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  1. Great points! But KS still has to call the game real time and when the pressure is on.....HE SUCKS!!!!! I love it! He is a legacy azzhat!
  2. Shanny must have left a bad taste in the mouth to ignore his understudies....Shanny is leagacy, privileged, azzhat
  3. Working against Julio and Ridley will get him straight.
  4. Said genius also lost his backpack with the playbook in it for 45 minutes. Then some news reporter said he picked it up by accident!!!!! Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Man was ahead of his time...take a look at how he eventually used his TE's over the years.
  6. Then it will be like just picking your poison with those two...I would take the risk...send him the crazy man's defense camp after we draft him. Crazy man (Chuck Smith) will whip him into shape!! LOL
  7. Brown demands double teams and will free Garret up!!!! Awesome!
  8. I agree. K runs an inside zone scheme and he is such a donkey he will not mix in the outside zone to really throw defenses off.
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