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  1. Why is it the QB's always have to ID the "mike" linebacker? Doesn't everyone already know who the "mike" is?
  2. Politics and football! Everyone has an opinion, most don't know what the heck they're talking about! Matt Ryan is not the problem. 39 points will win almost every game on Sundays. We would have had a Super Bowl championship if not for the same dang reason! DEFENSE! We can't stop anybody! As much as I hate today it, I think we know who Dan Quinn is. He's had his shot, time to move on.
  3. He will be on 60 Minutes tomorrow night to talk about it.
  4. Y'all must not have seen the multiple times our D-line got stonewalled. I saw them practically give up on getting to the QB a couple of times. An elite QB will slice us up with that much time!
  5. Another mission The powers have called me away, Another time, To carry the colors again, My motivation, An oath I've sworn to defend, To win the honor of coming back home again, No explanation will matter after we begin,Unlock the dark destroyer that's buried within, my true vocationand now my unfortunate friend, you will discoverA war you're unable to win.
  6. This joker went to the Patriots board begging them to beat us! I find it so pathetic because they couldn't do it themselves, freaking loser! https://www.patsfans.com/new-england-patriots/messageboard/threads/second-final-request-please-crush-the-falcons.1137862/
  7. I'm ecstatic that we're in the big game, but I won't be giddy until we WIN the sucker! Been here before.
  8. No need to fear them, they need to fear us. We coming!!!! If we want respect on the national level, we got to go out to Houston and beat the dog squeeze out of these boys!!!! Now who's with me???
  9. The last time we went to the SuperBowl, my dad was on his death bed in the hospital. I'm glad we won this game, and I'm glad we are going back. But I won't be really happy, unless we win the SOB!
  10. That's funny that they're praying for us to lose!
  11. Lord please don't let these storms coming in tomorrow block out my DishNetwork signal during the game! Amen!
  12. No doubt. I've never seen him show up and show out as much. Keep grinding!
  13. Maybe it was the extension, or maybe he just finally get's it. Anyone noticed how quiet Robert Alford has been in the penalty department. Hardly a peep! Yessss!
  14. That is not an acceptable excuse in the NFL. The playing field is level.
  15. What I said is I have seen offensive powerhouses get shut down by playing keep away. Check you reading comprehension.
  16. As I said, I don't pay much attention to defensive football, that's why I asked the question.
  17. That wasn't an off day. That was the blueprint for beating a high powered offense. Keep them on the side line.
  18. Not afraid son, just seen this sort of thing before.
  19. So you're saying Philly has the best defense in the league?
  20. I typically focus on the passing game which is my favorite part of football, so I'd like for some of you defensive minded guys to give me your opinions on how well we stop the run, and where we rank in the league. This is a huge concern for me. I'm sure some of you guys that have been a Falcons fan for a while remember when the Vikings had Moss and Smith and were were high powered as any team in the league, quite similar to where we are right now, and the Falcons kept that high powered offense on the sidelines with our powerful rushing game with Jamal Anderson. No one gave us any shot at winn
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