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  1. Yeah he was solid in the run game but did struggle a good bit I pass pro
  2. No joke..had it been saints and pats I was going to boycott the nfl until the 2018 season opener
  3. That is a great question and one worthy of discussion. We did use him as an extra lineman down the stretch.... With different degree of success. I do distinctly remember Quinn mentioning that the goal was to actually move him inside when he got comfortable..... and then Schreader got hurt and he was forced to stay at tackle for a while......so I don't know... But I won't be shocked hit his name is added to the G mix
  4. Jebus frocking Crisp.....have you guys developed significant selective amnesia????
  5. Ty Sambrailo He has played tackle for us and has been a good run blocker but struggled on the edge in pass protection. He moves well but his footwork can get sloppy and he leans too much..but like I said he is a really strong run blocker and being inside where there are more hands could be a big benefit to him....especially next to a guy like Mack. Discuss
  6. Talk is the real deal....so is Beasley
  7. Yup....Beasley and Talk if both are healthy is a really good combo
  8. Yup...he was an eyelash from Foles a few times
  9. Beasley had a sack and 4 qb hits in 2 post season games this year. Far from being invisible
  10. I bet Aaron Rogers wishes Beasley was invisible
  11. He also took over the final panthers game as a rookie...he and hageman wrecked the panthers oline that game he also took over vs the packers this year. Having the hamstring issue and being asked to cover and spy more hurt his sack numbers but he still put hits on the qb
  12. That is....dare I say deplorable
  13. Thanks for posting that.....we should see if a mod can pin it
  14. Same here.....but for different reasons. I get the desire to develop players but the reality of the nfl today is line play is down across the league and it stems from the fact that college linemen today lack fundamentals. And you can say that about most offensive positions.
  15. Yeah... Keeping him would be nice as he fits the scheme and seems to fit into locker room well...plus when he was out there and healthy the line looked much much better