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  1. They took him out as a precaution. Hopefully with the off day tomorrow he will be good for Tuesday.
  2. Marte has been a Braves killer on defense.
  3. Great effort by Chishom there
  4. Love seeing that smile from Ender....looked like a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders.
  5. Great play by Andrianza
  6. Riley getting back on track is huge. Again....the braves struggles have been because he and others have struggled. And they have struggled in big spots There were a few times vs the Phillies where he came up with multiple runners on and he did not get the ball out of the infield.
  7. Is that the same one or is it a different time that she demanded answers by June 31st?
  8. It does suck...no doubt but the reason that it is important to remember that there are 100 games left is that this team has a history of turning it on and playing well. Not just last year but the year before and the year before....I mean the Braves won the division with Johan Camaro at third base so there is reason to believe that the Braves can't turn it around. There are certainly issues that need to be addressed..the Braves need another every day outfielder. Almonte is doing well but Herredia and Ender are not doing much....they are all good of depth but the braves nerves mor
  9. Well to be fair to Don....if they keep doing it then he should keep asking for it. If they shut that down before then he would not keep asking
  10. Who the phuck drank Jobu's rum? Find him and cut him. Seriously this bull **** is getting stupid.
  11. Freddie finally gets the Braves on the board!
  12. That is fair. I think giving up on the season with 100 games left to go is silly.... especially given the nature of baseball. But everything is certainly not ok and they are going to need to do something pretty soon.
  13. Again...the inconsistent offense is what is dooming the Braves right now. The offense needs a spark.
  14. As hot as Riley was....he is ice cold now. He has not had a really hard hit ball in several days.
  15. It is annoying but Duvall did have it in the glove so I can see them giving him the error.
  16. What is the record for pass balls and wild pitches? The Braves have to be close to the record.
  17. We signed a couple NT types that may have some promise. I do think we need another edge defender though. It has been reported that we were interested in Houston, Poole, and Nelson. Which any combo would be nice. Bringing Poole back would be nice depth. I have mentioned Melvin Ingram as someone that I would not mind taking a flier on...he had a really down year so he should be cheap and could be a good low risk high reward type player.
  18. If you say so. Watching the Suns-Nuggets game and I saw multiple nuggets probably take 5 steps and the announcers just fawned over the euro step. That ***** was traveling
  19. Braves need another bat...maybe 2. All of the talk about the bull pen... which is mostly warranted but the fact is the braves have had alot of chances the last few games to score alot more runs and they have failed. Right now the braves are running out 4th outfielders in atleast one of the OF positions.
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