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  1. So what would that package look like? The braves have so many good arms that would probably flourish with Tampa.
  2. Dude....get the flip over yourself. You are the one stupid enough to think that DK was going to get fired. You are the one being a attention how with ' oh i am giving my stuff away and i am not sure about my involvement" Here is a tip for you.
  3. If you give away your fan gear and start talking about ' I don't know how involved I will be" Yeah.....what the blue **** does the insinuate?
  4. When I see a Manifesto of stupid that can be avoided within the first sentence or 2 then I stop reading and point that out...that is not trolling....it is pointing out the stupid which pretty much sums up every thing that you typed.....so atleast you are consistent so kudos for that. See that can be considered trolling.
  5. First off you have never "caught me "trolling"." Secondly "If so, I do not think I can watch. I am giving all my Falcons gear to Goodwill this week. I do not know what my involvement as a fan will be forthcoming. " So yeah.... Shut up
  6. FYI we did try the short drop and quick pass route ..we tried the rolling Matt out approach. We tried the max protection approach. We did alot of the things that people said that we should do. But doing that only works if the qb gets the ball out and the receivers make the adjustment needed.....often those 2 things did not happen.
  7. So you are saying Hurst gets alot of yards..... because alot of chances. Yet he is not being utilized? Yeah...tells me all that I need to know.
  8. Hurst was the third leading TE going into yesterday and Gurley was top 5 rushing and top 3 rushing TD's. There is no blue print....we just had a bad game. The line struggled, Ryan struggled...the receivers struggled it was a struggle all of the way around but we still had chances that we just simply missed. Teams have done exactly what the saints did yesterday and have failed. Chicago did the same thing and we're 2 missed kicks away from dropping 30 on them and despite the criticisms of the play calling late we still had open receivers that Matt just missed. Vikings
  9. And he looks like one of the kids from Stranger Things in that picture
  10. I was gonna say...no wonder he is progressing so quickly. Gotta have a soul to feel pain! * Disclaimer..... it is a joke*
  11. Yeah....it would be shocking. The smartest move would be to just declare 2021 a wash and focus on 2022. Even if he feels ready late next year.
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