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  1. Wow, the back and forth comments have got me rolling!
  2. I don't have instagram, if I did, I'd like it too!
  3. Speaking of ebay, I just saw some PS5s for over 1100$!
  4. Mods should delete this thread.
  5. Anybody ITT watched Helstrom on Hulu? Decent show.
  6. That could NOT have been me! That man maintained composure!
  7. The Good Lord Bird was good! Ethan Hawke nailed that John Brown role!
  8. I had a friend in Mississippi who ate freaking raccoons. Dude had a pot on when I visited once and he was Soooooooo happy he had some racoon stew. Dude ate possum, squirrel, nutria. Anything that could be caught\trapped down there! **** was gross!
  9. Lol. I had to look it up. It's a member of the AKA sorority! I guess Kamala Harris is one.
  10. ****, they can't find any veterans to serve as the head of the VA? BS!
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