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  1. Hate how this team can never manufacture runs. Same issue last year in these situations
  2. Looks like the Big10 has pulled the plug. See where it goes from here.
  3. Really it's not worth worrying about until we get a better idea about what revenues are going to be. Also college Football is possibly going to be cancelled this week, so that opens up Saturday Tv slots to be sold to the highest bidder which will make up a lot of loss revenue.
  4. Seriously, if anyone watched him you could see him giving up on plays and lacking effort especially during the 1st half of 2018 and 2019. It's like he played harder in the 2nd half of each season once he started thinking about his contract. I said when we picked up his 5th year it would tell me about all I need to know going forward about Quinn & FO. Many of the decisions post Super Bowl have been mind boggling such as Beasley and the 2 OC hires. The team is talented enough right now to win probably but they won't overcome the coaching I fear.
  5. Going to hate to see that kid at SC if it happens. Hopefully their season goes into the dumps, and the staff is let go, but who knows. Covid may give some guys a reprieve. Sounds like UGA is sitting pretty good with Morris also, so it may not really matter.
  6. We probably win this game but WTH is he doing in there. No reason why Melancon wasn't brought in to close
  7. It takes a special player to make people long for the return of Tyler Flowers. Seriously though hopefully the young man gets the bat going one day.
  8. He is probably better than what we have now. However, the powers that be say we are keeping Kyle's system every year since 2016 but hire outside guys with different philosophies and expect it to work. It's dumbfounding and sounds like we are continuing to do it this year with the talk of more outside zone earlier in the year. If you want to run Kyle's system, hire someone who can/has done it to an extent. Not a college OC and 4 vert guy who you already ran off once.
  9. I concur. It's not looking good for any team sports right now once again. NBA may forge ahead with their "bubble" but that is in jeopardy too now with what's going on in FL.
  10. Hopefully they get it done soon. 60-65 games whatever is agreed upon is better than no baseball. It certainly isn't ideal to have a season that short as anything can happen in a 50 game span; ie the Nationals last year.
  11. I see where the original story on ESPN has now changed and the owners don't plan on offering the 50 game schedule to players. 80 games will be fine and about the best we can hope for. Hopefully they get there over the next 10 days.
  12. Now they saying the League/Owners are proposing a 50 game season with full pro rated salaries. Hopefully it's just a negotiation ploy and they compromise around 80 but a 50 game baseball schedule is ridiculous.
  13. I said when we signed him, I will be surprised if he makes the roster. I hope I am wrong and he is productive for us. He has some talent or seemed to have coming out of Ole Miss.
  14. I don't know but he was fast based on his steal numbers in minor league baseball. A 4.5 though seems more likely and still impressive
  15. Thanks for posting this. It starts Monday night for anyone interested. I think it will be fun to re-watch the entire series.
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