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  1. Most of us are not as fortunate as to " get that **** by the power aid bottle over the fence. And you know how big power aid bottles are. And the kicker is that I don't even pay for it." I hope(d) people who acknowledge(d) would also represent! That sentence would have sent sent folks I know to jail!
  2. Well, Like Ya Boy J said earlier, "all skin folk ain't kin folk"!
  3. Not necessarily anything for black folk, but I think he may well do something major like making weed legal, or some other progressive item!
  4. I just saw Shia Labeouf in The Tax Collector. He was really good in that. I would have never imagined him in that role.
  5. Pantry until opened, same for mayo, mustard doesn't have to be refrigerated at all, your preference with mustard!
  6. Not sure if posted, but Jerry Falwell Jr is now taking "indefinite leave of absence".
  7. This aint cool, but he keeps hanging in there despite what they keep trying to do to him. We should give him all the protection he needs. There are clearly people out here who are deranged because of political affiliations.
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