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  1. What do you expect from a network that employs peopIe who say that there was never a terrorist attack under W
  2. He could only play like 3 chords.....but **** it he rocked those 3 chords like no ones business. Angus gets the pub....and rightfully so but ACDC would not have been ACDC with out Malcolm
  3. Things that have not happend for 8000 Alex
  4. it does make sense given how flucking terrible the tax bill is
  5. Well DDs ususally make men do weird things
  6. I get what you are saying......but it is the same thing that the republicans say when defending what their creeps do. Again I like Franken....but this whole mess is his doing he should deal with ramifications. To his credit he has handled it 100000 times better tham trump or moore
  7. There has been an impressive display of lack of self awareness in this thread.....it is glorious
  8. The falcons were not lucky to beat detroit...the lions had all of the luck in the world to even be in the game....it.took.2 tip drill ints and a ticky tacky illegal contact call to even give them a shot in the game
  9. I already see that you are full of it...no waiting to see that
  10. Stopped right there....the level of dishonesty in those few words is laughable
  11. Watching my grand father go through it was one of the toughest things I have had to see. It was heart breaking seeing a man go from being a sharp and quick witted guy who used to do the perfect Jerry Lewis impression.......going from that to a shell of a man who could not feed himself.
  12. In a twist...in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season......he may have actually given them the gift of crabs
  13. Did uber start delivering crab legs??
  14. Did someone mention that pictures or it did not happen???
  15. Interesting....it makes sense if the square footage is adjusted other wise I am not sure how renovation would lower value. But nothing is really surprising
  16. It's not like he was 17......he was in his ******* 30's
  17. One guy who gets little to no love and alot of hate is Poe. He has not put up huge pass rushing numbers but he constantly pushes the pocket and he is still too much for one guy to block one on one all game....he has been a really good signing......his goal line block on the td sunday was just a bonus!
  18. I expect a similar amount of pressure vs the seahawks.....but I dont expect the same sack total. But we need to hit Wilson....early ,often, and hard
  19. Not a back up....he abused BOTH back ups. Bell faired no better giving up 2 sacks in his own in like 10 or 15 snaps
  20. You are correct for new construction but I am not sure if same applies for renovations since it is an existing structure....but I know you are spot on with new construction.
  21. Exactly. Turnovers and unforced miscues have doomed us more than any call that sark has made. He has had some terrible calls but honestly EVERY play caller in the nfl...ne it offense or defense makes a handful of calls that have no rhyme or reason to them. And sark HAS called plays that were set ups for other plays. We run that end round/jet sweep with Gabriel and if it works....even if it dont work we run the same action but go play action with it
  22. Fwiw.....it would be more impressive if it was done via helicopter
  23. In this case would you say that it is getting the shaft?
  24. I like the view for replays...but not for every play
  25. So much ecomonic anxiety