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  1. That is Stephen and his new best buddy Baxter going for a ride to the park
  2. That too. I did door to door sales when I was in my early 20's for one of those terrible MLM marketing firm and you are not too far off. I saw lots of weed and lots of booze for people who made 30 bucks a day.
  3. Sorry to hear that the solar deal did not work out....the door to door 100% commission sales positions are extremely hard and it takes a different cat to do those.
  4. The shift bit the Braves twice
  5. Because that is how you fix guys.... giving them a chance to improve on their last start. The up and down does more to harm than good IMO.
  6. No it is not clear. People said the same thing last year and then he came back up and gave the braves multiple quality starts late in the year. This was just a bad start.
  7. No reason to DFA him....that is just silly. It has been a horrible start for sure but that would be an extreme over reaction
  8. Yeah...he has not had it tonight. They have squared him up a few times. It sucks because he is probably going to get sent down instead of getting another shot to redeem himself
  9. I think it is just the expectations. Some guys are able to block that out early while others take a bit.
  10. Like several guys on the staff...his stuff is there...he just is getting in his head. Not a grey inning but to limit it to just 2 runs can be an encouragement. Hopefully he can get back to the bench and collect himself and go out and be decent.
  11. I don't think that I have ever seen it this bad.
  12. Football fans tend to view the game through the lens of their own team but when you watch other games and other teams you often see similar issues across the league. Like I always say when you lose, every decision that does not work out, every mistake that happens, everything that is negative is amplified tenfold...no matter how big or how small the issue...the perception becomes that it is a huge thing. Just like a lot of the same issues and mistakes go overlooked when you win. I will give you maybe the best example I can think about this....Our game vs the Bears vs the Saints
  13. Now if this happened in California then conservatives would already have blown up the internet.
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