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  1. That dude is getting roasted over that ****!
  2. **** cops always riding 'round cursing the **** streets! Seriously, thanks for the write up man!
  3. You downtown?
  4. I just downloaded Kendrick Lamar from Amazon only because he won that **** award. I'm too old school for today's music, but I like the album.
  5. I expect this place to either be asleep, or lit as **** later on today!
  6. They need to withdraw this BS immediately.
  7. Now that I think about it! There are a LOT of big azz trucks around here!
  8. Not everyone!
  9. This isn't surprising at all considering what we have seen in how Trump operates.
  10. Better add a throat check to the annual list now! Or have your wife checked for this **** and get treated\cured. Oh, and staty away from strange.
  11. Turtle man needs to go asap!
  12. RIP Mrs Bush.
  13. True story. Some dudes got a "blanket" party in my platoon back then. Seems we were always last compared to other platoons because of them. After the party the drill actually congratulated the dudes that gave the party. We stopped coming in last.