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  1. I said earlier, we lost this one during the week and today was just the final act. I don't know what happened, but you can blame the coaches on down. The Browns aren't garbage, were a bit healthier this week than some previous, and a new coaching staff, but the effort, execution, & preparation were lacking from us today. NFL is weird though look at Washington/Tampa. Washington's D was awful last week and Tampa can score points on anyone yet only 3 today.
  2. These guys lost this game during the week. They just aren't prepared on either side. Ridiculous
  3. Best case scenario is for the Eagles to win the division which they likely are so that their record doesn't matter to us. We beat the Cowboys and the NFC East isn't much of a worry to me in terms of WC. The Bears/Vikings are the biggest wild card issue and of course Carolina. I haven't given up on the NFC south but it's going to be tough to win it without winning out and even then need help.
  4. Well one hurdle down so now we wait. I think it's us or Seattle, but you never know.
  5. I expect it to be us or Seattle if he clears waivers. He still has some ties to them and looks at Ken Norton as a father figure supposedly. Hopefully he chooses the Falcons.
  6. M. Peters. SMDH
  7. Rams giving themselves a chance at least.
  8. I'm not much of a fan, but the last few games he has been getting some pressures. Had some pressure today and forced a couple of penalties. I still don't think he is worth $13m next year and whatever going forward.
  9. That was quite a TD. Also a great throw, though maybe ill advised by Goff earlier when Higbee dropped it. Maybe the D can get some stops. The Saints are so balanced.
  10. Yeah, I'm still taking Tru over Peters. True enough, Peters will gamble and get some Ints, but the rest of time is penalties and big plays.
  11. Just another reason why I listen to basically zero sports talk. Their D isn't very good, but I guess they say otherwise. They got 1 great player on D. A few good ones like Suh,Joyner, Barron, but their LBs are bad, Secondary is average maybe, and little rush from their DEs. I've never been a M. Peters fan. He brings more bad than good. I think Talib is good but age/injuries are a concern. On offense, you try to stop Gurley and make Goff beat you.
  12. If he clears waivers, he likely signs for the minimum this season. He is going to get his 9M from the Raiders regardless, and I doubt a team is going to offer him much or they would just put in a waiver claim. The article linked above states the same. La Canfora says he is expected to clear waivers and then sign a vet minimum deal. Hopefully he is correct.
  13. You got to think if he clears waivers we are in a great spot to get him with it being his hometown, Quinn, and the fact we could use the help. I hope the FO is interested. I will be disappointed if they aren't. The D is playing better but Irvin can help in a couple of different areas and be cheap.
  14. They changed the rule this year I'm pretty certain. QB head first is the same as a slide now. I wish that was the rule when Vick was here. It would've saved several fumbles.
  15. It wasn't even that close to not being a 1st. He was good by 3/4-1yd. I would've took the 3 though.