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  1. Put Baker in to give me a reason to keep watching this.
  2. I've never heard Carter call a game, but I liked him on NFL countdown and when he would be on Mike & Mike a lot. I don't watch his Fox show though. However, last week we shouldn't have gotten maybe their worst crew who won't be calling games once bye weeks hit. It was a matchup between 2 playoff teams from last year and the only one FOX had. Same deal this week. Probably the best game on Fox's slate and we get the 5th/6th best crew. They just don't care about the NFC South. Never have.
  3. Yeah, unless he shows something this year, I am rescinding that. Of course, you try to trade him 1st. We can do something else with that $13m next year. I hope he turns the corner and earn the money though. I want the team to win.
  4. They have a new offensive coordinator and new QB basically. Teams will get film on them and slow them down. Of course Fitz is going to slow down on his own anyway. Mike Smith defense doesn't scare anybody.
  5. I'm down on him, and admittedly never been completely sold on him, but I do hope he balls out the rest of the year starting next week. We need a pass rush. NO has a very good line, and do a lot of chipping, but we got to disrupt him.
  6. Yeah, everything Pat's fans said about Richards rang true today. Terrible coverage and even worse angles. He no good.
  7. Yeah it was a big hold on Grady there but no IG. The pass rush just doesn't exist outside of Takk, and Grady does what he can. If Takk is hurt, we are in trouble with this D combined with the other injuries.
  8. Dudes a gimmick. You get crucified for criticizing him, but I've never been impressed even in 2016. His season was an absolute statistical anomaly and real analyst (very few of those) said as much, but no one wanted to hear it
  9. If Takk can't go next week then you have a negative pass rush, and weak up the middle/underneath against the run and pass without Jones and Neal. At least we will have Kazee back. The guy from the Patriots was exactly how their fans described him which was terrible at angles, coverage, and about everything else.
  10. Main guy on D that we couldn't lose. The cupboard is empty behind him.
  11. Got you. I didn't know about all the mom stuff. I just read what others post and try to decipher to good from the bad. Oh well, he can probably be crossed off the list.
  12. Yeah, with his mom it seems very unlikely, I agree. It had been some rumors though in the last month but probably just that. He sounds solid SC. You got rumors of a big time flip and it being a Dlineman, rumors he was at the reveal?, so he seems to get pegged as the guy. Maybe he is being confused with Pickering but I don't think he is coming either.
  13. Yeah, everything I've read on different boards still point to Michigan with him. There is some smoke around Zacch Pickens the S. Carolina (DL) commit. We seem to have a shot there.
  14. This is probably the worse or 2nd worse matchup of the week and it's a Monday Night game. The 2nd one is better at least. $2billion a year for often crappy games and 1 terrible playoff game usually featuring whatever 3rd string QB the Bengals or Texans are rolling out there it seems like. Fox and CBS pays about $2billion combined for Sunday's games, playoffs and Super Bowls.