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  1. Hello all. We are going to the game this Sunday and have an extra ticket. Section 110 row 14 (which is 30 yard line and 14 rows from field) for $70 dollars. There is a group of about 10 of us going. Let me know if you want it. Thanks
  2. If I didn't know that we already won this game I would be cussing up a storm right now. Moss is a beast!
  3. Maybe I will stay up until 6am myself and see who survives!
  4. If I get up at 6am will you people still be partying?
  5. Just wanted to let everyone know again about the bar in chicago. The address is above if anyone wants to meet up.
  6. Time for a Matt Ryan jersey! Nice pics tho It is always fun to go to other stadiums. Me and my brother always go to one away game per year. Last year was St. Louis and the year before was Detroit. Love giving the home fans trash talk in good fun.
  7. The substitute Gotlieb (sp?) said that the Falcons have the better QB, better and healthier RB, better O-line, and a better coach! He also picked us to win! I know that Chargers are not that good of a team this year but they have some pretty big names on that team and people are saying that at head to head positions we are better! Getting respect fellas!
  8. 2265 North Lincoln Chicago, IL 60614 The fans that go now are so exciting and love the falcons so much it kinda reminds me of watching games in Atlanta until I go outside and again realize that I am in Chicago with the cold!
  9. Not sure how many Falcons fans live in Chicago, but there is now a bar for Falcons viewing! My brother and I always go to a place called Kelseys that is a Browns bar. The Browns fans stink so bad and the Falcons fans have been multiplying so much that the owner is taking down the Browns flag and is now going to fly a Falcons flag. If there are any fans in Chicago that want to watch Falcons games with other Falcons fans then come down and join us.
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