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  1. Oh i know...i am fully prepared to see him sign somewhere else.
  2. "Sit down....Shut Up....Go Home"
  3. Yup. Hopefully the old proverbial saying of home is where your heart is ...outweighs home is were the bank is. If the Braves can snag him then the back end of the bullpen with Minter,Viz and Kimbrel has the potential to be strait nasty.
  4. Same here.....I am almost expecting it.....which means I probably will be disappointed
  5. You have to wonder if tbe signing is the start of the domino effect of the last big name guys being signed.
  6. He is a good run blocker. His pass pro is not great but he can move a pile. I am hoping that he gets a shot at guard. He looked at least competent inside later in the year. Don't need to be excited.....just have to recognize the value.
  7. This is where I am at.....Bernie is more of a known commodity. He has my vote until he loses it.
  8. The way he just fell off of a cliff from being really good to be okay to just being downright awful in the span of about a year-and-a-half is pretty perplexing.... An injury that just lingered whould be a good explanation for it
  9. Yup..... could factor into one of the guard positions aswell.....either way not a bad signing for depth. Having a guy who can play multiple positions is a really nice luxury to have
  10. They do not realize that young voters in America are not as turned off by the word "socialist" as old as voters are. In fact the idea of being a democratic socialist is a badge of honor to alot of young voters.
  11. Fowler makes a lot of sense on many levels
  12. WHY HAVN'T WE SIGNED ANYONE YET!!!!!! "0-16 is staring us in the face"
  13. If the braves pen can throw more strikes then that alone will be a big improvement.
  14. Ok....now we have to know if those communicationsnications happened while he was an official advisor. If this is what is going to use to bring down Trump they need to make sure it is air tight.
  15. Was he really though? He may have spoken to Trump on a weekly basis but i don't think that he was ever a part of the actual campaign...unlike manafort who was campaign manager. If they are going to use that as collusion then they have to be pretty **** firm with it. It does mean that Stone is phucked though.