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  1. That's where Hopkins is better than Julio. Julio is better all around but just not great at 50/50 balls and that wasnt a 50/50 ball either.
  2. Beck or Daniels should start going forward because you got to start preparing for next season at this point. Isn't Clemson game 1 next year? We need someone with some experience to start that game if possible. I know JT may be looking to transfer, too early with Beck right now, and BVG is maybe the future but give Beck or Daniels a chance right now. Both guys are talented enough and with experience and the right coaching should be able to win at UGA. Starting to really question our offensive coaching/philosophy though and not necessarily Monken.
  3. Oh well. No real surprise. Can't win without a QB
  4. That was really disappointing yesterday. Just to echo most of the sentiments posted already, you are coming off of a loss, a bye week, and more and more mounting proof that elite defense and game management offense can no longer win in CFB, yet we roll out that offense. If your plan is ground and pound now, then give Mathis another shot at least so you can run read options effectively. You aren't winning it all with Bennett. You probably aren't with anyone else on the roster but this feel good story needs to come to an end probably. Maybe they surprise me next week but with possibl
  5. Unbelievable. Just bad decisions
  6. Big big pitch. Maybe that will settle him a bit but this is kinda how game 2 went for him also. Tough innings
  7. Anderson not exactly fooling anyone here but still okay so far.
  8. Need Acuna to get going. He is trying too hard I imagine.
  9. I've thought the same thing. Is he fast or not because like you say he has been out by a lot on some slow hit balls.
  10. I thought Riley had one too.
  11. Not the easiest inning but since our guys seem to settle a bit after 1 I will take it and run.
  12. Just sounds to me like the Dodgers are using everyone, and they have depth, so it doesn't really matter who they start. We have hit May pretty well though it seems, even last year right?, So maybe that gives the guys some confidence. A couple of quick runs would probably go a long way in settling Anderson down early.
  13. What I figured was go happen happened. Qb isn't good enough and our secondary gets beat routinely in 1 on 1 situations. UGA still has the best defense in the nation but it doesn't matter any more. When a team can match the QB/skill guys/Coach/scheme/tempo, you can't stop them anymore. This is rare but LSU had it last year, Bama has it/has had it, Clemson, probably OSU, and UGA has to match their QB and scheme or it doesn't matter.
  14. I hope I am wrong but coming into this I didn't feel like Stetson is good enough, and despite how good our D is, it won't be nearly enough. College offenses are too explosive now between the tempo and talent. Also, our weakness on D is the deep ball in 1 on 1 situations and Bama WRs are going to test them. Again, hopefully my observations are wrong.
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