown that out there also. He has already been paid twice unlike Jimmy G, so he may not be looking to break the bank. When I say "friendly" it will still be for atleast $25m per I guess, but he may not fight for $30m. T Condon may fight for every scrap though. I expect it structured creatively with some roster bonuses in there that get prorated later on and we kick the costs down the road a bit. The team has a window and needs to take advantage of it and I'm sure they will. If he wants 30m and to be the highest paid QB, until the next guy, so be it. I can't fault him for it.
  4. Way too early, and we lost to the Bills and Dolphins at home last year, so it's impossible to predict games. I basically checked out when you said Tampa was back to sucking. They didn't suck the last qtr of the season once Winston came back. They played well and their best ball of the season. They can win some games.
  5. Yeah, once I saw Escambia was Pensacola, I figured he may be as close to Tuscaloosa as Gainesville. I assume also she wanted Bama But weird with the Tenn stuff mixed in and walking out was uncalled for.
  6. Copeland announcement was strange. Not sure what the Mama wanted. She had on Tenn and Bama apparel, like the rest of the family, and immediatly walked out after choosing the home state school, UF, that he was already committed too.
  7. We did it. That's a sweep for today boys
  8. Heck Yeah. I love this kids potential.
  9. I hope we get both, but from what little bit I have seen from Walker, I think he can be a special player.
  10. They just executed all game. They stayed aggressive all game but executed. They were still throwing late with a backup QB when they could've just kept it on the ground. Also, when Brady was unstoppable in the 2nd half, their D made the one play we could not. We had chances, 4-5 plays to stop them, and win the game but never did.
  11. I expect Dallas. They tend to get the Sunday Night opener every other year based on the last decade. They had it last season so they may get the Thursday opener this year. Philly/Dallas is bigger ratings than Atlanta or Minnesota, and the league would love to start with a bang. I wouldn't want to play the opener anyway at least not in that roll.
  12. I saw it last night. Trebek was funny. I knew everyone as they were easy enough like most of the sports questions. People say all categories are relatively easy, if you are familiar with the subject, just so much variety to be familiar with all.
  13. Yeah, I would've believed it if they saw him at Walgreens and trying to steal 15 bottles of Vicodin