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  1. I believe we cut Akers in 1999 and he's been a pro bowl kicker for many years. I would love if we could pick him up. Here is a really good read on why he might have missed those two attempts in the playoffs. http://bit.ly/fyVEJj
  2. GREAT move. My only concern is with how long he is signed for currently. But, man...we could use his 10 TD's and 900+ yards last year.
  3. if you have the $, go lower.
  4. we have a franchise quarterback and the ROY, and someone actually isn't happy with it???? wanting another player that had NO impact on their team??? woah. :blink:
  5. i would do the naked dsl from at&t (dont need a home line), drop at&t home line go with vonage 24.99 / month add another line for your biz (think its like 10 more bucks) take a look at what channels you watch on directTV, I get HD channels and the top 100 plus from DishNetwork...64 bucks.
  6. ive had it for about a month, and it works great so far. so issues and you get so many more features plus long distance for the same price as just local phone svc from bellsouth. so, so far so good. you do get voicemail emails but you have to listen to them (.wav files), I believe the next voice mail to text you have to pay .25 per vm I think. But you can check on that.
  7. we need some more depth at CB, if he talented and comes at the right price. go for it.
  8. it was one of the better special teams seasons since 04 in terms of big plays on punt/kick off returns that I can remember. Im pretty content with HD/Norwood staying in those roles.
  9. I was wrong about P.Price, thought he would help M.Vick and the offense. Also was wrong on Hartwell. I loved the Turner signing, but he exceeded my wildest expectations. Also liked the Elam signing and now we have a accurate reliable kicker than can make field goals over 42 yards.
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