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  1. Looks like there may be a witness directly in the background too!
  2. Man, in the episode with the license plates in the intro(?), there was one that read 122822. Now that reads like a date to me. For what? I don't know. I went and searched for Marvel release dates, found nothing that mentioned that date.
  3. Wow, I didn't know you lost your father man. Condolences brother!
  4. Holy crap!!! She actually lived thru that!?!?!?! Seatbelts and air bags ftw! That car actually went airborne, did a ******* 360 between the pumps when it landed, she gets out and walks away! Yea, God is good!
  5. Not sure if posted but Falcon and The Winter Soldier premier March 19th! Only 6 episodes though, between 40 - 50 minutes each.
  6. Man, what are they gonna do for the elderly who don't have ready access to a copy machine. Fortunately, I can take care of this for my mother, but some are not so lucky to have someone around to help.
  7. Watched the 1st one, part of the 2nd, and none of the 3rd.
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