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  1. The offense needs to play better in second half...
  2. Nice work my friend. Great breakdowns and analysis!! Hopefully you will do a breakdown on the new tightend we drafted this year!! He will be a monster too...
  3. I hope we do not miss a beat with Shanny gone!!! Our O will be breast in 2017!!!!
  4. Smith did not trust or play young players to our are right the team got old and slow quickly and Smitty did not have what it took to make changes because he just had is way about things...
  5. Check it out!!! Nice read!!!
  6. Running the ball exceptionally well in the 4th is a must for our O when we need too. Bottom line....
  7. To qualify/support what you are saying....The playcalling in the 4th was abysmal. Shanny thought he had it in the bag and was thinking of San Fran. Then when it counted his arrogance ruined the ball three times then win the game. Unforgiveable...
  8. I agree completely and lay the blame of the loss in Shanahan's lap. No screens, no play action or use of the I formation and totally ****ting the bed on not realizing all they needed to do is run the ball three times and kick a field goal....
  9. Impressive player!!! Could not watch the whole video....mumble rap sucks!!!
  10. No they were not better than us and not that great of a team. They had the weakest schedule last year!!!!! We beat the brakes of them and lost the SB not because our team lost it but because of offensive coaching...Shanahan's arrogant azz screwed two pooches and a gerbil!!!!! Geez...
  11. The Patriots had the weakest schedule in the NFL last year and it showed how we rolled over them in the 1st half of the SB until our OC took a dump in game planning and playcalling!!!! Azzhat!!!! Anyway we need to get used to being a great team which does not require big moves in offseason so much as making intelligent choices ilke the Pats used to do when they were dominate.
  12. Pats had the weakest schedule in NFL last year and only beat us because our OC is an arrogant, stupid legacy child who decided/or to incompetent to do his job for the last 30 minutes of its duration.... Pats need the help to keep up with the Falcons and the rest of the league
  13. They were not that good of a team and had the weakest schedule last year....They won the SB because Shanny is an arrogant prick who stopped doing the job he was paid to do by AB.....stupid arrogant prick. Any woo the Patriots need the help not to get their butts beat next year and they know it!!!!
  14. Excellent point...Shanny was made to step away from his need for the plays to be drawn up for specific player last year. That opened up the offense and we were **** on ice!!!
  15. This guy lost the playbook doing interviews before the game....he could not handle it!!! Then arrogance and stupidity on the drive literally had the player scratching their heads and unfocused because of the **** play calls...