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  1. That is not a nun....that is Ken Bone in drag!!! We are on to you cnn
  2. Yup....the amount of time and money wasted on hillary is amazing
  3. They are still working out the kinks...pre dawn raid is coming any day now
  4. another instance of trump and cronies lying..........whata shock
  5. Vicious this means you
  6. On a slightly more scary note....... https://www.yahoo.com/news/president-apos-spiritual-adviser-oppose-153200111.html So apparently God raises a king.....and to defy the king is to defy God.......so I guess trump is a king now???
  7. By trolling.....you mean lying
  8. Well atleast he does not have to worry about turning over too fast
  9. Stobby??
  10. Which one gets all excited and pulls a good ol JR and say "as god as my witness.......that was a swing and a miss"
  11. You know what is fake news??? Claiming that cameras are being turned off when they are not. You know what is sad???? A man in his 70's who does not know the difference between fact and opinion. Also....has Clinton been indicted yet???
  12. I know a few people who went....lets just day from what I was told the amount of people there was not as big as trump claimed.
  13. Any second now.......Any second now
  14. That is his mo...he shoots himself in the foot and then plays the victim
  15. Yup..if he continues to alienate people in his own party he is going to find out how hard being a president can be when your party is not in power and you have made enemies of the remaining people in your party