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  1. Forever Remembered "As we reach the bottom of yet another fifth.................."
  2. I like that list. Matt Ryan #1. Tom Brady #18.
  3. Sadly, Matt didn't see that DE from the brunette side last winter. For some reason I expect Zambrailo's (sp?) pass pro to improve. His run blocking has been good.
  4. Sadly, their top talent will be mercilessly poached by European clubs and national teams. Coach Tata (who seems to draw South American talent like New Orleans draws flies) says he expects as much but they're starting to look legitimately deep and have a great youth program. Big clubs will continue to loan Martinez players because he gives them plenty of recovery time from injury, plenty of minutes when they are strong, and top flight coaching. Vasquez will return and the Gressels, Carletons, and McCanns will stay. With AB and Atlanta fans their future looks bright!
  5. Lose?! I distinctly remember kicking their ***.
  6. While our makeshift right-side OL has pass pro work to do, I was gratified to see how well both the newby and the transplant executed the ZBS run blocking.
  7. The game was in Detroit. But feel free to boycott.
  8. He may be right. But Luck counts. I'll agree that we should be 1 and 2 if he agrees that we should be Superbowl LI champs. We would both be wrong, though, because Luck counts.
  9. What ap/device gives you this local link option?
  10. Don't scare me either. We beat them but they slipped off the hook. They are known cheaters, however.
  11. As the forehead of a famous line-of-scrimmage play caller I'm sure you heard weekly changes in calls, or perhaps indicators like like a baseball coach might use. If Sark calls three plays at a time with a weekly indicator that would help, but why not hide your lips like every other coach in the League?
  12. After the Chicago game Buck Belue noted that Sark does not cover his lips when he talks into his headset. He holds his playsheets at waist level and looks directly at Matt as he calls the next play. I noticed Sunday night that, because he is important news, he was on camera a lot during the game. It will not be necessary for the Lord of Evil (Bill Belicek) to dispatch lip-reading minions to Detroit to decode our playbook. He can do much of it from NFL Game Pass. Napoleon had spies who could lip-read. Does Sark think that the Lord of Evil (Bill Belicek) would not stoop so low? Does Quinn not realize his OC is broadcasting his play-calls world wide? At this rate the Patriot D will get Sark's call at the same time Matt does.