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  1. A stretch so to speak.
  2. That is the way onside kicks will look with the new kickoff rules. They can't compete with the receiving team for a ten yard kick from a standing start. They will have to kick to an empty zone.
  3. the stinger is the anti Jedi
  4. Cam...It's simple. There will be cheap shots, but if you taunt there will be many cheap shots.
  5. To the tune of 'Mirror in the Bathroom': Knee in the earhole..............Hoop! Hoop! Knee in the earhole..............Hoop! Hoop! (repeat)
  6. Our O line is a work in progress. Our fullbacks are rookies. Our Offense is considerably different than that of Southern Miss. Good hands, good balance, spin move. We'll see about his pass blocking when defenses start blitzing more but fireplug backs frequently are good pass blockers. I'll note that Crawford and Malik Williams have shone at times, but the Rushes to Judgement around here have always been stunning.
  7. and his name is pronounced Snot,
  8. It's good to be at peace with whatever comes next, but never doubt for a minute that miracles happen................... Every day. Live long and prosper.
  9. Whoa. Is this level of communication real? KOG contradicted yet likes the post. Asante Samuel agrees. Threads like this sharpen my appetite for football.
  10. I believe he said WE never lost IN Dallas, meaning as a Falcon on the road. Does that compute?
  11. So many spread offences in college the day is coming when it will take O-linemen 3-5 years to learn the pro game.
  12. Beware!  Soccer is the photographer's graveyard.  I used to cover German soccer with a 400 mm Novoflex bird watching lens that you focused by squeezing a handle.  It involved being a half second behind the action for 70 minutes and then retreating to behind a goal for a couple of cheap goalie shots of hopeless goal attempts.

  13. Saturday 9/10

    Group apparently closed.  Still fourteen games to chose from.  Can I play?

    sonnyjim  (sonnyjim1077 on Yahoo)