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  1. Prayers up Gritz. You've always been one of the board's best.
  2. Hope I'm wrong but it's a good chance he doesn't make the roster. He has been that bad at times and we have promising receivers show up in camp every year. He has potential and I hope he contributes but I'm not counting on it.
  3. Think Bosher is a Free Agent
  4. Sounds like something this FO would do. 1 step forward and 2 back.
  5. Excellent
  6. I'm one of those that's basically against ever giving a RB a 2nd contract, so no thanks unless it's very cheap which it's unlikely to be.
  7. Just seems like we could have signed a vet TE, a Jacob Tamme type guy, for cheap and could have produced well enough. I haven't looked at the TE free agent market though. I like Hurst just not sure about the amount of compensation. Hopefully it's at least the Pat's pick
  8. Well I won't complain about our FO too much anymore. They just traded arguably the best WR in the game for a possible washed up RB. I know there are draft picks involved but still a RB?
  9. I agree but I have no confidence in this team making good use of any $ saved from cutting him. This half-way rebuild around Ryan/Julio that I expect us to do won't work especially with these coaches/FO. I say we should've went full rebuild starting mid way last year, like trading Hooper, but guys think we can stay competitive. We can 7-9 to 10-6 maybe but not a SB. They need a great draft like the Saints had, as they went a similar route, and hit on couple of FAs, not Brown and Carpenter. I hope I am wrong but just little faith in this team.
  10. He played well last year. I would have liked to see him back but I get it.
  11. If they only still had Tirico they wouldn't be having this issue, but I get that decision on both ends. Wouldn't surprise me if MNF moves to ABC, after the new contracts also, if Disney is doling out all this $$ for announcers. Michaels is about done though imo.
  12. I agree with you. As dynamic as Tyson was, I think he would struggle against these big guys, namely the 4 you mentioned, that fight behind their jab and eventually just wear/beat you down. Getting pummeled round after round is demoralizing to anyone. Granted again we only saw the best of Tyson at a very young age before his career went off the tracks.
  13. I will always say Ali, but like others have stated, young Cus d'mato & Rooney led Tyson was completely different than what we saw later on even before prison. He did box and setup punches and was very difficult to hit with the peek a boo style and head movement. Unfortunately we only saw this Tyson for a little bit, and against inferior competition that was often defeated before the bell rung. Fame, fortune, lack of control & guidance, just led to a quick downfall. Ali's size, quickness, and skill would frustrate him all night probably like it did others pre-exile.
  14. As others have stated, for a 7th rounder he was a good pick but it was time for him to go and I was vocal about him last year. He was a below average LBer and bad safety the last couple of years. Solid STer and goal line defender.
  15. As I started before, I'm not excited about the coming up season and my expectations are very low. As long as DK is here the offense will be average and the best you can hope for is the defense to be average so...