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  1. Oh well, he done most likely. This season isn't looking good at this point.
  2. We hear this every year about how Jerry has fallen in love with some prospect and will do whatever to get him. It rarely happens and won't this year either. The sports media needs something to talk about and the are always real far up the Cowboys butts so..
  3. I've never been a fan of these flex TEs/big receivers that can't block or be a true inline TE. As a DC, I'm treating you as a WR and putting a CB on you. He is going to be blanketed usually so the QB better be willing to throw into tight windows, and the TE be able to box out like TG. Guys like Ebron, Ingram, others have struggled with that, and being able to catch the ball in traffic. D. Waller didn't have that problem last year and was a nightmare. Pitts seems to be like Waller but on another level. It didn't matter who was on him last year, (Surtain)he was catching the ball.
  4. Adios. Great career. I hope they take decades to find their next HOF QB. Unfortunately, Brees has been a big reason for their last 2 playoff losses. Depending on how they navigate their cap issues, they may not go away any time soon.
  5. Same. My entire fandom this year was devoted to rooting against the Saints. I knew the Falcons would be bad with Quinn and Koetter back. Obviously, I don't like Tampa but not like the Saints, Cowboys, even the Panthers. They aren't a long time rival like the Saints and old NFC west teams. I think also with the Saints they have had Brees, Peyton and others there for a while that you grow to hate. Panthers had Cam and others, I guess, though I don't dislike Cam that much. This Tampa team was a cobbled together veteran all star team, and I don't dislike Ariens either who is also
  6. KC has played down to their competition nearly every week this season. They have looked like a team going through the motions until the playoffs. I don't put much stock into the Falcons performance that week just like people were all excited last year when we beat a banged up uninspired 49er team. Their coaches will have watched every snap KC has taken this year multiple times by Sunday and vice versa.
  7. RIP Screech. SBTB was a favorite of my childhood. Crazy.
  8. I'm with you and couldn't care less about the uniforms these days, but it's fine if others do. Every few months for the nearly 20years I have been on this board, it seems like we get a uniform discussion thread. Just seems to me like teams that are constantly changing uniforms are the traditionally bottom of the barrel teams like Jacksonville, Tampa, us, etc. Teams with tradition and championships like the Packers Steelers, Cowboys, Bears, Raiders, Colts, Chiefs, etc, don't change or need a gimmick to sell merchandise. Sure they have tweaked them over the last 25-50 years but they l
  9. Their cap situation is shakey but depending how that works out, they could be better off without him at this point. He was holding them back with his inability to drive the ball down the field anymore. T. Hill being out yesterday hurt them. I hope they descend into mediocrity, but based on their record the last 2 seasons without Brees, no guarantee of that.
  10. Tyson Campbell to the NFL as expected. Hopefully he blows up the combine and goes early. The talent is there. We need T. Stevenson to stick around and hopefully grab someone or 2 from the teleporter.
  11. Everyone gets their start somewhere but my concerns with EB are the same that others have mentioned. Andy Reid still holds that play sheet. A bit of a gimmicky offense at times. They embraced college play calling years ago when A. Smith was still there. Elite talent with a QB who's playmaking ability is through the roof and current career projectory is too. Plus they have elite speed on offense that really taxes a D. I prefer an offensive guy running a top offense under a defensive HC. Im not sure Ryan is the best fit at QB for EB, but if moving away from Ryan soon, fine.
  12. He isn't my 1st choice but I said this yesterday, no one has done a better coaching job this season than the 49ers on both sides of the ball. People want to talk about their talent, show it to me this year. Kerry Hyder Jr??? Their secondary has had backups playing all year. No Bosa, Thomas, Buckner on the D line (traded) only AA. They are competitive nearly every week and Saleh does a good job. He isn't my 1st choice, or close to being, but he has at least ran a defense under an offensive HC and had success.
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