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  1. Good stuff....dude is just a solid guard....nothing fancy or eye popping...just solid. If he can give us that.......the offensive line will even better
  2. Who ironically plays for the cardinals now
  3. You guys stay safe
  4. Chit..I remember 10 years ago needing a qb, rb,te, receiver, left tackle, middle linebacker.....and a new coach and gm Yeah missing Poe sucks but compared to where we were.....yeah people are stupid
  5. I think there was a plan going into it and then they just took a detour Either way... It is silly to be worried in march ...if we are in the same situation at kick off of the regular season then yeah but there are still hundreds of free agents and hundreds of draftable players ...not to mention we are notorious for making moves right before the season starts via trade. Or last minute FA signing.....Ty hill, Foxworth,Levitre, James Sanders ,kelvin Hayden among others. So yeah everyone needs to settle down
  6. This is a reenactment of his response of the rumors were true
  7. I will again beat my from and say that would have been a good front had we committed to the 3-4 instead of trying to out think everyone. But yeah...people here complained when we spent alot then....the same people complaining about not spending now
  8. https://www.all22.com/new-england-patriots/martellus-bennett-waivers-patriots Yeah it is called google....it is also called knowing what you are talking about
  9. Vets do go on waivers if they get cut during the season after the trade dead line
  10. The trick is to stand infront of mirror and say his name 3 times.....He then appears and invites you to his dojo
  11. I still maintain that if we played the defense that the roster it was built for then the 2014 defense would have been much better and thought about in a higher esteem. The front 7 could have been a pretty **** solid 3-4 front 7 if we commited to it
  12. This is stupid...who's to say we did not make an offer but Tampa offered more? You are making a lot of ASSumptions
  13. Small sample sizes but man that is hard to argue with....if the braves pitchers can pitch up to their "stuff" level.....it will be a pretty **** good staff
  14. That is possible... I hope not but it is possible
  15. Depends on who is there..if we can add a couple solid vet linemen and a versatile linebacker then that opens up all sorts of possibilities.