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  1. I think Shaymalan is running about 50/50 on his movies. Kinda like you gotta wait on the DVD release b4 you take a chance on it. I think I'd see glass in theaters because of the actors in it.
  2. Dude was terrifying in that role. Kinda like the Hannibal Lecter character but more off the hinges.
  3. You can't add 2 "zz" to replace the two "ss" in the cuss word for butt either anymore.
  4. Hey guys, they have a pinned post in TATF about the language filter. Seems they are not gonna give anyone a break on it. I know some colorful memes get posted here. Those have probably gotta stop too.
  5. Here's the trailer from Comicon.
  6. Man y'all ought to be watching Bobcat Goldthwait's Myths and Monsters on TRU Tv! That **** is hilarious!
  7. I'd never heard of either of them before now. I'm googling **** like crazy!
  8. I had to google her. Man, she's got *** for DAYS and is thicker than molasses!
  9. This is a weird *** photoshop from TIME:
  10. Ain't voting for no boring *** black lady!
  11. Not as good as you thought it would be?
  12. IMO, that was absolutely a ****** up thing to do! I wouldn't want my family notified of anything until my identity had been confirmed.