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  1. Sark did not use the fullback consistently enough like Shanny did and the offense struggled against good defenses....
  2. What about Gase from Miami Dolphins?
  3. He should use the fullback like Shanny did!!!!
  4. We need to use our fullback more with runs and would open up everything else. This is what Shanny did when he was here!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Why are they not giving the ball to the fullback...handing the ball of to the fullback gives you at laeast 5 yards and another person for the defense to worry about!!!!
  6. Steelers receiver fumbles ball into the end zone.....Denver ball through touchback!! LOL
  7. QB sucks!!!!
  8. Wow...great point and historical fact....
  9. Cleveland just beat Cincy.....
  10. Where is our fullback when you need him....
  11. On 4th and 1 Ryan could have run that in....
  12. Was hoping Ryan runs that in.....
  13. That was not a fumble...