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  1. Not a lot of words to say. Just a lot of sadness and anger.
  2. This link has spoilers (awesome info), but If you haven't seen 'Elseworlds', skip it!
  3. I read the article on that blood clot, it had a link to some other interesting medical pics.
  4. New Miss Marvel trailer
  5. Completely forgot about Shang Chi! This should be awesome!
  6. ****, I don't normally watch college games but this is a good game!
  7. This is one of the 2 to 3 reasons I started, and kept reading comics over the years. They were about way more that just "cartoons". PS - I'd love to see Marvel give the Silver Surfer his props in a movie, that dude was bad assed! The Fox movies didn't do that character justice.
  8. This sucks donkey balls! My daughter and future SIL are in this VA education program, as far as I know they are getting their education benefits. But for the many, many who depend on this, this has got to be devastating man. Gov't not keeping it's promise.....AGAIN!
  9. Ok, gotta admit I didn't see this coming, this whisperers episode was pretty decent.