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  1. Anyone can post any source they want.....but if you post a source that is not credible then be prepared for people to call BS. If you things like Kim dot com as a source....well then you are asking to be made fun of. There is a reason commie blaster is a running joke
  2. Since sweeping generalizations are ok...... All Christians are homophobic idiots.
  3. I was just about to say the exact same thing regarding the new york post.....they are about as credible as national enquire.
  4. One word......illuminati. That is all
  5. I would say some of the alts we have running around are nuttier.
  6. No you are not. The collusion stuff was whispered way before he made that joke. And the emails were only part of it.
  7. I did not realize that someone could br so wrong. No it did not become a serious issues until after trump made a joke.....it was talked about WAY before then.....WAY before then. This is almost as bad as your iincredibly incorrect claim that Trump was the first one in your lifetime to seriously talk about border security........
  8. Exactly. It makes a nice talking point for twitter but it has no other real usefulness
  9. All of this talk of "autopsy" is stupid. The republicans had one and then proceeded to take exact opposite measures from what the report ssuggested
  10. One thing that I don't understand is why isnt the rest of the world getting the memo that Stobby is writing??
  11. You know ...I kinda missed SB's uniformed opinion on what it communism and what is not.........kinda
  12. Facts escape him now as they have for 10 years.
  13. I remember that very well....I also remember him getting our hopes up that he would move after Obama was reelected.
  14. Single payer does not mean ONLY payer Places like Canada and Germany have"single payer" programs......and they have other private pay options. If we went to a single payer program then there would still be other private options.
  15. If you qualify you can get a free cell phone with basic coverage. If you qualify you can get government housing If you qualify food stamps and other government programs. These are all the things that are in place in America NOW and have been in place since before most us were born.