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  1. I thought we would be 6th ahead of Auburn, but it doesn't matter. If UGA wins out, they are in. No question about that. A 1 loss Alabama has a chance to get in provided Wisconsin loses, but OSU will probably get that slot. Interesting to think about though. You got definitely ACC champ/SEC champ/Big 12 provided OU wins out. I don't see Wisconsin winning out so could come down to 1 loss Bama or 2 loss OSU.
  2. Yeah, Aikman is generally quick to call out and bash the Cowboys generally. Almost like he is over compensating. Like I said in yesterday's "announcer bashing" thread, I didn't get a personal bias, but everything was about the Cowboys. It was what they were doing bad and not Atlanta doing right for much of the game. I've seen worse. Last year, GB/Dallas? Joe Buck referred to Elliot as Ezekiel all game. Not Elliot, not Zeke, everytime he touched the ball he yelled Ezekiel.
  3. Aikman generally doesn't bother me and I say he calls Cowboy games fair usually. I didn't get bias today so much as everything was about the Cowboys. Falcons make a good play, it was what Dallas did wrong and not what Atlanta did right.
  4. Freeman was woozy late last week after getting hit in the flat on the pass he couldn't hold on to.
  5. Oh yeah. He was trying to put him to sleep. Guess they've benched Green now. They should've been chipping,TE, keep RB in something to help him out more today though. I get Witten is too important to the pass game, but he needed help.
  6. He (Green) is wrecking the entire game for them, but they aren't giving him a ton of help. A TE needs to be over there every down. Heck, Witten may be a better blocker.
  7. They are getting a ton of easy 1st downs by throwing to the backs or forgotten 2nd TE. Shame we don't have a RB, or 2, that can catch out of the backfield and get some easy 1st downs.
  8. We made a few plays and had opportunities when we threw on 1st down early in the game. They may be expecting pass at this point but dang the 1st down runs.
  9. He is talking about retiring, so he is probably done. Also, he is overrated by the media. He and his brother are outspoken so they stay in the news a little bit. (Nothing wrong with that. I like both) And, he has played for 4 of the 5 NFL media darlings which is also why he is so we'll known. Dallas, NYG, NE, GB. Also, Chicago may stink but always have several PT games because of the market. He is a big reason media was touting GB this off-season and he is no better than Cook. He may be better than Hooper though, but I don't think he can make a quick impact here.
  10. He won't be "eating any W's" for a bit.
  11. Dallas has this thing called an offensive line so I doubt it matters too much if it's Zeke or A. Morris running behind it Sunday.
  12. Put a fork in this season
  13. Getting closer on the deep ball. By week 12 they may have it down.
  14. I thought he was still working as a consultant for the Broncos and he didn't want to leave Denver. If he isn't then I would like to have him here but I don't expect it. If he isn't even working with the Broncos this year, and we didn't call him and offer an analyst/consultant position then wow.
  15. Just no idea what to expect from this team this year especially on Offense. I figure the Defense will play well enough to give us a shot, but the offense against a good defense is a ? I'm optimistic we are turning the corner and get a win today.