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  1. Honestly, I dozed while I was watching it so I didn't see the bite.. I did see the end though when Rick saw Carl and pulled his shirt up and saw the bite!
  2. Well, bye Carl!
  4. I recorded this, gonna watch the 4th qtr again!
  5. Nah, wasn't BS! Payton was pizzed off and ran on the field!
  6. Brees is crying!
  7. **** yeah **** Peyton!
  8. Holy ****! End this NOW!
  9. OH **** YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ****!
  11. Man, we gotta shut these mothers down now!
  12. For real tho, no mayo in the Falcons Slaw? Nobody gonna eat that ****!
  13. That Falcon Slaw is hilarious!
  14. Finally got one!
  15. We aint going to no **** playoffs! If we do we're gonna stink it up like this must win game.