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  1. It hurts to watch the game but we see the players were sloppy and getting penalties on Offense. Take away at least half of those penalties and we win this game. I feel good about next week
  2. I understand I am hating but I am at such a low level now....keeping it consistent.
  3. That DQ defense is fire! Check that Dallas/Jacksonville score! LOLOLOL
  4. I wish him the best and a swift recovery!
  5. I understand your point but bottom line is that it is a team sport.
  6. He was willing to trust his defense to stop the Bucs O and it did not happen....
  7. Our issues are players that are playing outside their position like Marlon Davidson. DQ wanted in to play inside...he gets hurt and we never see him play. If he stayed at DE we would have been fine IMO.
  8. I hope they keep Ulbrecht for continuity. He did a good job and is good at coaching the current scheme. Our defense is good but they are on the field too much because of 3 and outs from the inept offense. We do need to draft a safety and/or corner. Not in any particular order...
  9. They are not playing Marlon Davidson....would like to see him.
  10. We all know that DK is the problem...they did not want to fire him because he has been in the NFL and has pedigree.
  11. Anyone see Marlon "Cornbread" Davidson on the field yet? How is he playing since Grady is out...
  12. They should throw to Gurley in space...in the flats more often. Gets the ball out quickly.
  13. Defense is here!!!! O needs to show just as consistently!!!!!
  15. They did not score so batting it away is not an option!! D is showing up....O?
  16. Ok I take it back because you did not see my recant on separate post.
  17. QB first pick this time...I hate to say it but it is the truth.
  18. You still get positive yards to pin them closer to the goal line.
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