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  1. I doubt it is anything like that, he is just their 3rd LBer. He played around 25% of their Defensive snaps in 2016 and was on Pace for the same prior to J. Hicks injury last yr. He did play well last yr though after struggling in 2016. If cheap, he would be a nice addition but he isn't a world beater.
  2. I too assumed Tampa. I believe in 2nd chances, so I hope someone gives him a shot. He is good enough to still be playing. A properly motivated Hageman can be a good player.
  3. Glad it's done and pretty much what people expected. I am anxious to see the breakdown, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it amended down the road. (Salary converted to bonuses, etc) I am not anxious to read all the complaining, and soon many will start creating their own threads to complain in as this one isn't suffice
  4. I was hoping for a DT but expected it to be Oliver. He just fits what DQ wants in a CB too much to pass up. Still hoping to get 2 Dts and there will still be some in rds 3&4. We need to bring back Rubin still at a minimum but prefer Hankins of course.
  5. I just figure he is done if the Seahawks are releasing him. They are rebuilding their D, and would want their 21 yr old top pick from last year in the fold. His condition has been pretty hush hush it seems, we don't know where he is at mentally/physically. Most people doubt he is ever playing again.
  6. Yeah, if he had failed a 3rd PED test then that is a 2yr ban. It looks like this is his 2nd SUSPENSION under the substance abuse policy which would mean his 5TH failed test. 6th I think if marijuana. This appears to be his 7th failed test then. Stimulants are treated as both PEDs and Substances depending on if you failed during the season or off season. I'm not sure how suspensions would be done, if say he did fail 5-7 tests for a stimulant, but some during season and some not. I don't think that's the case.
  7. I had never bothered to read about him or anything until this weekend. I just knew of him as a good young golfer, a bit emotional/fiery, and great in the international competitions. I didn't know he had went to UGA or Augusta St or any of the stories associated with that. I didn't mind him winning yesterday, I was rooting for Rory and then Fowler, not a Spieth fan, but that story makes you think. Sounds tough for the parents, but I won't jump to conclusions as I'm not there. However, my family is way too important to me to ever think about cutting them out.
  8. I got to go with McIlroy J Thomas H. Stenson I am rooting for Tiger and I think he has a chance. I would be quite a story.
  9. I always thought he had potential to be a good player. I would like to have him, but I think we are set at TE unless something happens in the draft.
  10. Yeah, don't matter man. Its not important. Looks like they just officially announced like you said along with the ESPN/AbC report. I just know I had read it on PFT I believe a while back and couldn't remember if it was a simulcast or not.
  11.;_ylu=X3oDMTEyNTJqZzNsBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjQ1ODRfMQRzZWMDc3I-/RV=2/RE=1521942359/RO=10/ No clue if that link works because of being mobile but it was reported on Feb 13 that Fox would air the draft and was part of their new Thursday NFL contract.
  12. It was part of the new Thursday night contract I believe. I saw where ESPN is airing some of theirs on ABC to counteract it also. The Fox coverage may just be a simulcast of NFLN coverage, but I may be misremembering that. If it is FOX's own deal and Cowherd is near it, I won't be watching.
  13. I noticed him making some plays last yr for Chicago. He is a guy that I viewed as a replacement for Clayborn. Injuries have been the issue with him and he isn't the same player he was in Baltimore, but we need a few vet guys to fill out the roster especially Dline.
  14. See all this makes sense. Riley was injured wk 7. I think Hicks got hurt week 7 also. Prior to Hicks' injury, Kendricks was playing about 1/3rd of their snaps. We inquired because it made a lot of sense for both teams, but with Hick's injury, they didn't move him. He is available now again because of Hicks and Bradham being back he is once again a 1 dwn LBer barring injury. I think this is 10pages of nothing based on Riley being injured last yr and Kendricks being shopped prior to Hicks' injury.