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  1. I think that as well. I am kinda serious about it now but when it comes time to drop 1500 ish on a new tv and the cost of a ps5 ....plus the cost of games then I may like the way the money looks in my bank account I do want a new tv for sports though.
  2. There may not be a price drop but I am sure that they will have some deal or some bundle at a good price
  3. I have decided that I am going to upgrade the tv in time for the nfl season in Sept and I plan on getting a ps5 then. Hopefully they fix madden by that point.
  4. I am hoping AMC has that sort of rally. I got a couple shares at around 5 bucks a share and with the news that NY is going to allow theaters to open up again the price doubled in the last couple days...it would be nice if that can continue.
  5. I seem to recall those but I blocked them out of my memory....much like the Porky's sequels.
  6. I honestly and shocked ( and glad) that it has not been remade yet.
  7. I have had 4 freaking voicemails about my "extended warranty" in the past 5 hours. It is getting stupid.
  8. Here is the scenario that I would be comfortable taking a guy like Lance. We trade back (preferably a couple times) and we grab a defender that helps immediately and then trade back up to the end of the first for one of the qbs who will almost certainly fall.
  9. To be fair....that is most college qbs. That is one reasons why the draft is such a a coin toss.
  10. Depends on what they think Hennessy can be. Or if they think Lindstrom can be the center of the future.. If/when we cut Carpenter then we will definitely need a vet presence inside be it center to guard. Ben Jones would be a good fit. He knows what Smith is going to try and run, has experience at both Guard and Center and is a former Bulldog to boot.
  11. If you look at the players that td aquired through out his time, most of them atleast had some sort of connection to the respective staffs. There were a few that had no connection .. atleast on an obvious level but by in large part most had a connection. I mean do you not remember all of the *****ing about Smitty and Jaguar players?? Or the number of former Browns and Redskins that we signed between 2015 and 2016? Quinn's second first round pick was a dude that he coached at Florida.. So yeah....they were involved...maybe to a detriment.
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