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  1. There is no age at which it is cool to be stupid with money. Enjoy it. Enjoy it by looking at a statement every month and watching it grow into something you will need after you've left the game. A twenty year pro athlete can live like a king on his paycheck.
  2. A prediction lubricated by the fact that Las Vegas oddsmakers have predicted a Falcon return to the Super Bowl since the moment the Pats escaped the last one.
  3. They just don't write 'em like that anymore!
  4. I still think CJ Goodwin is interchangeable with Collins. If he's down on the chart let him have a shot at safety. I know 6'3 190 is not the free safety prototype but he can hit and he can catch!
  5. Before the season last year conventional thinkers didn't like our draft. After the season the story changed. The fact that we took lesser known players at times is a feature, not a bug. If Saubert (German for Mr. Clean) can ball out we may become the first Conference Champion whose entire draft makes the next year's forty man roster.
  6. Before the draft we held held six picks from the back of the first to the back of the seventh. After turning a 3rd and a seventh into two early 5ths we still had six picks but they ranged from earlier in the 1st to the back of the 5th! It looks like the only one who needs to fight for a job is the last one. ;
  7. This guy has great vision. Perfect for ZBS if Sark remains committed to it.
  8. Exactly who declared him a 5th rounder? You guys crack me up.
  9. His holding is well centered.
  10. CT score? Creative Toughness? Crushing Tackles?
  11. The Dodd field is not regulation width. I think we would be even better on a properly dimensioned pitch.
  12. after the red he really really really wanted the tie. And I can dig it!
  13. This is sick. It is classless. It is usually poorly informed.
  14. The game is Saturday 3/23 4 PM. It is televised on Spanish speaking network UniMas. They are not on Cable. It seems that live MSL Streams require payment but replays will be available Sunday for free. I presume ESPN2 broadcasts will be road only and few in number. But I don't know.