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  1. Yet with Russia he is cuddly like a bear....and he wants to create jobs in China
  2. He is.....dare I say it....deplorable
  3. Carmargos average is not great but he is has/had like a .380 on base % That is pretty good and he has been hitting better playing at 3rd. It can be upgraded but im not sure I would call it a void....when I think of a void I think if Uggla or bj Upton
  4. He is such a lying POS. If by some miracle that he is impeached they should round up every single trump supporterI and make good on Obams failed reeducation camps.......there is no excuse to support a pathological liar like him
  5. The braves need some upgrades.....they are in first place but the bullpen has been shaky lately and I think another front line starter will help
  6. He has been screwing with us since 2016
  7. All he needs is some cheaply made hats and the world's worst comb over
  8. The only way that trump is impeached (removed) is if actual charges are brought against him.....and even then some of his supporters would just blindly not accept it....kinda like certain posters here...they will never admit to being conned and bamboozled
  9. The difference is that his sons are grown adults........stupid grown adults but grown adults none the less. The obama kids were just that....kids during much of his time in office. Adult kids are in plau....eaespecially the ones who are as dumb as those idiots......kid kids are not. That is why Barron is 100000000% off limits
  10. Now that he is flying solo he needs a mind altering chili recipe
  11. Apparently....noone actually voted for the thing....the took a head count and guessed how people would vote. They have the commish wayyyyyyyyyyy too much power and the league will suffer for it
  12. I am in Phoenix....so no
  13. He may have to tweet from a phone that he carried in his prison wallet
  14. "LOL....he missed that too...LOL"