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  1. I agree. K runs an inside zone scheme and he is such a donkey he will not mix in the outside zone to really throw defenses off.
  2. Falcons will get Derrick Brown....
  3. You are friggin dense....looking for replies and post.
  4. Was that the whole game or just a couple times where he got handled at the LOS?
  5. Yes they had a great run but I will always bring up the cheating for the hate sauce on the awesome burger.
  6. Yeah!!!! You deserve that for screwing us out of SB!!!!!
  7. Lost me going on 4th and 1 in the 1st qtr....take the points!!!
  8. Great point!!! Anyone can see the problem is KR.
  9. Oliver with the honorable mention....many on here wrote him off but he is a great player.....let him grow!
  10. Panthers coaching is bad today!
  11. Panthers were putting to much pressure on their they are running the ball!
  12. For some time heals old wounds....LOL
  13. LOL