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  1. Well we are talking about a guy who openly pondered if not advocated the idea of a civil war when the supreme court ruled in favor of gay marriage.
  2. Oh they have been in lockstep for a while now.
  3. That was a great hit but he needs to keep his head up...having is head lowered like that is not only dangerous a good defender can make him miss pretty easily
  4. Yeah I get that but again isn't that kinda far down the line?? Who knows what the budget in 3 or 4 years could be.....especially if the braves can continue to win.
  5. But won't that be pretty far down the line ??I would hate to miss out on a talent like Harper because of big contracts 4 years from now.
  6. Just go to tatf........people comparing Beasley to Bruce
  7. Same.....I like it to feel at least sorta real
  8. Yeah...I try not to mess with the sliders that much. But I may have to do something. It really ruins the fun of the game
  9. It's not 3 injuries.... We played this last game with out our best defensive lineman. And then lost his replacement Our pro bowl middle linebacker Our pro bowl strong safety And the qb of our defense We have also played games with out Takk And we have had other injuries on defense where guys have missed plays during games So no it has not just bee "3 injuries"
  10. He does get very wide when we gets up field..I wonder if it is by design....he does it every game so it seems to be the plan.
  11. So pretty much just like Madden 19??? I can't play a game with out losing atleast 3 players. I actually lost coleman, ryan,julio,Ridley and Matthews in the span of like 10 plays. It is very irritating.....that and the fact I fumble like 5 times a game
  12. All of these responses and not one single solitary "more cowbell" response. You people are disgusting!
  13. It really is going to come down to defensive adjustments. We have had spurts on defense where they absolutely have slowed down and even stopped offenses but then the other team adjusts but we don't. Manuel and the defensive staff need to do a better job of countering the counter
  14. The split to that is to use more man coverage
  15. He is one man who plays the middle of the field better than the guys we have now....had we had that one man we would have stopped at least one of the bucs tds. Getting Jones back will be a shot in the arm for the defense