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  1. That would be the ideal but there have not bee a ton of puppies for fostering or adoption. The biggest issue like ai mentioned is the cat...she is older and want to make sure she does not feel threatened. We will see how tomorrow goes...the dog we are going to meet is supposedly really good with cats.
  2. True...but you also get shelter dog issues. We have a cat ( her cat and her baby) finding shelter dogs that are good with cats can be a challenge...plus here in phoenix it seems like 90% of the dogs are either pitbulls or Chihuahuas and I do not want either of them. But we found one online that seems to fit what we are looking for and we are going to meet him tomorrow so we will see.
  3. The gf and I are looking to adopt a dog Since the new house has plenty of yard space we are looking forward to getting a dog. I wanted a puppy but she made up her mins that she wanted a shelter dog.
  4. Carol Baskins gave it sardine oil.
  5. As always it depends on how the draft is shaking out. Once it was apparent that McGary was going to slide into the range that made a trade up possible and that NE was targeting him then then we made our move. If there is a guy who we were targeting at 16 who slips the 25-32 then I can see it but who knows. You only trade up for a guy that you want.
  6. Indeed....kinda like trying to forecast salary cap numbers
  7. Yup....every year people freak out over the schedule. I remember a certain idiot on the board who claimed that the Broncos game in week 3 of the 2012 season was a must win because the schedule was so hard.
  8. We need to nominate someone to be the board historian and screen shot particularly significant moments in ABF history and ensure that they are saved for remembrance. I mean it is one thing to hear tales of guys getting cucked by a handy capable person or to see a complete and total rebuttal to exaggerated claims of mountain survival to white peoples never ending quest to acquire Wakanda in the race draft or black peoples never ending quest to get Diamond and Silk off of their books.....To the a well respected lawyer/bat hunter armed with only a pink bb gun and a smile.......which oddly enough was not the most interesting thing posted that week. It is another thing to see the visual evidence. There are so many moments that have been either lost forever or buried so deep that Indiana Jones says F that.
  9. btw for a supposed purge............we sure have **** have been busy adding players 03/28 Agreed to terms with LB Edmond Robinson to one-year contract 03/26 Agreed to terms with OT Justin McCray on one-year contract 03/25 Agreed to terms with TE Khari Lee to one-year contract 03/25 Agreed to terms with LB Dante Fowler 03/24 Agreed to terms with LB LaRoy Reynolds 03/22 Agreed to terms with WR Laquon Treadwell 03/22 Signed CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson to one-year contract 03/20 Signed DB Sharrod Neasman to one-year contract 03/19 Traded 2020 second round pick and 2020 fifth round pick to Baltimore Ravens for TE Hayden Hurst and 2020 fourth round pick 03/18 Released CB Desmond Trufant with a post-June 1 designation 03/17 Placed an original tender on RB Brian Hill 03/17 Released RB Devonta Freeman 03/16 Released TE Luke Stocker 03/16 Released OT Ty Sambrailo 03/15 Agreed to terms with DT Tyeler Davison on three-year contract extension 03/14 Agreed to terms with FB Keith Smith on three-year contract 03/09 Signed DE Steven Means to one-year contract 03/09 Waived OT Lukayus McNeil 03/04 Signed G John Wetzel to one-year contract February 02/18 Signed K Younghoe Koo to one-year contract extension 02/18 Signed P Ryan Allen to one-year contract extension 02/07 Agreed to terms with P Sam Irwin-Hill The bold are the guys I think are locks for the team....I think Treadwell and Wetzel will need to have great camps to make the roster. And of course if/when Gurley becomes official that even adds to it So yeah.. all of this purge talk is frankly stupid. If you want to see what a purge looks like.... look to New England. THAT is a purge.
  10. The next time that happens, it will be the first time
  11. That looks fantastic
  12. Same here....it is hard to tell if the light went off or if last year was a fluke. It appears that there is protection vs the latter and rewards him if it is the former. Win win for both sides
  13. That is the hope.
  14. It takes more courage to seek help than it does to just hide.