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  1. probably not for a couple of weeks, but if they continue to improve at the rate they did between games 1 and 2 it won't be long.
  2. The still sucks posts are from oppo fans. If we continue to improve at this rate we will crush our enemies and hear the lamentations of their women.
  3. They opened the dome and the Eagles wilted in the 82 degree heat. Imagine what color Wentz's face would have been if it had been a day game!
  4. Shwartz for one zero blitz too many
  5. Thanks and blessings.
  6. The only time to jump into high gear with the no huddle is after the defense have all had oxygen and two cups of Gator Ade,
  7. In heaven a boy is finally getting to spend more time with his father. Bless you and yours Tandy.
  8. My memories of the supplemental drafts are that the Atlanta, New Orleans, and Tampa era had fewer protected players because Dallas and Minnesota (?) came into the league as almost viable teams. Then after years of hopelessness amongst those teams, the league relented and gave Jacksonville and Charlotte a richer expansion draft. I do, howerer, tend to view history through Falcon colored glasses.
  9. keep on keepin' on Mashman
  10. Chase Goodbread should be a player agent.
  11. A stretch so to speak.
  12. That is the way onside kicks will look with the new kickoff rules. They can't compete with the receiving team for a ten yard kick from a standing start. They will have to kick to an empty zone.
  13. the stinger is the anti Jedi
  14. It's good to be at peace with whatever comes next, but never doubt for a minute that miracles happen................... Every day. Live long and prosper.