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  1. probably not for a couple of weeks, but if they continue to improve at the rate they did between games 1 and 2 it won't be long.
  2. The still sucks posts are from oppo fans. If we continue to improve at this rate we will crush our enemies and hear the lamentations of their women.
  3. They opened the dome and the Eagles wilted in the 82 degree heat. Imagine what color Wentz's face would have been if it had been a day game!
  4. Beware!  Soccer is the photographer's graveyard.  I used to cover German soccer with a 400 mm Novoflex bird watching lens that you focused by squeezing a handle.  It involved being a half second behind the action for 70 minutes and then retreating to behind a goal for a couple of cheap goalie shots of hopeless goal attempts.

  5. Saturday 9/10

    Group apparently closed.  Still fourteen games to chose from.  Can I play?

    sonnyjim  (sonnyjim1077 on Yahoo)







  6. That is the point of my original post. I eagerly await the coach who calls a fake one point try and goes for 2 from the 15 yard line. I had in fact read the part where that coach could have made the attempt from the two. After that first 15 yard two pointer I expect one or two point leads to be defended against 2 point conversions by a compressed version of the Hail Mary defense.
  7. Regarding the 15 yard 2 point conversion: Not only did I read it but I understood some of its implications. When a team 'goes for the tie' in a one point game and llines up to kick at the 15, fakes it and sends tdhe holder around the end and over the goal line will they be awarded only one point? Especially when the defense could have scored two on a turnover?
  8. I eagerly await the first 15 yard 2 point conversion.+
  9. When he stepped in for Soleai in latte season second halfs he was an upgrade.
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