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  1. Depends on close of a trim he gets on his stache
  2. There have been times that got to balls that he had no business getting to....even if he did not get the out.
  3. Stop being crabby
  4. Been there...had full fledge tire blow out about 70 miles putside if El paso.......having to change a tire in west texas heat in july while your nipples are sweating is not my idea of a good time
  5. Good day for the braves
  6. My gf is pretty new to baseball but she has turned into a big braves fan...the other day I was showing her some clips of braves players that I grew up watching and I showed her some Andruw Jones clips and with our missing a beat she said "that kind of look Acuna"
  7. I am almost back to gulf coast...I have stopped in Louisiana after the Texas drive was exhausting. Seriously...Texas can eat a Texan sized ****. who the funk would think to turn a 3 lane interstate into essentially a half of lane????
  8. No they're really not....... Next time you get them take a page out of the Cajuns Playbook..... Throwing some corn on the cob some red potatoes some smoked sausage with some Cajun seasoning
  9. Let me just say Texas can go eat a ****
  10. just don't take an Uber
  11. Anyone who supports this deserves to be forced into have a real life hunger games scenario
  12. Well if you asked most of TATF.....the moment something bad happens in the preseason ....It is actually a precursor to doom in the regular season ......and then there will be 0-16 is starring is in the face threads
  13. To quote our resident avocado toast expert..... YOU 'RE NOT MY DAD!!!
  14. So we would have been out a 2nd rounder regardless then...... gotcha