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  1. One word......illuminati. That is all
  2. I would say some of the alts we have running around are nuttier.
  3. No you are not. The collusion stuff was whispered way before he made that joke. And the emails were only part of it.
  4. I did not realize that someone could br so wrong. No it did not become a serious issues until after trump made a joke.....it was talked about WAY before then.....WAY before then. This is almost as bad as your iincredibly incorrect claim that Trump was the first one in your lifetime to seriously talk about border security........
  5. Exactly. It makes a nice talking point for twitter but it has no other real usefulness
  6. All of this talk of "autopsy" is stupid. The republicans had one and then proceeded to take exact opposite measures from what the report ssuggested
  7. One thing that I don't understand is why isnt the rest of the world getting the memo that Stobby is writing??
  8. You know ...I kinda missed SB's uniformed opinion on what it communism and what is not.........kinda
  9. Facts escape him now as they have for 10 years.
  10. I remember that very well....I also remember him getting our hopes up that he would move after Obama was reelected.
  11. Single payer does not mean ONLY payer Places like Canada and Germany have"single payer" programs......and they have other private pay options. If we went to a single payer program then there would still be other private options.
  12. If you qualify you can get a free cell phone with basic coverage. If you qualify you can get government housing If you qualify food stamps and other government programs. These are all the things that are in place in America NOW and have been in place since before most us were born.
  13. I will take things that all ready and have been in place for decades here in the us for 10,000 Alex.
  14. Hopefully party leaders put more emphasise on people like him.
  15. Eric bolling....the idiot who once said that he did not remember a terrorist attack under W's watch
  16. Yeah...I do not keep up with the nba much but I heard rjisr jackhole.....it is a shame that he is getting what he wants
  17. Jackwad.....nice one (legit....I use that in real life)
  18. As I have pointed out many the "keep your dr" line is interesting because for the vast majority of Americans...they did keep their Dr.
  19. By research you mean trying to find something.....anything that validates your predetermined opinion.Often using debunked/ not credible sources....aka Kim dot ******* com.. Nearly all of your "curious" things are eaisly explainable You politicize the young mans death while feigning concern and then get all pissy when people call you put on your partisan bs. You can eessentially stfu
  20. I always feel pain when I hear a family lost one of its own....particularly someone so young. How ever being concerned and touting people like Kim dot com are very very VERY different things.
  21. That is very cool...Italy is on places that I have to visit. I have been all over the US but never out of the country
  22. Yeah dude you should.....if you are big into outdoors....even if you are not..if you appreciate natural beauty it is one of the best places I have even been.
  23. Gotcha
  24. Why is that?? I loved it...it was breathtaking ...I would move there but A I hate that kind of cold and B it rivals only utah in the amount of mormons.....and I am not big into huper religious areas.
  25. Here is my working theory based on everything that we "know" Podsada posted what he thought was the definitive risotto recipe....Rich thought it was bland and needed salt.....an argument took place where Rich had to lawyer up......Posada who wanted to make an example of Rich hired a roving band of pant suit wearing gun toting lesbians who gunned Rich down....... Which was then covered up by the FBI because the founding director had a thing for pant suits himeself...... Now that I lay it out.......it seems too perfect Fyi this is not to mock Seth....a young man died and it is horrific. It is to mock the hardy boy wanna be political hacks who only give a **** because he worked for the dnc.