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  1. Yeah. Fried was not terrible ... but he was not his sharpest and the Dodgers were desperate. They are going to continue be desperate. So hopefully Anderson can keep working that change up and get them out infront. It will help if the ump actually gives a fair and consistent strike zone.
  2. Yeah it will be. Wish we could be there.
  3. Yeah but what are the dodgers? They were hot for one inning game 3 then went dead in game ,4 and then were hot again today. The braves offense follows a similar trajectory.
  4. That the game 4 didn't carry over to tonight.
  5. They are down 3-2. It matters. The braves have hammered their pen at times this series.
  6. Anderson needs to be on his A game on Saturday.
  7. People said the same thing after game 3 and then they scored all of 2 runs in game 4.
  8. The braves have responded pretty well to games like this over the course of the year. Now they get to play at home
  9. I love how they pointed out the short start by Anderson but completely gloss over the the short starts by BOTH of the dodgers starters vs the Braves..
  10. These announcers are so so so plucking bad
  11. Ok.....we just need to walk Taylor from now on
  12. It is the same And Max...as good as he is , he is not the Ace Morton is.
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