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  1. Who knows. I would like to think he would've been better than Sark especially if you brought in an older WCO guy to help him like Knapp, but you can't say. I will say I love how Quinn/TD talk about keeping the system and yet you hire 2 offensive coordinators that run different systems since Kyle's departure.
  2. Senat, Hill, Ollison, Gono, J. Miller, Wetzel are the inactives. Edit: Zaccheaus also
  3. Along with both of the bigger backs. SMH. Just a numbers game I guess
  4. They did the UCL test on the sideline and after that he didn't try to throw another ball, they taped it, and he didn't go back for an x-ray. Assumption is it's an injury to the UCL and just a question of how bad. If it's torn and needs surgery he is gone most the season. All speculation right now but based on some deductive reasoning.
  5. This may be premature, but the fact he hasn't went back for an x-ray, is out, and didn't try to throw a ball is pretty telling. These trainers know what to look for and they probably feel something wrong and likely the UCL.
  6. He possibly was disabled sounds familiar. I could've sworn the guy posted a few months back and alluded to the thread but maybe not.
  7. Yeah, he was stuck in the friend zone I believe but thought a preseason football game was going to help. I'm pretty certain he is still a user here and his user name is what u posted or close. Has a Starwars avatar or something I think. See your other post now where u checked on it. I thought it was in the thread HOF at one time but stuff gets lost/removed with changeovers
  8. Not nearly as good a story as the guy that needed us to win a preseason game for a girl against the Jaquars or Dolphins a decade ago.
  9. That is horrible for Culberson. Hopefully he will be okay.
  10. Chickens came to play.
  11. Nice shutout win. They have looked better every week, I would say, and look ready for next week
  12. That's too bad about Camargo. He came back and was playing well. The team will be fine because of their depth, but hate to see a guy go down. It certainly didn't look good when it happened.
  13. Dang this Ump is squeezing Melancon