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  1. Whoa. Is this level of communication real? KOG contradicted yet likes the post. Asante Samuel agrees. Threads like this sharpen my appetite for football.
  2. I believe he said WE never lost IN Dallas, meaning as a Falcon on the road. Does that compute?
  3. So many spread offences in college the day is coming when it will take O-linemen 3-5 years to learn the pro game.
  4. I nominate you to be the new team physician.
  5. He was a beast but during the drive that tired their defense in the third quarter we 'no-huddlled' them right past him with our two headed rushing attack .
  6. I liked the fourth and one quick snap QB sneak. DQ had just the hint of smile on his face afterwards. Once again 'no-huddle' worked for us. It was the only thing that slowed Donald.
  7. It was the knife drew the flag. I'm pretty sure I saw a knife.
  8. I'm sure its in here somewhere but how did CBS score an all NFC broadcast?
  9. Forever Remembered "As we reach the bottom of yet another fifth.................."
  10. I like that list. Matt Ryan #1. Tom Brady #18.
  11. Sadly, Matt didn't see that DE from the brunette side last winter. For some reason I expect Zambrailo's (sp?) pass pro to improve. His run blocking has been good.
  12. Sadly, their top talent will be mercilessly poached by European clubs and national teams. Coach Tata (who seems to draw South American talent like New Orleans draws flies) says he expects as much but they're starting to look legitimately deep and have a great youth program. Big clubs will continue to loan Martinez players because he gives them plenty of recovery time from injury, plenty of minutes when they are strong, and top flight coaching. Vasquez will return and the Gressels, Carletons, and McCanns will stay. With AB and Atlanta fans their future looks bright!