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  1. This might be better. It's got the some of the same people that produced lots of the XMen series.
  2. Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns After Fatal Shooting Not sure how that helps though, can't bring Justine back.
  3. Inhumans trailer: This trailer was dogged at Comic Con. I'll watch at least 2 -3 episodes. Marvel needs to get all their **** from Fox.
  4. This is really effed up. This person could have been one of them, their friends or family. They would be pissed if someone just stood by laughing like that if it were. No regard for life whatsoever, they are already some miserable human beings, no telling what kind of sh!tty adults they make.
  5. 1000 post thread on May 24th....1500 on Jul 14!
  6. I just read through some of the comments! People are PISSED abut them asking for that information!
  7. ****, that's some horrifying **** right there! I don't know the circumstances but the man was obviously handcuffed on the GROUND. Why the **** would you need the dog to keep on biting and ripping him up?
  8. The school system here gave all of the elementary students chromebooks (don't know about other grades, assume they got them too). At any rate, they had them locked down to only a few sites they could use. They were\are really cool to have, just need to have a printer that could cloud print.
  9. Try Dashlane as a password manager.
  10. Preceded by episode 1. I'm gonna catch them both tonight!
  11. As a vet waiting for over 14 months for a claim (avg time is 394 days), I can state this is not true across the board. I'd like to know what type of "claim" they are talking about!
  12. I hadn't considered that, but it is a possibility since with all the BS going on and she's still trying to make deals.
  13. Apparently they didn't bring it to a vote that afternoon and had to take it up the next day. They then took some passages out that they felt were redundant, but in the end, it passed unanimously.
  14. It's good to be reminded there are still awesome people in the world!
  15. Black Panther Trailer: