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  1. Yup...there is a good chance he is cut so we may have another shot to get him There are a few guys that are interesting to me that we should take a look at it they become available....on both sides of the line.
  2. The one thing that I will say is that poe demands double teams.....he may not be dynamic inside but he is still a threat as to where you don't want to single block him
  3. You are jumping the gun about people jumping the gun........on people who jumped the gun
  4. I absolutely agree with that....with a bombshell they should have rock solid evidence....maybe they do but because of the active investigation they can't release it......maybe they don't and it was just a fabrication.....if it is the latter then heads should roll. I just don't think this is example of "fake news" yet
  5. But it is not wrong....yet While it has not been proven yet....it does not mean that it wont. In order too say that it is "fake news" you(not you yourself) have to prove that the events did not happen
  6. While I do agree particularly in this example .....but the media has been right far more often with regards to Trump than they have been wrong
  7. Or the Oakland raiders
  8. Using the Seahawks as an example is very very bad. The team had a chance to plan for those departures with the exception of Thomas...no team expects to lose both safeties, linebacker, running back, both offensive guards and other various injuries that cost another 5 or 6 guys at least some snaps
  9. I could see us cutting him and then resigning him....ala Derrick Shelby
  10. There are a couple interesting free agents that we could sign for defensive tackle if we wanted to go linebacker in the first.. I am honestly more interested in what we do in free agency than the draft because that is going set the whole draft up
  11. Running outside is exactly why we need a fullback. When you run outside zone schemes of them the guys making the the key block is the TE or the fullback
  12. Just like the saints in NO
  13. So I need to shave my head?! I hope not because my ears look huge with really short/no hair
  14. Fullback. Ortiz is done with us and it has been a revolving door of suck since Pat D left. When you look at the season one of the biggest reasons for decline in the running game is the lack of consistent play from the fullback spot. There are a few plays that stand out to me that sums up the issue.....think back to week one....the 4th and goal where Freeman for a moment looks like he is going to walk into the endzone....but Hooper and Ortiz both missed their block.....the same linebacker. If that was Dimarco ,Ovie, or he'll even Mike Cox ( who was a decent blocker)...Freeman walks in. Vs the Saints in thanksgiving....the 3rd and short where Ito was stuffed...it was actually blocked up pretty well except the linebacker was able to come untouched to make the play....Ortiz was in the sideline but that is because....he has sucked to the point where he is not playing.....but that play is what fullbacks are made for. We need to address the right side of the line and I am sure that we will...but if we really want to get back to having one of the best ground games in the NFL........we gotta upgrade the blocking tight end position and the fullback position.
  15. Matthews would not have lasted past 10. He was not drafted because of his name......he was drafted because he was one of the top players available