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  1. Destroy? Maybe not but we could and score...A LOT
  2. Yup...if we do our thing tonight I expect big numbers.....The pats defense is the worst that we have played so far IMO
  3. Yeah...he can be a hoss....he is inconsistent but whem he turns it on he is a stud
  4. Nice play by Samuel there
  5. Stupidity??
  6. The riverboat has sprung a leak
  7. Cam stopped on 4th down
  8. Followed up by a terrible play by bears defense
  9. Nice play by bears defense
  10. What happened?
  11. The cards look terrible........the talk radio here tomorrow will be funny
  12. Huntley looks like Bob from The Walking Dead
  13. He was posing with the ball....the ref had to take the ball away so that they could get spotted