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  1. It would be nice to see a Falcons corner not get flagged all of the time......even when they blatantly hold
  2. Which I am OK with. Let Ollie handle the short yardage and goal line stuff.
  3. Saw that earlier......great athleticism. In that video he looks very long compared to the other defenders.
  4. That is what is best for him in the long run
  5. The thing that some people need to remember that the guys we are running out there are young...very young and it can take time for pitchers to fill out. Some guys indeed never live up to their potential but even some of the best pitchers over the last decade or so struggled early on. I mean Scherzer had an era of over 4 in 2 of his first 3 full years Verlander had an ERA upwards toward 5 by his 3rd first year. Grenkie had an era of almost 6 in his second year. Sabbathia had an era of over 4 4 times in his first 5 years. And the list can do on and on. It is frustrating and annoying but the talent is there just about all of the guys who have struggled. For guys like Newcombe...it is a matter of finding the right role , which I think is in the pen. For guys like Touki and Wright it is just a matter of finding consistency and having the confidence in their stuff..
  6. No lies detected there. While there were not many ( if any) scored errors....the defense was extremely sloppy
  7. Usually not a good combo.
  8. With out meeting the kid I wonder if the pressure of the situation as a whole is getting to him.. I mean he has what 30 innings in the big leagues? And he is being asked to not only be part of the rotation but having to help carry it
  9. Yes because he could control the season being shortened to 60 games and then having 2 of his starting pitchers miss season because of opting out and injury...and then having another key pitcher lose 30 lbs and have his arm strength go from 98 to 89 in one off season....... Yeah.... blaming AA on the pitching staff is stupid. It is frustrating to see the young guys struggle but they are young and it takes time.
  10. That was the Wright stuff right there
  11. The circumstances suck but given how they acted in the playoffs last year.......they can suck it.
  12. It may not be that they missed it.... he just may have been great at concealing it. I became a great actor when I would deal with it .....if you met me on the street you would never would have an inkling that there was something wrong...because I simply would not show it But when I was a different person when I was alone and isolated.
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