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  1. We drafted freaking Wolverine!
  2. It's not really their game. They are more inaide zone than outside stretch. When they did try to bounce it outside the edge defenders were there
  3. Well some of them used to eat paint chips as kids
  4. The decision was not the best....but it was a great throw. It is annoying but that is what you get with great QBS....sometimes they trust their guys too much
  5. Honestly the throw to Ridley was his best throw of the night IMO It was double coverage but only one guy had a chance at it....Ridley.
  6. Particularly the front 7. They beat up on a good Oline...both on the edge and up the middle...if seemed like everyone of our Dlinemen had their named called making plays
  7. He showed glimpses of being what he was a couple years ago. His run on the middle screen was vintage Freeman He also had some nice short rus later.....it seemed like he was getting 4 yards a pop
  8. Get the phuck out. You phucking troll
  9. Oliver made a phucking great tackle
  10. You live by the blitz......you die by the blitz
  11. Did we trade up for Wolverine??
  12. Was throwing it to Hooper
  13. Cant....that has to from booth